lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2009

Camagüey will close year with saving of fuel

By:Ileana Borges Díaz

More than 40 million dollars were left of erogar by the saving of some 60 thousand tons of petroleum in the production of the county of Camagüey, until the month of November.

Jesus García Collazo, president of the Government in the territory added, in an encounter with the press that that result unites to other, also positive, when concluding the year when the population should face a complex recovery for the step of two hurricanes at the end of the 2008.
Compared with the year 2008 the energy intensity lowered by 36,4 percent, and among other factors figure the saving measures adopted starting from May to diminish the electricity expenses, with the rising decrease in the use of petroleum for the generation.

The energy intensity is an indicator that is calculated starting from a relationship of the consumption of conventional fuel and the mercantile production, which measures the behavior of the economy.

For García Collazo, although the state sector was able to put on behind the private one and to lower the electricity consumption in both reservations exist, and they should continue adopting measures that make that the county doesn't surpass its assignment.

He announced that the territory overfulfilled in the 11 months its plan of mercantile production, that which won't vary a lot when closing December, estimated, and alone the branches of the sugar and the transport won't make it.

Regarding the productions of foods confirmed an encouraging recovery and exemplified in the case of the milk, next to reach 90 millions or more than liters, but that of viands that continues below the demand differed and it owes revive with the suburban agriculture in the 2010.

Cuba will develop symposium about science and nature

"The ecological crisis", and "The environmental education" will be two of the topics that will debate the International Symposium Culture, Science and Nature that will be made in this capital from the 19 to coming January 21.

Organized by the Cuban foundation The nature and the man, the appointment includes round tables centered in the life and work of the scientific Antonio Núñez Jiménez, investigator of the environmental and who presided the Academy of Sciences of Cuba, refer the digital place

For the section dedicated the Núñez browser the participation of the Cuban participant is foreseen in the expedition In canoe from the Amazons to the Caribbean, as well as of three foreigners that intervened in that adventure, Ecuadorian two of them and one coming from Puerto Rico.

It is planed a photographic exhibition on the mentioned Cuban geographer, and a fair with the participation of several institutions, among these the Society Espeleológyc of Cuba.

Factory of sorbitol of Camagüey surpasses a thousand 340 tons in the year

Por:Lucilo Tejera Díaz

The only factory of sorbitol of Cuba, located in this city, surpasses a thousand 340 tons in the year, most dedicated to the elaboration of the dental past distributed in the family basket.

Angel Joseph Marshall, boss of production of the industry, said that according to the yield of the plant and the matter prevails available at this time the 2009 will finish with some a thousand 530 tons.

Besides giving the compound for its employment in the country, this year it grew the export lightly, mostly to nations of the Caribbean area and Latin American.

In accordance with the plans, in the 2010 a thousand 600 tons of sorbitol should be made.

With capacity to manufacture 10 thousand tons annually, the reason of its limited production resides in the first floor supply of glucose from the central Argentina, also in Florida, and Chiquitico Fabregat, in Villa Clara, which get it of the refined sugar, and of a line in Cienfuegos that achieves it of the cared corn.

The sorbitol has a lot of demand for the dentrífics preparation and cosmetics, of foods and as conditioner paper, textile and lines.

In order to increase the elaboration of the product, it is foreseen to undertake in 2010 the assembly of a plant of glucose and fructose of high quality.

According to Juan Carlos Díaz Rodríguez, director of the industry, the investment will allow to obtain seven thousand tons of glucose and same quantity of fructose, both competitive at international level.

With that figure of glucose the 10 thousand tons of sorbitol can be elaborated that respond to the design of the factory, of French technology and in operation from 1993.

The Cuban Institute of Investigations of those Derived of the Cane of Sugar, in City of Havana,achieved the technology for this chemical compound, of high added value and that up to now Japan only elaborates.

"Homeland or Death": record in the production of bovine milk

The Basic Unit of Cooperative Production “Homeland or Death”, of the municipality of Jimaguayú, became this Sunday the first of its type in the country that is able to gather two million liters of milk in the present campaign, magnificent result that its cattlemen dedicate to the Revolution in its 51 years of fertile existence.

Julio Cesar García First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in Camagüey transmitted this way ,, during the Eleventh Ordinary Session of the Provincial Assembly of the Popular Power, carried out this Sunday.

On the other hand, Ángel Morel Castle, administrator of the mentioned basic unit of cooperative production, meant that that result has as only formula the efficiency in the work and the due handling of the cattle mass.

The "Homeland or Death", shares the condition of Bimillonary with the Cooperative of Credits and Services “Niceto Pérez”, belonging to the municipality of Guáimaro. (Yamylé Fernández Rodríguez)

Camagüey advances in the attention to Chronic Renal Inadequacy

A valuable contribution to the development of the health in Camagüey, materialized during the 2009, the assistance personnel of the Center of Nefrology belonging to the Provincial Hospital Manuel Ascunce Domenech.

The Doctor Yadira Velazco boss of those services in the county, highlighted that the attention to suffered people of renal chronicle deficiency is satisfactory, fact facilitated by the employment of new technologies and the increment of the number of beds dedicated to that suffering.

On the other hand, offers specialized pursuit to the patients diagnosed with those pathologies and those that require of the dialysis method in Camagüey, Ciego de Ávila and Moron.

At the moment in the Center of Nefrology of the capital of Camagüey, the conditions are believed stops in the coming year to carry out kidney transplant with alive donors' organs, what will allow a more immediate recovery and will propitiate more hope of people's life intervened surgically.

The service of Nefrology in Camagüey, began in the provincial Hospital in the year 1977, with dialítics methods and of renal transplant, and so far have been carried out near 500 operations of that type. (Alex López Almaguer)

jueves, 24 de diciembre de 2009

Fidel and Raúl receive commemorative medal for the 50 years of the MINREX

The commemorative medal 50 anniversary of the foundation of the Ministry of External Relationships (MINREX) were granted this Wednesday to the Boss of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz, to the General of Army Raúl Castro Ruz, president of the Council of State and of Secretaries, and posthumously to the Commandant of the Revolution Juan Almeida Bosque, in act made in the Universal Room of the FAR, in the Cuban capital.

Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, chancellor of the Island, gave the badge to Raúl and put in the Cuban president's hands those assigned to Fidel and Almeida.

"We have had the privilege of having the leadership of which has been guide and driver of the foreign policy revolutionary, the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro Ruz who with his clear and universal thought, his ethics and solid principles, the opponent's deep knowledge,his unquestionable olfaction to define the tactical thing and the strategic thing, has guided us", Rodríguez Parrilla said.

He also remembered the brilliant executorship to the front of the MINREX, during his first 17 years, of the missing Raúl Roa García, baptized by his town as "the Chancellor of the Dignity."

He made allusion also to the feather and wisdom of Carlos Rafael Rodríguez, another of the revolutionary leaders with unquestionable contribution to the foreign policy of the Revolution until his decese.

In his speech the boss of the Cuban diplomacy highlighted the trajectory of the workers of the organism beside his town, in all the tasks of the nation and in the confrontation of the aggressions suffered by the Native one and also in those perpetrated against them in the exterior during the exercise of his work.

In the 388 workers' representation of more than 25 years of work in the MINREX, was imposed them the Medal for the five decades of creation from the organism to 16 of its founders.

In the veiled that was livened up by noted groups and artists, were also, the heroine of the Moncada, Melba Hernández, family of the Five Cuban antiterrorist Heroes, prisoners wrongly in United States and political leaders and of the State.

Brewery Tínima turns 24 years

The workers of the grateful Brewery Tínima celebrates this Thursday the anniversary 24 of the opening of its factory, with the recovery of the productive capacity, after the reanimation of other 12 reactors, with those that already has in exploitation 36.

As part of the reanimation process and maintenance that it is attacked in the industry ofCamagüey also worked in the pipes to rescue capacity of cold, fact that propitiates to the collective security for the execution of its productive commitment of something more than 15 millions of boxes of the refreshing drink.

In passed July the brewers of Camagüey broke their record of production of a million and half of boxes in one month and also the one that had implanted for one day, and at the moment they work in three shifts to guarantee the beers and malts with a view to the year end and their commitments of broth delivery and bottles to several cuban provinces.

