miércoles, 16 de septiembre de 2009

Cuba puts educational program to disposition of the UNESCO

Cuba put, once again, its literacy method "Yo sí puedo" to disposition of the Organization of United Nations for the Education, the Science and the Culture (UNESCO).

In her speech before the 182 session of the Executive Council of the UNESCO, with headquarters in Paris, the Cuban ambassador, Mary Florez, reiterated this offer and described as insatisfactory the decade that concludes in the field of the Education, indicates an information of Latin Press published in Granma.

She said that that international organism has lost land, especially in the literacy, and put in trial cloth the execution of the goals of the millennium toward the year 2015.

"Before the challenge of alphabetizing millions of people, the UNESCO of the XXI Century should be robbed of approaches politized that have impeded the application of methods and good practices of having proven effectiveness as regards Education", /she commented.

"Once again Cuba puts to disposition of this House the literacy method Me yes I can, applied on solidary bases, respect absolute to the national cultural identity and the idiomatic traditions and customs of the countries",she remarked.

Millions of people have learned how to read and to write by means of that program that combines letters and numbers, and whose effectiveness has been proven in more than 30 nations.

Cuba denounces in the UN vengeful treatment to The Five

Cuba denounced again in Geneva, Switzerland, the vengeful and unjust treatment of United States to The Five antiterrorists of the Island political prisoners in the northern country and to its relatives.

When speaking in the twelfth period of sessions of the Council of Human rights of United Nations, the Cuban delegate Resfel Pino said that these men turned 11 years of unjust imprisonment in United States, reports Latin Press.

Pino remembered that Fernando González , Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero and René González imprisonment, was disqualified by the Group of Work on Arbitrary Detentions of that Council.

"After a tortuous and arbitrary process, the past June 15 the Supreme Court of Justice of United States decided to ignore the universal clamor so that revised the case. The judges preferred to make what the Government requested them", he explained.

He underlined that the malicious treatment also expands to its relatives who face countless obstacles to exercise its visit right.

He added that the most extreme examples are those of Adriana Pérez and Olga Salanueva, wives of Gerardo and René, respectively to who lower the most absurd pretexts have been denied the visa repeatedly to visit their spouses.

"Difficult is to understand what threat type two women would represent for the security of one of the most powerful empires known by the history ", he delimited.

Reward in Italy to Cuban percussionists

The Cuban Eilyn Marquetti González and Alejandro Gil Moreno the first prizes of the Seventh International Competition of Percussion and Drum obtained Sep that concluded in the Italian city of Fermo.

Students of the Superior Institute of Art (ISA), the two youths had great welcome on the part of the assisting public that valued the academic excellence of their formation like the passion so much in the interpretive delivery, informs today the Granma newspaper.

Eilyn and Alejandro competed in the categories C and B of box , respectively, and the last one also deserved the Absolute Prize in Drum (battery).

Musician Chuco Valdés acts in Japan

The Cuban musician Chucho Valdés will act today in the Blue Notices, of Tokyo, reference place for the figures more connoted in the world of the Jazz.

On Monday, the artist was presented to full living room in that cultural enclosure, CubaDebate informs.

Attended the ambassador of Cuba, José Fernández de Cossío, and Satoru Satoh, general director of Latin America and Caribbean, and Kenjiro Monji, general director of Communications and Culture, both of the Ministry of External Relationships of Japan.

Recently, Chucho made a tour for Canada that included to the cities of Toronto, Montreal, Otawa, Vancouver and Victoria.

Organist, composer and instrumentalist, Valdés is considered one of the best pianists in the world and the figure of the most important jazz in Cuba.

It has deserved numerous recognitions, among these titles of Doctor Honoris Causa granted by the University of the Havana and that of Victoria, in Canada; the Order Félix Varela, and the keys of San Francisco cities, Los Ángeles, and Madison, in United States.

Assault to the Cellular Car, audacious action of the revolutionary movement in Camagüey

The anniversary 51 of the Assault to the Cellular Car, will be commemorated this Wednesday at nine in the morning in the own place where happened the fact, the intersection of the streets Francisquito, Rosario and Quiñónez in this city of Camagüey. ca

Until the place main characters of the event will go, combatants of the Cuban Revolution, workers, students and town in general to surrender homage to one of the most audacious actions made by the Movement 26 of Julio in this town.

September 16, 1958 a command of the referred organization under Noel Fernández`s control carried out the assault to the vehicle where were transfer twocombatant secret youths of Camagüey, Pedro Léster Delgado and Alfredo Sarduy.

The audacity of the event moved the city of Camagüey and it transcended for all Cuba, for the successful result with which the action was made which was as symbol of the decision of the town of to face and to conquer the dictatorship of Batista. (Jorge Navarro Torres).

Grant Nazario Salazar reward of visual arts

The main recognition of the county in the visual arts relapsed in the 2009 in Nazario Salazar, one of the founders of the movement of the new ceramic of Camagüey.

Specialists' votes of more than 10 institutions determined the winner of the prize "Fidelio Ponce de León", dedicated to the work of the life and conferred by the Provincial Council of the Plastic Arts.

Salazar who accumulates 49 years of authoral trajectory , became more than three decades ago, with Oscar Rodríguez Lasseria, in agent of a current of artistic connotation in the mud in Camagüey, to leave fundamentally of the work with vessels.

That facet endowed from a new dimension to the use of a material that in the today territory of the county has been an employee with high emphasis from the aboriginal, mainly utilitarian stage, and which bequeathed as key symbol to the earthenjar, container type had brought more than for four centuries from Spain.

The award-winning is also a professor, painter, designer, scenographer, graphic and environmental designer, director of the sociocultural project "The mud of my neighborhood", and one of the founders and organizers of the international symposium of ceramic of artistic biennial celebration in Camagüey.

The candidacy also included Orestes Larios, Lorenzo Linares and Yolanda Ulloa.

Previously they received the stimulus Gabriel Gutiérrez, Joël Jover, Oscar Rodríguez Lasseria and Martha Jiménez.

The recognition of the current year will be given next day 28 in the program linked with the Provincial Living room of Visual Arts Fidelio Ponce de León, contest whose premiation will be carried out to the following day. (Adolfo Silva Silva )