martes, 3 de agosto de 2010

Cuba participated in event of invidents rehabilitation

Havana. The Cuban professor José Raúl Baquet participated in a meeting of specialists of the Latin American Union of Blind (ULAC), made in Bolivia, in which was on the rehabilitation of this populational sector.

Baquet, leader of the ULAC and director of the Center of Rehabilitation of Blind in the Island, said to the AIN that present 31 experts of same number of entities of the region who gave to know experiences in the social integration of the invidents .

He added that an integral model of those services was also exposed, elaborated in Spain, and a technical manual made by professors from Latin America.

He aimed that in Cuba the man National Association of Blinds and the State work jointly in the full incorporation to the visual society of the handicapped ones to who it is guaranteed employment, education, and the access to the culture and the practice of sports. (Félix Milián)

Young artists will show their works in Literary Crusade in Camagüey

Camagüey. Dedicated to the XX anniversary of the Editorial Ácana, to the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro`s birthday and to José Lesama Lima`s centennial, will lapse, from this Saturday, the VII Literary Crusade, the one which favored by the Association Siblings Saíz, proposes multiple cultural options starting from making of the young artists in Camagüey.

The Program of the prospective Crusade will already begin on own Saturday, in the headquarters of the filial of Camagüey, with the inauguration of the personal exhibition of the Plastic arts The Blood of the Air, of Yosvel González Recio.

Also, in the Terrace of the Creative Youth's House, and at times of the anniversary 53 of the murder of the Siblings Saíz of who the association takes its name, will be open the Coffee with Lemon, where the writers will read their works and will offer a concert of the group Ksabe Blues.

On Sunday, participants of several counties will visit the municipality of Guáimaro, where will be present the group of narrators oral Telescope of Story, besides the habitual presentations of books and reading on the part of several writers, while in the community of Cascorro, and in the Park of the Constitution, in that territory will carry out a rock for the children.

The presentation of the book Pulse of the Air, of Aldo Linen Sánchez, in the headquarters of the Association, on Sunday in the night, it is another of the proposals of this encounter of the youths creative of Camagüey with friends from all Cuba and the community, occasion in that in that will also offer a concert the minstrels of Camagüey Iron and Glass, Antonio Batista, Aldrobandy and Harold Díaz.

The writer Yoandra Santana one of the organizers of the Literary Crusade, gave to know that the programming will have a theoretical space the day 10 in the Bookstore Athenaeum, to meditate about the publications of authors nobeles. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

Camagüey in a fist of long fingernails

Camagüey, - Has Always been said that them, our federated ones, are as firm or delicate as demands the occasion, and the result of that quality is summarized in that the women of Camagüey has just included Camagüey among the five counties Vanguards of the country, an entire fist of hefty softness in defense of Cuba.

The results of the Emulation Anniversary 50 of the FMC invite, if it is that it fits, to look more attentively at our partners. In the stage, elevated the integration, deepened in 200 shops of values the one referred to the equality and elevated their inclusion in the Service Military Feminine Volunteer.

The recently concluded one processes eleccionario he/she left us in the municipal assemblies to 328 delegates that mean increment against the previous one and speak very well of the woman's promotion that neither fears to be sweated the hands: more than 1 800 of them produce foods from units of the MINAZ and other 2 800 seed and harvest in companies of the Agriculture, an entire pride of the Column Ana Betancourt, while a third force of 1 800 grows green lands received in usufruct.

Most of the 186 groups of the system of social prevention accuse advances in popular advice and districts and from the House of Orientation to the Woman and the Family the multidisciplinary advisory technical team contributes to the tribunals a complementary look in the treatment of very sensitive cases for the home.

For fortune, the laurels don't blind. The first one in subscribing him is Betsy Rodríguez Cardoso, general secretary in the county. She recognizes that the results are not homogeneous because lack a lot so that the 929 blocks are vanguards.

“The challenge is that all are vanguards or outstanding”, the secretary declares in front of the Diploma recently received in the capital. The new tasks of the 290 895 members of the FMC in Camagüey? “To be more dynamic and to elevate the activism from the community, the study centers and of work”, Betsy responds while the journalist repairs in her fists of federated.(Enrique Milanes León)

Looking at the city from another perspective

It works of the photographic exhibition “Another perspective”
Camagüey, - The survival of this city in front of the implacable weight of the time is the essential topic of the first photographic exhibition of David González Pérez, inaugurated in the expositive room Nicolás Guillén, of our Adelante newspaper.

The sample “Another perspective” of eight instantaneous digital, worked from the color to the usage of the analogical technique, reveals the multiple provocations of an artist that remake the image of constructive landmarks.

The sensation of the watching of the shades in the details of constructions of the religious, residence and administrative repertoire, surprises with more intensity due to the overlapping of cracks and vegetation characteristic of places deteriorated by the humidity.

The spaces of David, like the healer Adela María García Yero pointed out , play with a seemingly chaotic atmosphere starting from the fragmentation of the image, but invite to retrace “the paths of the cultural memory, to meet with the tangible city, to poke in a city that is herself and at the same time many other.”

Although David expressed his satisfaction to dare to expose results of his facets in the creation, his modesty didn't remain silent that merit of problemic young when intertwining remembers and day-to-dayness, when throwing the challenge to the current inhabitants of the perpetuity city Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity.

David González Pérez acts as graphic designer from 2004. He is member of the Cuban Association of Social Communicators and of the National Union of Architects and Engineers of the Construction of Cuba. He also maintains bonds with entities and institutions of the county, especially with the Cuban Association of Artisans Artists and the Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey.(Yanetsy León)