Almost already with a century room of having created the Brewery Tínima maintains the quality and preference of its productions in the country, mainly of the malt of Camagüey, and assumes the distribution of both products in practically the whole national territory. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2009

Cuban diplomacy of new type

By:Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez

The Ministry of External Relationships of Cuba was constituted December 23,1959 by means of the law 663 in substitution of that of State, dependence created since the time of the first North American occupation and designed to serve the interests of that nation and, therefore, unable to satisfy political and organically the imperatives of the foreign policy of the nascent Revolution.

The decision, to proposal of Raúl Roa now 50 years ago, went beyond a change of name of the organism in charge of executing the foreign policy in the new Cuba. It symbolized the firm position of independence, sovereignty and social justice that would characterize the chore of the institution.

The first document in which the sovereignty of Cuba was reaffirmed the worthy answer went to the insolent note sent by the government from United States with reason of the promulgation of the law of Agrarian Reformation.

In essence was affirmed: "It is inalienable ability to dictate, in exercise of it sovereignty and to the help of treaties, conventions and pacts of universal character, the measures that judges but adecuated.In consequence, the Revolutionary Government claims the ability to decide what estimates in agreement with the vital interests of the Cuban town and doesn't admit any indication or proposal that spreads to impair, in the most minimum thing, the sovereignty and the national dignity."

The mission of the MINREX has been from then on the execution of the foreign policy of the country and to contribute to its elaboration. In a same way to promote and to defend, in the international relationships, the principles, values and interests that sustain it, based on the limits that emanate of the politics of the maximum instances of the Communist Party of Cuba, the National Assembly of the Popular Power and of the Council of State.

Cuba has used all the international tribunes to condemn the unjust international economic order; all colonialist practice, hegemonist, injerencist and discriminatory in the international relationships, as well as the threat of the employment of the force, the adoption of unilateral coercive measures, any form of terrorism and of discrimination for reasons of race, credo or opinion.

The Island has maintained for half century its accusing index against the unjust economic, financial and commercial blockade to that it is subjected on the part of the government of the United States; as well as against the Law of Cuban Adjustment and the whole legislation promulgated in that country to impede the normal relationships with it town.

The justness of the foreign policy of the Cuban Revolution, of which the Ministry of Relationships Exterior is executioner, it is endorsed especially by the solidary position of Cuba with all the towns of the world of the Third World.

Test of it is it that the Caribbean country has diplomats relationships at the moment with 181 countries and it is integrated to all the international organizations of the system of United Nations.

You will beEl Mayor

By:María Delys Cruz Palenzuela

Count that December 23, 1841, in the wide next large house to the church of La Merced, the family trajín and servitude broke its habitual costums: Mrs. Filomena was of childbirth.

Diamond with kiss soul



Say that, immediately that the birth of a male was announced, the main door opened up, as answer to a magic movement, to open the way to a warm breeze, accompanied by a trail of multicolored light. Big, very big, was the astonishment of those there present when, some after other, muses and gods, Greeks and Roman, adorned of their most beautiful robes, invaded the intimacy of the moment.

Upstairs, the mythological caravan arrived next to the channel where the mother wrapped up the boy in her breast; immediately, Zeus predicted: --Your son will be adored by the men and women of this earth, will be immortal--and playing with luminous hand his front deposited in her a star.

Then Minerva approached to impregnate it of intelligence and wisdom; Apollo granted him a special, only beauty; Eros gave him the capacity to love, with the most tender and passionate in the loves, to a single woman; Mars prepared it for the best in the warriors…

But there was a deity that didn't come from the Olympus, because it was earthly, although yes eternal, sad and oppressed, encouraged now by the coming of the one who then would give his life for it: it was called Homeland and, without saying a lot, said everything: --You will beEl Mayor.

New investigative projects of the Meteorological Center of Camagüey

The culmination of 14 investigative projects stands out among the main results that to the closing of this year, registers the Provincial Meteorological Center in Camagüey.

Dositeo García Bargado, director of that scientific institution, highlighted that each one of those achievements contributes somehow to the production of foods like the System of Alert Early of the Drought; used fundamentally in the Agriculture.

As part of its social object that center also takes charge of the surveillance of the climate and emits watchful and evaluations of the behavior of the variables of temperature and humidity, with high percent of guessed right presage.

In the current calendar investigators of Camagüey guaranteed, also, the operation of the net of meteorological radars of the country and the studies continued for the artificial increment of the rain, like one in the ways of fighting against the drought.

Another result of the Meteorological Center of Camagüey to the closing of the 2009, are the satisfactory march of the career of Meteorology, and the superation of the professionals of that community that are formed like Doctors and Másters in Sciences. (Yamylé Fernández Rodríguez)

lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2009

Beyond the time?

By:Ernesto Pantaleón Medina \Televisión Camagüey

Concluded the summit of Coppenhage, without some glory , but yes with many hardships and abundant noise, and not in fact the mediatic racket that accustom to arm the powerful ones to mask their slips (goes, what the Cubans call dirty cloths")

The scandal was real, in the streets, they could not silence neither the big means, and promoted it demonstrators' thousands, worried by the galloping climatic change and the absolute indifference of the rich countries, in fact those that more has, more contaminates and fewer protect.

Some thinkers had already noticed it, among them Fidel. Anything good would be necessary to wait where poor nations and operating nations converge, those that feel above the good and of the wrong.

The maneuver that concluded the meeting came: a group of the elects", supposed leaders, decided to backs of the towns, to adopt agreements without consent, but to the measure of their interests.

And as those rains brought these muds, the provocation, the insult, motivated an alluvium of answers, headed by the ALBA, with Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba like vanguards of the dignity.

They weighed the exposed realities in each speech along the unsuccessful summit, the arguments of Chávez and Evo that exalted to the auditory for the objective ones; fell as a blow the Cuban chancellor's answer before a spurious document to which qualified of " little paper."

But it weighed even more and will weigh during a lot of time in the brain of millions of people, the image of a woman, the representative from Venezuela, with the blazing eyes for the anger before the insult, and the skillful one marked with drops of blood, like a slap in the middle of face of the iniquity, the indolence and the lie.

Are clear the warnings, and don't think the powerful that are beyond the life and of the death, like believe to surpass the limits of the good and the bad.

To them it will also reach them the end of the times, if they don't listen the call of the reason.
Maybe, in a term more or less brief there won't be history that judges them, because there would not be humanity, but today all the indexes point out them accusatory, and in millions of hearts in the five continents, it is very clear who are the culprits, because the present yes condenate them.

Innovation and knowledge in the ALBA

By:Noel Manzanares Blanco

The VIII Summit of the Alliance Bolivarian for the Towns of Our America-treaty of Trade of the Towns (ALBA-TCP) that sesioned in Havana by the middle of this December, afirm that yes are possible the innovation and the knowledge in favor of the majorities.

In fact, the first day of December, in Estoril, Portugal, concluded the Ibero-American XIX Summit on the topic "Innovation and Knowledge".

The document, denominated Declaration of Lisbon, emanated of it, recognized its importance to eradicate the poverty and to improve the health of the towns.

Nevertheless, this Declaration, in its agreement 27, pleads for the substantial increment of capital of the Interamerican Bank of Development (IDB) and of the World Bank (BM), to assure that have enough resources for the financing for the development. There the problem resides.

How to aspire to that the innovation and the knowledge contribute to the human improvement starting from banks that are responsible for the international financial disorder?

Another qualitatively different offer is in the group ALBA-TCP. The agreements of the Final Declaration of its VIII Summit, demonstrate this way.

For example, were approved the Plans of Action of political educational and strategic for the Grannacional Project ALBA-education that contemplate the characteristics, principles, purposes and contents defined in precedent agreements.

Also, to extend in a systematic way the educational services in the countries members until reaching the total covering, in order to guarantee the access to the universal primary education, and to advance in the access to the secondary.

Another purpose is to constitute the Net of Science, Technology and Innovation that facilitates to foment capacities for the generation and transfer of knowledge and technologies in key sectors for the sustainable socioeconomic development.

