martes, 6 de abril de 2010

Camagüey for under in swinish production in so far in year to publish

The high level of sacrifice of pigs at the end of 2009 and the limitations to make the food for them caused in the county of Camagüey a fall in the meat production in the first trimester of this year of almost 300 tons.

In accordance with the program, in the period January-March of 2010 the swinish company should acquire and to distribute to several destinations a thousand 698 tons, according to the weight in foot, and the result was of thousand 400, that which was made feel in the drop witnesses in state agricultural markets.

Enrique González, director of the entity of the Ministry of the Agriculture, said that in December the purchase of animals to individual breeders came closer to the a thousand tons, the biggest registration since this alternative road of the swinish production was established.

The fact that enough pigs didn't exist with weight of more than 80 kilograms and the limitations in the feeding of the swinish mass for the food deficit, took at the present time to a reduction in the meat readiness, he pointed out.

For example, the delivery of the concentrate to the breeders that have agreement with the company only arrives to 76 percent of the presage.

We have not had enough matters cousins to manufacture the nutrient, and for the financial complexity of Cuba and the increase of the rates, are acquired in the world market the cereals when is possible, explained González.

The corn and the soya bean, two of the matters cousins in the production of the concentrate, their prices increased in the international sand, the first of 192 to 208 dollars the ton in Cuban port in connection with December of 2009, and the other one of 409 at 459.

In spite of the delay up to now in the meat production, the directive of the entity said that Camagüey can reach the seven thousand 190 tons foreseen for the 2010, in good measured by the local obtaining of foods for the swinish mass.

In the face of this reality, the rural Ricardo Linares who in 2009 in agreement with the swinish entity achieved 40 tons of pig, and in the current works to arrive at 100, he referred to the AIN the convenient thing for the economy of the country and his own, of basing the nutrition of the flock with foods gotten in the properties or industrial residuals.

The purpose is to replace the most possible thing the concentrated food to reduce imports that Cuba cannot make, besides reducing the production of pig meat, he added.( Lucilo Tejera Díaz)

New headquarter for decane of cultural groups of Camagüey

By:Adolfo Silva Silva

The Provincial Band of Concerts, decane of the cultural groupings of this town, received its new headquarter officially in an act headed by Julio Cesar García, first secretary of the Party in the county.

The composer and musician was also among the assistants of Camagüey Adalberto Álvarez, deputy to the Parliament.

Members of the artistic institution, had been founded for 90 years, rehabilitated the property, an old warehouse lifted in the XX century, in the area proclaimed in the 2009 Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity, in the third city of bigger population in Cuba.

The local resides to few meters of the street Maceo, main commercial via of the provincial capital.

The “the Danzón queen Isabel” closed the offered show for the orchestra in the inaugural ceremony.

Esteban Quesada, national advisory of music bands, qualified--in dialogue with the press--, of excellent to the institution of Camagüey, one of those more than 120 of the effective sector in the island.

Quesada remembered that the figure is been of the application of an initiative exposed by the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro, in the 2000, to multiply the quantity of that entity type, directed to the interpretation of a high variety of musical goods.

Participate storytellers in exchange with rural residents of Camagüey

The Third Biennial of Oral Narration Counts stories” takes its show to streets, parks, socio-cultural institutions, and rural communities of Camagüey.

By: Aymee Amargós / Television Camagüey

Valuable exponents of the art of counting stories share their histories in Third Biennial of Oral and Scenic Narration that takes place in Camagüey.

An encounter that welcomes successful days with the participation of storytellers from Cuba and of Uruguay.

The program included the visit of the oral narrators to the municipalities of Santa Cruz del Sur, Guáimaro, and to the town of Vilató in Sierra de Cubitas where the Foundation of the Nature and the Man “Antonio Núñez Jiménez” impels a sociocomunitary project.

The scenic oral narration is part of a tradition. Many continue in their zeals toward the task of cultivating literary passages by means of the vocal expression.

Camagüey is the permanent headquarters of this event that favors the community cultural institution Project EJO.

The third biennial of oral narration generates a movement in different spaces of the county, to make of that discipline a “party of the expression and the word.”