miércoles, 18 de agosto de 2010

Rewarded in Camagüey labor communities with efficient feminine force

In any place where work, the women of Camagüey shows efficiency and industry.

Camagüey, 18 Aug. - Collective of Camagüey with good productive results and wide feminine representation, as the Packer “Raúl Cepero Bonilla”, the Factory of Sodas “August 23”, and that of Tobacco “The Furrow”, centers were declared “50 Anniversary of the Federation of Cuban Women”, next to others with similar conditions in the 13 municipalities of Camagüey.

In morning special, Betsy Rodríguez and Marta López, general Secretaries of the feminine organization in the county and in the capital municipality of the territory, explained to their workers that for the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) is a pride to give that stimulus, in which is summarized the effort and the strength of the women of Camagüey along these five decades.

During the encounter, workers and federated highlighted how pleasing turns out to celebrate the birthday of an organization been founded by Vilma Espín Guillois to application of the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro, and that during every year has been proven unit samples and fidelity to the Revolution.

To 50 years of having constituted the FMC, its more than 200 thousand integral in the Camagüey reflect the disposition, the tenacity and the shame of the awomen of Cmagüey, the equality of rights and the women's insustituible work in the work of the Revolution.

In the county, 50 communities of factories, shops, agricultural productive units, schools, and other centers whose good results owe to-in good measure - when making feminine, receive for these days the recognition for the means century of the feminine organization that is completed the next one exactly August 23. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

Praises to "Maraguán" for performances in Spain and Portugal

Camagüey - The Artistic Combined of Camagüey Maraguán received praises in letters remitted the Secretary of Culture of Cuba, for the successes of its participation in great foklorick events in Spain and Portugal.

The missives correspondents to Abel Prieto are subscribed by the directors of the most recent editions in the international festivals of the Towns of the World (Cáceres, Spain) and of Moncoa (Portugal), adds a report remitted by the Direction of the cast to Camagüey.

The texts highlight elements like the discipline, profesionality, human quality and the public's welcome.

Headed by the engineer and choreographer Fernando Medrano, the grouping carries out its fifteenth visit to Europe, and until next Thursday 19 will remain in the Festival of Orense , in Hispanic territory.

In its current tour, of about two months until September, the community will attend according to that foreseen to eight forums distributed in the two mentioned countries, and will act additionally in Madrid, the Spanish capital.

Attributed to the University of Camagüey Ignacio Agramonte and Loynaz, Maraguán escen in its journey five shows, among them, Cuban and For the fields of my Cuba.

Been founded in 1981 and integrated for the most part by students of that facility, the group is the honored in becoming of the national contests of artists fond of the FEU. (Adolfo Silva Silva / AIN)