It has remembered to promote projects directed to achieve that the knowledge becomes new products and services that are used in a combined way, among the countries of the ALBA-TCP.

Also, to strengthen the coordination and agreement of political in the sphere of the technological sovereignty, as well as the concretion of actions that gradually facilitate the access of the populations in the countries members from the Alliance to the services of telecommunications.

Without place to doubts, the emanated actions of the VIII Summit ALBA-TCP announce the employment of the innovation and the knowledge in function of the towns.

Teachers, as the same life

By:Dayana Cardona González

For all us the teachers, are, next to our parents, most important people, especially during the life of students in the one that play a paper of first order with their support and guide so that in the future we are useful people to our society, in any profession that we assume.

I don't know, neither I have heard speak from a teacher that is not willing to teach to any person that needs it, although it stops that they have to leave far from their relatives, without caring them to face difficulties that by the way are many those that happen.

If there is some boy that cannot attend the school for some physical limitation, the teachers go to their house to impart them the classes, because that boy is entitled the same that the other ones, even for those that have other affectations like the deaf ones and the blind ones, specialists of towering level that impart classes in specialized centers exist.

In the hospitals, when the time of the children's stay is lingering, classrooms where the teachers maintain the upgrade of the study programs and in spite of its illness, the children receive, besides the necessary instruction , a lot of love, affection and understanding, and once reestablished, when they return to their schools, there are not differences with their habitual partners.

Thanks to our revolutionary Government all the youths, and those that are not so much that detached of the educational system in the established time for certain reasons, also have the fortune of being able to study, even without paying the Cuban education then it is gratuitous, and unique thing in the world, during the last seven years, to study has been here an employment form, by means of which boys' thousands study preuniversitary level and study university careers, receiving for it a wage.

Then, when we meditate a little on the paper of the teachers in our lives, and the immensity of the educational work erected with their unquestionable list, we feel how from the deepest thing is born a new form of the love, maybe as old as the same life: that one that confirms us in our revolutionary convictions.

viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2009

Obama,win the Nobel!

By: Amaury M. Valdivia Fernández

Such it was the unanimous birdcall of dozens of foreign students and people of Camagüey that, gathered in the headquarters of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Towns (ICAP), demanded December 9 the immediate liberation of the Five antiterrorist fighters of the Island prisoners in the United States for already eleven years.

The necessity of a bigger popularization at international level about the truth of the unjust judicial process to that have been subjected the Cuban patriots and aspects related with its exemplary attitude in front of the American government's pressures centered the analysis of the international panel that there sesioned.

"It is of more than a decade of infamy, of unjust imprisonment for the unforgivable one "sin" of defending to their Native and even to the own North American town", highlighted Jorge Enrique Jerez Belisario, member of the Provincial Secretariat of the Federation of Students of the Secondary education (FEEM). "for that reason we cannot slack in the constant battle of the solidarity, only road so that Gerardo, Fernando, Antonio, Ramón and René, be liberated."

Already in the resentence process to that they were subjected three of the five patriots, the judicial authorities of the northern nation should recognize the strong international pressure that forced to revise the case and to reduce the excessive condemnations partly with which they were sentenced in 2001.

For that reason, "State bigger than the Solidarity" in Camagüey, called to intensify the popularization actions on the unjust process using all the possible roads: from the electronic mail until the debates "man to man."

"The towns of the world are next to the town of Cuba. That never forgets it", the Uruguayan Marcos Martínez Moreira affirmed, the 6º year-old student, "and will be this way especially in the battle for the liberation of our five partners who more than an example for Cuba, constitute a symbol for all the Latin American youths and of the world."

In September of 1998 Gerardo, Fernando, Antonio, Ramón and René who terrorist organizations and Cuban residents' criminals watched over in the south of the Florida, they were stopped by the North American authorities. From then on them fell all the hate that, against the Revolution, the politics of Washington has marked during half century, an injustice that now the American President could revert.

To work in the public's education essential in the Cuban art

The importance that contains the live musical accompaniment for the dance, alive musical, mainly of the piano, centered this Thursday the Teacher's exchange Fernando Alonso with dancers and students and professors of the filial of Camagüey of the Superior Institute of Art (ISA).

The experienced professor manifested that it should not only be worked in the formation of artists but also in the public's education, for a correct interpretation of the works that are presented.

He also manifested, to feel a special affection for this county, where he was founded and directed during 16 years the Ballet of Camagüey; grouping that enjoys grateful national and international prestige.

In the conversatory that the Teacher Fernando Alonso in the headquarters of Camagüey of the ISA, was announced that soon a class will be inaugurated that will take the name of that alive legend of the art of dance. (Yamylé Fernández Rodríguez)

jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2009

And they call themselves "human beings"

By:Ernesto Pantaleón Medina\Televisión Camagüey

Asha was, with all security, a girl like other anyone, with her l4 years full with dreams and fantasies; maybe with some cloth doll like favorite friend, confidant perhaps of some adolescent love.

But she wanted the destination (that species of fate, almost always wicked that invoke some to hide realities) that our small one was born in Somalia, and he died stoned at the end of last year to have been violated.

The authors of the cruelty, three ruffians members of a powerful clan in the port city of Kismayo, and received the terrible punishment in spite of not having made adultery, crime that although you don't believe it, it is condemned by means of such a procedure in some Islamic countries.

The inhuman practice consists on burying until the neck to the victim, and to murder it by stoning, almost always in public show able to revolve the stomach to the worst in the medieval inquisitors.

After taking place the infringing act, did Asha take to the tribunals to the comisors of the crime, but the law (will that be truly law?) didn't it impede that the relatives of the accused "did they wash its honor" in the described way, since the virginity "does it owe alone honor in marriage, and do I lower any concept to get lost."

The painful event happened in a continent that doesn't go in the tip of the world sky-scraper, but rather it is earth of back payments, underdevelopment, mediocrity and an etcs list that a lot has to do with the color of the skin of its inhabitants, as they count in its newspapers and super chains of TV the blondes of blue eyes that reside a little here, or further on.

Ah, because of those some are precisely also said "little things"…
Dresden, Germany, year 2009:

Marwa, Egyptian, 3l years old, died from l8 stabs in the own headquarters of the tribunal of that town, at the hands of a German youth who called him "terrorist" for the simple one made of taking the covered face for a veil.

And in the United States, world of stars, stars, millions, drugs, missiles, development and "racial superiority", l 400 women dies every year after being hit by its couples.

According to data of the ONU, between two and four million femaleness suffer golpizas annually that, although they don't cause them the death, they leave physical sequels, and mainly (the worst, and incurable) mental.

To live to see, and I assure it to you, my friends, you will be surprised still inhabits today under this sun that illuminates us, of how much barbarism although not to all equally.

And they call themselves "human beings"

By:Ernesto Pantaleón Medina\Televisión Camagüey

Asha was, with all security, a girl like other anyone, with her l4 years full with dreams and fantasies; maybe with some cloth doll like favorite friend, confidant perhaps of some adolescent love.

But she wanted the destination (that species of fate, almost always wicked that invoke some to hide realities) that our small one was born in Somalia, and he died stoned at the end of last year to have been violated.

The authors of the cruelty, three ruffians members of a powerful clan in the port city of Kismayo, and received the terrible punishment in spite of not having made adultery, crime that although you don't believe it, it is condemned by means of such a procedure in some Islamic countries.

The inhuman practice consists on burying until the neck to the victim, and to murder it by stoning, almost always in public show able to revolve the stomach to the worst in the medieval inquisitors.

After taking place the infringing act, did Asha take to the tribunals to the comisors of the crime, but the law (will that be truly law?) didn't it impede that the relatives of the accused "did they wash its honor" in the described way, since the virginity "does it owe alone honor in marriage, and do I lower any concept to get lost."

The painful event happened in a continent that doesn't go in the tip of the world sky-scraper, but rather it is earth of back payments, underdevelopment, mediocrity and an etcs list that a lot has to do with the color of the skin of its inhabitants, as they count in its newspapers and super chains of TV the blondes of blue eyes that reside a little here, or further on.

Ah, because of those some are precisely also said "little things"…
Dresden, Germany, year 2009:

Marwa, Egyptian, 3l years old, died from l8 stabs in the own headquarters of the tribunal of that town, at the hands of a German youth who called him "terrorist" for the simple one made of taking the covered face for a veil.

And in the United States, world of stars, stars, millions, drugs, missiles, development and "racial superiority", l 400 women dies every year after being hit by its couples.

According to data of the ONU, between two and four million femaleness suffer golpizas annually that, although they don't cause them the death, they leave physical sequels, and mainly (the worst, and incurable) mental.

To live to see, and I assure it to you, my friends, you will be surprised still inhabits today under this sun that illuminates us, of how much barbarism although not to all equally.


By: José Gilberto Valdés \Televisión Camagüey

The Cubans and all the people of good will in the world, maintain the birdcall for the return to the Homeland of the five fighters antiterrorist prisoners wrongly in jails of the United States …The international campaign of solidarity has demonstrated that yes can influence so that the tribunals act in less excessive form.

The Cuban parliament's president, Ricardo Alarcón reiterated they are innocent and they should be liberated…

The resentences dictated yesterday in Miami THIRTY years freedom for Ramón Labañino and NINETEEN, for Fernando González, they are still unjust for that should not have been prisoners neither one second.

Previously they had modified the sentence against Antonio Guerrero to TWENTYONE years and EIGHT months…

The three signed a message to the Cuban town and the world, in which point out as arbitrary the exclusion from the resentence process to Gerardo Hernández who turns two life imprisonments more FIFTEEN years in prison…

We all coincide that now to the North American president Barack Obama plays him to speak about this entangled judicial process…The rest of the world continues in the campaign of solidarity with the Five Cuban Heroes…

Simply Fernando

Although was born on December 27, 1914 in Havana Fernando Alonso left his print in the Ballet of Camagüey.

The Company of Camagüey celebrated his 95 years. To the parties united cultural institutions of the county.

By: Aymee Amargós\ Televisión Camagüey

Fernando Alonso is the art in person. Capable to yield the movement of any step, to the teacher,for him is indispensable the 1, 2, 3,... in each choreography.

To this figure of the world of the dance, the ballet of Camagüey paid him a homage for its 95 years.

In the Office of the historian of the city the Provincial Sectoral of culture, the government and the Party in the territory gave him recognitions.

"My life is very bound to this county, which I want vastly. Join me strong and indestructible knots with the ballet of Camagüey.

In the parties of the ballet the student Patricia Dieguez dedicated him a poetry on behalf of the children of the Center of ballet promotion and dances and the group Musicora interpreted him traditional numbers.

Fernando Alonso is invited to the celebration by the anniversary 42 of the company ofCamagüey that he directed during 16 years.

When speaks of technique in the ballet, when speaks of delivery, dedication and love is forced name that of this Cuban one that dancer, choreographer, directive, educator and adviser, filled from successes to several companies and gave their knowledge in the scenaries of the world he was Cofundador of the Cuban School of Ballet and of the National Ballet of Cuba.

Now he enjoys his 95 years-old fullness.

Thank Fernando Alonso to have enlarged of victories the art of dancing. Thank you to have a man that has given life to the ballet. Thank you, simply Fernando.

miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2009

Homage to the Ballet of Camagüey in its birthday 42

A inugural Gallic in the Main Theater of the provincial capital, left open this Tuesday the cycle of special functions contained in the homage that - from the first past of December greets the the 42 year-old arrival for the Ballet of Camagüey.

Paraded in the Coliseum of the street Padre Valencia, students of the different levels of teaching of the specialty, among them those of the Center of Promotion of the Ballet and the Dance, attributed to the company.

Up to 13 in the current month, the cycle of presentations that enters its attractiveness will extend has the premiere in the county of the version of the second act of The lake of the swans, of the choreographer José Antonio Chávez, of long trajectory in the group.

Today Wednesday, the Ballet of Camera of Holguín, on Thursday, will act the groupings villagers Endedans and Maraguán and on Saturday the Folkloric Ballet of Camagüey, in all the cases in programs groups with the collective host.

It constitutes a proposed suggestible, the announcement for the function of Sunday, of the choreography Giselle, also in version of Chávez that will have the musical support of the Symphonic Orchestra of Camagüey. (Yolanda Ferrera Sosa)

Innovative capacity solves difficulties in reception of television signs

By:Enrique Atiénzar Rivero

The innovative capacity of specialists, engineers and technicians of the Division of Radio Cuba solved difficulties in the reception of the signs of the channel 49 in the city of Camagüey and propitiated, at the same time, to elevate the quality of the trasmisions ostensibly, recepcionated in the homes of this great city.

Locally it was attacked the construction of connectors that allow to be coupled to denominated lines of transition and whose lowers--to be in short circuit-- impeded the step of the signs toward the telerreceptors with the demanded efficiency for the televiewers.

José Fabián Ramos Tamarit and José Norberto Yordi Navarro agenciated towards recovered material to elaborate both technical elements that economize to the country 74 Eurus for each one of them, of being acquired in the international market.

Previously both workers, integral of the brigade of tower-guards of Radio Cuba, found--in an antenna in disuse in Esmeralda--distributors in good state, with plates of couples similar to the connectors of the transition lines, taken advantage by the innovators with that economic and revolutionary end.

Apart from the saving that means for the country in freely convertible currency, the innovation assures a knowledge and to establish a to proceed technician to generalize him in the whole country, one of the established priorities nationally for the Movement of the Forum of Science and Technique for its XVI edition.

An added value constitutes it, also that it economizes time, because it is not necessary to hope technicians of the National Company move from the Cuban capital until this city at a near distance to the 600 kilometers.

To the advanced Integrated System of medical Urgencies of Camagüey

Since its setting in march the Integrated System of medical Urgencies (SIUM) of Camagüey, it is located among the five first of the country with better results.

As part of the referred program, in the year about to be concluded have materialized more than 40 thousand transfers of people with sufferings don't burden, remitted to institutions of Public Health of other counties and of the Cuban capital.

The county has bases of ambulances in all the municipalities, to those that are integrated the hospital therapies and the intensive areas, with a bigger number of teams in the provincial, given head the complexity and the demand of those services.

Another of the personnel's contributions that works in the system of Medical Urgencies , it is the attention in their homes to patients affected by heart and breathing unemployments, and other needy affections of urgent treatments.

The Integrated System of Medical Urgencies (SIUM) in Camagüey, has specialists of high qualification and at the moment concentrates on the improvement from the borrowed medical services to the population. (Alex López Almaguer)

viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2009

Agrarian of Camagüey reach program of sale of milk

By:Lucilo Tejera Díaz

In spite of the severe effects of the crisis in the Cuban economy, the boy Leonardo Olivera is partly of those that drank every day cow milk, thanks to the contribution of the cattle peasants of the county of Camagüey.

Daylí Alonso, mother of the small one, acquired each day the container with 917 milliliters of the food that the State subsidizes for those smaller than seven years of age and people with medical diet, besides the supply to infantile circles and hospital centers.

The uninterrupted supply to that population owes himself in good measure to that the agrarian ones affiliated to the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) they reached the sale of 50 million liters hired for the year with the company Milky Products.

With this result they overcome in three million units the registration of the 2008.

Aida Díaz, of the address of the ANAP in Camagüey, said to the AIN that the cattlemen are buried now in marketing with the industry 58 million liters, quantity that means the commitment for the 2009 before the birdcall of the country of elevating the national production to diminish the imports.

She added that the increment sustained in the last times obeys advances in the handling of the flocks, renovation of the mass with animals improves genetically and with more yields, and also to the increase of the purchase price to the producers.

Also, highlighted the growing participation of producers and cooperative in emulatives movements .

In Camagüey a member already overcomes the 340 thousand liters sold to “Milky Products” and other four will close the year with more than 100 thousand each one, while four cooperatives of Credits and Services that contain individual cattlemen, will be millionaire.

Including the administration of Basic Units of Cooperative Production and state farms, the county accumulates 82 million liters sent to the industry, and can that finishes the 2009 with about 93 millions, registration that would surpass that hired and would mean growth in connection with the previous year.

The seeds of the education sowed by Fidel

50 years ago he gave to children and young of Camagüey a school city, formerly military barracks “Ignacio Agramonte.”

Por:Enrique Atiénzar Rivero

November 27, 1959-to almost a month of the Commandant Camilo Cienfuegos` tragic disappearance - Fidel returned to Camagüey and he received the back multitudinary of the town again in a concentration, without precedents, taken place in the current square “Joaquín de Agüero”. The motivation of the Historical Leader of the Revolution of meeting with the people of Camagüey went different to that of October 21, dates in that the sedition of the treacherous Húber Matos was neutralized. This time he came to give the children and teachers the old barracks “Ignacio Agramante”, transformed into school city, and to inaugurate the hospital “Amalia Simoni” in the tract of the double via “Carlos J. Finlay” toward the airport.

Present witness of the appointment in the formerly military installation and of the act, as the retired José Luis Cadenas, remember both events like momentous, each one with its peculiarities.

In the first one, to see that show-as Fidel qualified him - of thousands and thousands of children with Cuban flags next to their teachers, a reality that marked forever to this town.

From one improvised and converged tribe

na spoke to the president Osvaldo Dorticós; the minister of Education, Armando Hart Dávalos, and Fidel in an educational enaltecetor environment: 52 classrooms for the teachings preescolar, primary and of basic high school, without being neglected other details: schools of plastic arts, dramatic and technical, library, museum, clinic medical estomatologic, in short, everything for the well-being of the new generations.

The concentration of that afternoon was recorded in Fidel's mind. He went so when looking toward Chains he asked for the possible figure of participants. The man shrank of shoulders, he knew that there was an extraordinary crowd, but he didn't know how to calculate the number.

“But, when saying goodbye, I love them that thanks to you we leave today of this county with the doubled energy, with the doubled faith and with the enthusiasm doubled to continue ahead.”

And Fidel November 27, 1959 left with the conviction: “With the town of Camagüey we will be able to count always…in the most difficult days and five pesetas to liberate new battles….”

Of the transformations of the Camagüey and their works, dreamt by Fidel, there are tests in these extensive plains where rides in silence in his energetic steed the biggest General Ignacio Agramonte, an entire symbol of gallantry and patriotism.

jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2009

Artist of Camagüey Ernesto Suárez prepares exhibition about environment

By: Aymee Amargós / Televisión Camagüey

The artist of the plasticErnesto Suárez Cano uses waste of metals, unites them and forms pieces of big dimensions. It uses those elements for an exhibition on the environment. It is 12 works that show serious problems from the environment to those that the human being faces.

The sample exhibits the aggressions to the ecosystem. He tries to promote a rational use of the natural resources, because tomorrow will be too much afternoon.

With recognition of the Association of Artisans Artists of the County of Camagüey, Ernesto Suárez, takes more than 10 years working the metal in different ways. He also devotes to the design and realization of furniture.

Now of his hands leave pieces of great size guided to increase the knowledge on the nature. Singularities of lands are part of the thematic variety of the exhibition.

Ernesto Suárez with his vision wants to achieve an socioenvironmental education from a responsible attitude.

To secure the Cuban economic pattern, mission of the ANEC

By:Enrique Atiénzar Rivero
In more than an occasion the Cuban president Raúl Castro has claimed the necessity an economic model that guarantees the irreversibility of the Revolution like human, solidary social and participative project to assure.

It corresponds the members of the National Association of Economists of Cuba (ANEC) to cooperate to the concretion of that objective, directed to demonstrate that it is possible the superiority of the socialist company on the exploiters interests of the private property.

Today is a day of joy for the accountants and economists when being completed an anniversary more than the foundation of the ANEC, but, mainly, the fifty years of Ernesto Guevara`s appointment, as president of the National Bank of Cuba, coincident with the delivery of the certification of the exemplary combatants of America Cuban citizen.

With their diagnoses and opportune investigations the professionals of the sector favor to increase their work in the internal control and to that the accounting is reflective of the economic facts that originate in the companies, production centers and in the budgotten units.

They have for before the honorable task of suggesting how to consolidate the rationality of the resources, to fight against all voluntarism manifestation and to make valid the rich flow of concepts of the Che in his renovating and revolutionary economic thought.

Camagüey attended in the county of The Tunas to the celebration of the national act for the date, with the aspiration of occupying a place highlighted in the emulation that favors this social organization, presided over by Roberto Verrier and that is honored among its members with the academic, Osvaldo Martínez, president of the Center of Investigations of the World Economy with headquarters in the capital.

The members of the ANEC in Camagüey deploy an important work in multiplying the knowledge in the different segments of the society on the impacts of the global economic crisis that lives today the world with unemployment waves-I didn't seize in Cuba - and with other effects like the closing of big industries.

Ready people of camagüey for the Strategic Exercise Bastion 2009

The forces and means of the Military Region of Camagüey are ready to begin the Strategic Exercise Bastion 2009, training that has as obejtive to elevate the dissuasive and defensive capacity of the country, besides the preparation to face the imperialistic enemy's possible aggression.

The austerity, the efficiency and the invigoration of the military invulnerability, will characterize the training in which will participate the Militias of Territorial Troops next to the regular units of the Revolutionary Armed forces, from this Thursday until the coming day November 28.

In accordance with the approach of the organizers, in the county of Camagüey, the execution of the Strategic Exercise Bastion 2009 is a necessity of first agreement order with the situation military politician that characterizes the confrontation of Cuba with the North American imperialism.

The day November 29 will be carried out the National Day of the Defense, where the members of the defensive devices of our territory will get ready, by means of exercises dedicated to the population's protection and the economy, as well as the training of the units of the reservation and the Militias of Territorial Troops.

The men and women of The Adult's earth will be present in the Strategic Exercise Bastion 2009, and will complete those that the General of Army Raúl Castro said that is preferable to spill rivers of perspiration before rivers of blood. (Orlando de la Cruz Barbán)

miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2009

Plastic arts with young soul

By:Yuldys Márquez Díaz \Televisión Camagüey

In Camagüey took place the sixth room of students of art academies. 26 works competed in modalities like picture, installation, painting, drawing, sculpture and video art.

Miguel Arturo Sardui, plastic student of arts in the school of Instructors of Art of Camagüey assures that this is a fundamental moment to evaluate and to share approaches with students of the whole country. On the other hand Guillermo Betancourt Curador of the exhibition, in its words to the catalog commented:
“Traditionally, the room of Students has been a necessary space for the complete development in the formation of the plastic artists in the making. Is it known that the relationship of any work, in the moment of its learning, with certain spheres at social level, takes implicit a forsoza? distrust, because, in the case already peculiar of the plastic arts, is it very strange that to the work a significant currículum is added that prestigie certain samples. Although, at first sight, this would be a ballast for the artist, in fact, due to the challenge level that implies, becomes a healthy advantage for the participants that should face the challenge of an admission jury, and the recognition that, at any rate, it implies the presentation of their works in public.”

The academy of the Arts Vicentina de la Torre, headquarters of the student event, showed in exhibition representative works of the chore developed by professors and students.

Cuban agriculture will grow in more than 600 thousand hectares

By:Alfredo Carralero Hernández

The municipality of Camagüey stands out especially in this novel program.

Cuba will incorporate starting from January next 600 thousand new hectares to the production of foods by means of the program of the suburban Agriculture, highlighted today Adolfo Rodríguez, boss of the National group of that front.

[The municipality of Camagüey stands out especially in this novel program.]

In an encounter with producers and directive of the system of the agriculture in the county of Holguín, Rodríguez meant that it is an initiative to bring near more, to the municipal and provincial heads, those feasible lines of taking place with a better employment of the resources.

He highlighted the previous work that develop the 17 municipalities pilot in the country to undertake the program, especially that of Camagüey that applies for seven months first experiences about this form of exploiting the lands.

This new procedure, indicated, part of the creation of near properties to the urban areas - as basic concept - and it is based in the diversification of the most varied possible agricultural productions, as cow milk, meat of smaller livestock, viandas and fruit-bearing, among others.

Others of the principles that will distinguish to the suburban agriculture, Rodríguez argued, will be the proximity from the areas of cultivations to the consumers, increment of the force of animal traction, a system of more agile commercialization and the saving of fuels.

This agriculture form, pointed, has to be developed starting from the interests and necessities of each territory, so that the productions flow in the smallest possible time, breaking all burocratism, outlines or obstacles.

The municipalities that will enter in this program in January are, Guantánamo, Santiago de Cuba, Palma Soriano, Bayamo, The Tunas, Holguín, Ciego de Ávila, Cabaiguán, Santa Clara, Cienfuegos, Colón, Cotorro, Bejucal, San José de la Lajas, Artemisa and Pinar del Río, besides the surroundings of New Gerona.

The setting in practice of this agricultural modality is inserted in the country after the 15 years of positive experiences in the development of the urban agriculture, dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables, programs to the front of which Rodríguez has remained.

Jamaicans reject blockade imposed by the United States to Cuba

In multiple occasions the Jamaican town has shown its support to Cuba, and now the Movement of Solidarity with the Island in that country approved a resolution of rejection to the blockade imposed by United States.

In the annual meeting of the integral organizations of that Movement, taken place in Kingston, a document was also emitted that demands the immediate liberation of The Five Cuban antiterrorists confined wrongly in North American jails, refers this Wednesday Granma Newspaper.

The Cuban ambassador Yuri Gala and Yamil Martínez, official of the Association of Friendship Cuba-Jamaica, thanked the expression of those groupings, among those that figure chapter of Kingston, Yes Cuba, we will Conquer and the Group of Friendship of Portland.

In published declarations this month in the Jamaican newspaper The Observer, Gala expressed that the commercial, economic and financial blockade of United States against Cuba is the longest and cruel that country some has suffered.

Equally he underlined that Jamaica has shown a consistent back against that unjust and absurd measure, in spite of the political party that is to the government's front.

School of Economy of Camagüey will surrender homage to the workers of the sector

Diverse activities will take place next Thursday in the Polytechnic Institute of Economy Cándido González Morales, of Camagüey, to celebrate November 26 the Day dedicated to the workers of that sector.

The date surrenders homage to equal date of 1959, when the Commandant Ernesto Che Guevara was designated president of the National Bank of Cuba .

In that facility of Camagüey course studies at the moment more than thousand young, in the specialties of Economy and Accounting, as informed Regla María Hernández Cordero,its directress.

The polytechnicof Camagüey was, in 1959, the first educational center of the country that received the name of a martyr of the Cuban Revolution. (Mariela Peña Seguí)

martes, 24 de noviembre de 2009

Inaugurate VIII provincial room of craft Camagüey 2009. Previous encounter to FIART

New tests of the good occupation in the art of the handwork artisans artists of Camagüey offer, during the VIII Provincial room of Craft.

By: Aymee Amargós\Televisión Camagüey

Each artisan, is payee of messages through his work.

The craft in Camagüey, its fullness and the talent of who cultivate is recognized in the eighth provincial room .El encounter is devoted to the traditional art as expression identitary of the Caribbean.

If a word was enough to qualify the image of the encounter would be without doubts that that contains the versatile spirit of a party. Kind of a revel among the real and lyrical that knows of the value of the pieces in the universe of the contemporary universal culture.

Heir of the more ancient and ingenious solutions the encounter gives continuity to the good one to make in the manual art.

More than 100 pieces compete in the gallery MIDAS. The sample constitutes a praise to the diversity.

Stop to be rigid the metal and the wood, bends the glass,gets lost with ease the skin like support of pictorial works and until an utilitarian object becomes for its beauty a great work of art.

Each artisan, is payee of messages through its piece.

Summoned by the branch of the Cuban Association of Artisans Artists in the territory, the appointment includes colateral exhibitions in the Provincial Library Julio Antonio Mella, in The Adult's Native House, in the galleries Miranda, Alejo Carpentier and Larios. As part of the event are also carried out theoretical sessions.

The biennial had a primicy of the International Fair of Craft of Havana. The of the capital Evidio Perdomo exhibited the collection "complementary" through a parade of fashions in the Square of the Workers. The designer was worthy of the Prize FIART 2001 and that of the Master Handmade 2006.Ha presented works in several countries like France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Colombia.

The eighth room of craft shows variety of languages and topics.

The hands of the artisans artists are erected in the eternal game of the creation.

A challenge is the assembly expositive. Each of the works receives the suitable light, what makes it figure loaded with authenticity and unquestionable independence.

Multiple edges allow from broken into fragments images to reach an idea of the true dimension of the exhibition.
Pieces that are erected with force among the novisims airs of these times.

Camagüey, absolute leader in National Tournament of Boxing

By:Adolfo Silva Silva

[Yender Arrechea (D), of Camagüey,overcame Geordanis Duarte, of Santiago de Cuba, in the division of the 69 Kgs]

The squad of Camagüey conquered with 277 points the scepter of the National Tournament of Boxing for Teams, with the strong guarantee of the unbeaten one in the global outcomes in its five posters of the final one.

The local conquered in the closing program with eight victories to Villa Clara, in the auditórium Iván Hildalgo Funes, of this town, where sesioned yesterday the last stage of the confrontation.

Camagüey achieved the fourth position in the precedent event, and the previous crown in the 2006.

The leaders included today in their victories to those that ratified a trajectory without setbacks in three of their púgiles in the final . Those competitors are Yorman Rodríguez (51 kilos), Yudiel Naples (75) and Yusiel Naples (91) who conquered, respectively, for the opponent's non presentation, 6-2 to Rafael Morell (VC) and 8-0 to José Fernández (VC).

Yudiel was imposed with the tensest marker in the program, and with Jusiel a singular duet became in the contest: two united siblings also in the sport and in the victory of his county. Hugo Noriega overcame 15-7 in the 69 kilos to Yeinier Arrechea, and was one of the main pegadors villaclareños in the challenges.

In the remaining gives birth to you of the closing, Guantánamo defeated 53-34 points to City of Havana and Santiago deCuba 56-29 to Pinar del Río.

Guantanameros (243), santiagueros (227), Havanan (208), pinareños (171) and villaclareños (157) were from the second to the sixth positions, according to the commission of statistical of the fair one.

In the fair one previous, City of Havana, Guantánamo and Santiago de Cuba occupied from the first one to third o'clock position.

Yorman Rodríguez (CAM) and Jorge Luis Mustelier (STGO) were selected in that order the most combative and technician of the lid among whose assistants were who represented to the island in the last World Championship, in which the Cubans obtained the third step.

Cuban internationalists: delivery examples and love

Cuban internationalists: delivery examples and our love. Liquidate own debt with the humanity were the definition that gave the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz to the internationalist work carried out by thousands and women and men to name of this Caribbean archipelague, in different latitudes of the world.

The collaboration of the doctors, nurses and other specialists of the health of the bigger than the Antilles, began in the decade of the 60 in Algeria and from those initial actions the preventive work that characterizes to the Cuban Medicine, put on so far, in function of to save and to improve the quality of life of the more unprotected in nations of Asia, África and Latin America.

To name of the internationalism the Cuban doctors lend services in Venezuela, Bolivia, Haiti, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe and in other many countries of the third world, where next to the work prophylaxis assume tasks related with the teaching, to form doctors and committed specialists there with the health of the town and payees of a humanist ethics as the Che dreamt .

The workers of the sector of the health in Florida are a faithful example of this whole delivery process and consecration in favor of the health and the life of the poor of the earth. In recent days the national television gave to the people of Camagüey, the doctor's image Dunia Pérez Rosales, specialist in Medical Genetics of the municipality of Florida that in the sister Nicaragua works in the mission “All with voice.”

As Dunia, many of the physicians of Florida eave house behind, family, affections and social commitments, in answer to the integration call and collaboration with the men, women and children of other lands of the world, where the neoliberal and excluding politicians cause pain and long sufferings that can be avoided.

When new pages are written in the History of the Universal Medicine, the work of the professionals of the health Cuba will deserve an important chapter. When it is spoken of altruism, kindness, love to the fellow men and profesionality, on the example of the Cubans will be in function of the life.

County of Camagüey reduces electric consumption

The saving measures and other initiatives begin to give result and Camagüey comes closer to its plan of consumption of electricity of the present November, when being only overdrawn by 0.7 percent.

The reconciliation of the different organisms of the energy figures to consume, with the Electric Company, is one of the main actions that contribute to that after more than three months being one of the counties of worse results, the situation changes favorably.

Already during the weekend five municipalities fulfilled their plans of electricity consumption, they are them: Esmeralda, Nuevitas, Guáimaro, Sibanicú and the city of Camagüey

In the course of the present November have intersected more than 600 services, of those that stay sanctioned 152. (Pablo Cabero Viamontes)

lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2009

Rights of the childhood in Cuba: a critical exercise

By:Mabel Pérez Quintana

The recent report of the North American organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) on the human rights in Cuba claims a reflexive look to the individual freedoms that our social system offers to its citizens. For contextualize the topic, I take advantage of the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the Convention on the Boy's Rights, November 20.

Without forgetting the critical eye, I contrast the main postulates of this juridical instrument-right to the freedom, right to the education, right to the health, right to the equality, among other-with my brother's reality, my cousins, my neighbors, the friends of my neighbors, and those of them: it doesn't fit doubt, the girls and children for me verified they enjoy to fullness their right to the game, to the protection of their parents, to the respect of their sexuality, to express their approaches and listened being, etc. “My children” they are very blissful and, also, very happy. However, I continue the investigation trying to arrive to those infants that “they are gone of the hands.”

In Cuba, the law guarantees the minor security: even before the 89´, when the Organization of United Nations pled for the rights of children and adolescents, it already existed The Code of the Childhood and the Youth to which have been added later ordinances to be moderated at the new times. Political public they establish the commitment of the family, the school and the community in the formation and protection of those smaller than 18 years.

José Juan Ortiz Bru, representative of the UNICEF, went categorical when referring to the situation of the country regarding this topic: Cuba has a peculiarity for many years: to have to the childhood like a political priority. Here the protective environments were created, you potenciated and try to stay to the maximum the protected values at family level, community, of country. Which is the result of that? Because that of the millions of children without school, without health, in organized bands, in prostitution nets... none is Cuban or Cuban.

Of more say that with these favorable results, the twenty anniversary of the Convention on the Boy's Rights was a total revel in the schools of the territory: collective birthday, sport and cultural festivals, interactive forums; and like closing, a concert organized by the UNICEF and the cantautor Raúl Peace, with the participation of artists of the patio and strange, members of the project Schools against Hurricanes.

But, among so many good news, imagine which my surprise would be when discovering that United States is the only country that has not ratified the accepted international treaty of human rights in the history, the one that the Cuban children take place every day. And I say the only country because Somalia, the other one that it lacked of the 192 states members of the UN, announced November 20 that it will ratify the Convention shortly on the Boy's Rights.

Now I wonder how the Latin children will walk, the Afro-Americans, the poor children, the handicapped and all the American children that don't enjoy the indispensable right to live in a state responsible for their protection. I wonder if the Human Rights Watch (HRW) will have time to look to their surroundings and to demand the freedom and the happiness of “their children.”

Fashions in the VIII Living room of Craft of Camagüey

By:Yanetsy León González

With the elegance of the good to dress suggested by the Cuban designer Evidio Perdomo in the parade of fashions “Complementary”, began this Sunday the VIII Provincial Living room of Craft, with headquarters in this city up to November 27.

The artist presented 25 pieces, among which included the works of the prizes FIART 2001 and of the Handmade Master 2006, the Cuban version of a card, considered a skilled sincretism between the Lady of Pike and the Elegguá, “The angel and the needle”, inspired by a proposal of Lesbia Vent Dumois, besides the preview of the collection that will present in the International Fair of Craft of Havana (FIART), in next December.

The painter's student Antonia Eiriz, Perdomo is recognized in national scenaries and of the world, mainly in Europe and America, for its manual work with the patch to the medieval usage and its postmodern vision in the wardrobe with utilitarian value and that it works like support of plastic works, according to the specialist José Antonio González.

The night also propitiated the inauguration of the central living room in the gallery Midas, where are exposed more than 140 works of 115 artisans artists and fans, in the size manifestations in wood, ceramic, miscellany, skin, textile, metals and papier maché.

Summoned by the filial of Camagüey of the Cuban Association of Artisans Artists(ACAA) this biennial event stimulates to the art of the handiwork and in this occasion has like main topic the traditional art as expression identitary of the Caribbean.

Today and tomorrow in the morning session Evidio Perdomo will dictate its conferences in the headquarters of the ACAA, and in the night of Tuesday will return to the Square of the Workers with the gangplank of “Complementary” that with certainty trasluce its trafficked road “of the stitch to the dream.”

Let us toast for… the respect

By:Ernesto Pantaleón Medina\Televisión Camagüey

To say carajo! it is not something excessively serious, although it attempts against the strictest norms in the formal education, and ahead of time I apologize for the interjection that could seem inappropriate, but that yes I consider indispensable to introduce the topic.

Because What you would say if when nailing a nail in a wall the hammer it hits with concentrated force on it thumb?

Let us imagine: "Oh… it seems that this inopportune and inconsiderate hammer has been flattened a finger… "

That is a story, my friend, because to the pain scream would be happened I don't know how many swearwords.

Would it be more than justified the insult truth?

But what it cannot tolerate (and it is responsibility of all) it is the proliferation of foolishness, lacks of respect, attacks to the chastity and…like call them some idelicaly: grossness that muddle our family life and the daily coexistence in the street, the work, or in any place.

It is that you are in the room of your house, seeing TV; go a musical program by the screen and him less than the singer says is that grabs a woman, and she makes him such or more which sews that she will respond making this or the other thing, and that if doesn't leave well "there you leave, bandit that you deserve that they make you… "

Everything accompanied by dances and expressions that would make blush the owner of a medieval tavern.

Then you should change channel, or to turn off the tele, alone because a bad-mannered is believed with the right of offending their good customs, with the consent (of what another form could be) of those that record or transmit such performances.

Another example: some youths traffic down the street without shirt, in shorts and each other are pursued, swearwords are screamed and attack to the environment, without anything neither nobody impedes it to him.

The call is that each one makes be worth the reason and demand the most elementary respect that the meditation, the moderation, the chastity and the good examples prevail. We will only then protect the intimate rights of the family, as fundamental cell of the society, anything of that which is quarreled with the happiness and the overflowing vitality of the years waiters.

Of sure, at the end, we would have a good musical repertoire to bequeath to the generations to come that would be kind, correct, courteous, and in the coexistence of every day, we would achieve a balance that would make our traffic for the most pleasant life for all.

Celebrated choir of Camagüey 48 years of having been founded

Participated in International Festival of Choirs in Santiago de Cuba.

The choir of Camagüey, was one of the first vocal communities been founded in the country. During 48 years has participated in important events of the county and the country. In it function maintains a solid community work.

By: Aymee Amargós / Televisión Camagüey.

The voices unite in a common body, The Choir. It is a the way to make the song in the music's same essence.

The choir of Camagüey, takes 48 years of delivery to the art.

Grouping of great recognition for it high professional index. It is integrated by singers generations. It possesses a wide repertoire of works of all the styles, from the Rebirth until the contemporary music.

The community stands out its work in acts, patriotic commemorations, and cultural events inside of and outside of the county.

Directed by the teacher Emila Díaz Chávez, the community stands out for its action cultural partner.

"We have acted in schools, hospitals, in remote communities and even for workers that work in the construction"

The institution celebrated the birthday 48 with a program that culminated in the provincial Library with a concert for the publish of the territory. The show had as guest to the choir Ijujú of the association Cantabria.

The choir of Camagüey was among the participants to the the International Festival of of Music Coral in Santiago de Cuba.

viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2009

Tínima: To produce beer and to save energy

By:Enrique Atiénzar Rivero

Each saved Kilowatts or used rationally in the factory of beer “Tínima” it is a looseness to move away the blackouts in the residential areas.

Of it have white it makes aware the workers of this plant, of technology of the extinct German Democratic Republic, inaugurated by Fidel Castro in December of 1985, who express today the disposition of not to give up the execution of the productive plans and to reach them, without being exceeded of the electricity consumption.

Gisela León Ferrín from , technical directress of the plant of Camagüey, spoke of the strategy traced by the daily advice of production for the stage that lapses, with emphasis in the second pay period of November, to give covering to the broth of the beer to market in December in this county and in other regions of the country.

Representatives of the Tínima during one of the last national forums of Science and Technique, taken place in the Cuban capital, went in quality of companies to the event to show the formula of how to save water and of the contribution of that center to a Havanan plant, dedicated to produce expendable materials of the sector of the health.

They also advance in perfecting the work of the key positions, decisive in the determination of the consumption indexes that at last will surely be the indicative maximum that one has for the 2010 in the use of energy payees.

In Camagüey employment of therapeutic vaccine against the prostate cancer

An advance step in the treatment of the oncological pathologies, constitutes the employment of the therapeutic vaccine against the prostate cancer, taken place by the Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) of Camagüey.

After several clinical rehearsals the medication is applied the patients of the masculine sex, suffered of prostate cancer, in which its effectiveness was proven.

As the Doctor Oscar Laserra specified , boss of the services of oncology of the county, the employment of the vaccine diminishes the pain sensations, the urinary infections, and favors the immunologic answer from the patients to other types of treatments.

The fight Program against the cancer in Camagüey, also leans on in the braquioteraphy, nuclear medicine, cobalt teams and cytostatic, clinical practices, sensibly damaged by the economic blockade sustained by the government from Washington against Cuba.

Last year the prostatic cancer charged a considerable number of human lives, for that reason the professionals of the Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) of Camagüey, dedicate its efforts to produce therapeutic vaccines to treat the patients affected by that ailment. (Alex López Almaguer)

jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009

Impels Physical Planning socio-economic development of Camagüey

By:Rolando Sarmiento Ricart

The provincial Address of Physical Planning (PF) in Camagüey, concluded twelve of the 31 technical studies proposed in the Outline Perspectivo of Territorial Classification for the socio-economic, rural development and urbanistic of the county.

The project will contribute to the planned agrarian advances starting from that more than half of the million of hectares of arable surface idler remains, and to define the floors agricultural peripherals of the cities and the spaces corresponding to the urban investments orderly.

In correspondence with the politicians of “to readjust” the general plans of territorial and urban classification, PF finished and presented the technical studies corresponding to the municipalities of Esmeralda, Camagüey, Najasa, Florida, Santa Cruz of the South, Jimaguayú and Sibanicú.

Gloria Zayas, of the provincial Address of that organism rector, explained, also that in the remaining municipalities of the county the studies advance to face the problem of the areas citadins with more punctual definitions as for functionality, the program of housings, the investments of nets technical, new services and the improvement of the urbanization of the communities.

The outline of territorial classification, goes with more priority toward the areas ofCamagüey of perspective development socio-economic , like are the agricultural plans, the tourist investments and the mining exploitation.

Students of the secondary education prepare in Camagüey their Provincial Assembly

Next Friday will sesion the Provincial Assembly of the Federation of Students of the Secondary education (FEEM), in Maximum Computer science's Polytechnic Institute Gómez Báez, of Camagüey.

The appointment concludes in the territory the process carried out from the base in more than 800 groups of that teaching, in those that were carried out the student elections.

The Provincial Assembly will sesion in work commissions that will debate, among other topics of special interest for the youths that study the half level, aspects referred to the study and the direct participation in the production of foods.

Equally this Friday will be chosen to the provincial secretariat of the juvenile organization, process that began last September 14. (Mariela Peña Seguí)

miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2009

Camagüey fishes more

By:Ernesto Pantaleón Medina

According to the experts, one in the cheapest ways of obtaining of protein of animal origin is the fishing of fresh water that the Cubans have given in calling Acuiculture, and that contributes thousands of tons annually, so much stops the population's food like to export, since the fish meat has great demand in numerous countries.

In the county of Camagüey, the most productive reservoir in the country, the prey Jimaguayú is located, with more than 200 million cubic meters of capacity, volume that transforms it into one of the biggest acuatories in the island.

The capture program for the year in this fishing unit ascended l 260 tons, calculates that its 94 workers reached last weekend, and that it is equal to almost 30% of the total foreseen for the county in the current one 2009.

Although still distan much of equaling their figure record (4 l98 tons) that dates of1997, it is meritorious the balance of January to the date in Jimaguayú, since the installation suffered severe damages for the hurricanes of September and November of the 2008.

During months, the collective simultaneó the fishing tasks with the constructive ones, Laiglert refers Yordis, the secretary of the Union of Communist Youths in the center, and adds that already recovered the roofs of the housings, the dining room and the main ship of reception of the fish, at the same time that superior conditions were created for the lodging and the attention to the workers.

In fact the improvements in that sense, rebound in a direct way in the productive results, Gustavo Álvarez relates, one of the most experienced fishermen who remembers that some years ago lived in ranches with wooden walls and palm roof, without conditioners of air and the fans with which they count at the present time that allow them to rest after the exhausting days among the water, whipped by the plague of mosquitos.

"It is difficult this work - Aryan Lázaro tells us, one of the most outstanding in the capture of fish-but we know how to overcome to the exhaustion, to the cold and the rain that affect us in many occasions, because the important thing is to produce food, and we are stimulated by a correct salary politics and for the best conditions of life."

In these moments the 4 groups in that the labor force of Jimaguayú is divided, insist in a special commitment of 300 tons extra, what would allow them to grow in some a hundred tons in connection with the real of the precedent year.

The program of the Acuiculture in the county of Camagüey for the current one 2009 are of 4 380 tons, of which have surrendered until today some 4 200.

Accelerate wooden extraction of forest area of Camagüey

Dozens of forest workers of several Cuban counties accelerate the wooden extraction of the solid boscos of the Plateau of San Felipe-the Joberos, to the northwest of this city, scenary of three fires in the year.

The catastrophes happened in March and in April that lasted on the whole 12 days, damaged more than 160 thousand cubic meters of trees of coniferous, eucalyptus and other species.

According to the last edition of the newspaper which circulates in the county of Camagüey, was recovered Ahead, already almost 38 thousand cubic meters.

Besides the local, the forest ones that intervene in the task come from Spíritus Sancti, Villa Clara, Granma, Holguín, The Tunas and Ciego de Ávila, and the wood send it to these territories for the rehabilitation of housings or to economic objectives.

The damage for the catastrophes comes closer to the 39 million pesos, mainly in resources lumbermen, without including the punishment to the floor and the wild fauna, in accordance with the valuation of the Provincial Group for the Evaluations of Environmental Impacts, organized by the Council of Defense in the territory.

At the same time that recovers the wood, one works in the regeneration of the affected areas and in the seed of postures already concluded in 100 hectares, so much of wooden species as of fruit-bearing.

The solid of San Felipe-the Joberos began to be fomented in 1962, and in the years 80 ' of last century ended up being some of the most important reservations of coniferous of Cuba, but the fires, the insufficient seed, cultural attention and maintenance degraded the area considerably.

Nelson Figueroa, boss of the Forest State Service in Camagüey, told the AIN that is necessary a program intense silvícole that requires from national support to the reforestation, with preparation of appropriate earth, it forces of work and technology to achieve forests of productive interest.

The Provincial Group for the Evaluations of Environmental Impacts considered that in that solid one forest there are conditions for the reappearance of fires in the dry station.

Artistic group Mararaguán will be presented in international congress of folkloric festivals in the capital of the country

The Artistic group Maraguán, of the University of Camagüey will be presented in the international congress of folkloric festivals that will take place in the capital of the country. . Emblem of the movement of artists fond of the Federation Student University student the cast was founded in 1981 and has been presented in 14 nations.

By: Aymee Amargós\Televisión Camagüey

Through the music and the dance the group artistic maraguán marks its style in the charts.

The community, belonging to the University of Camagüey, will be presented in the International congress of folkloric Festivals, in the capital of the country, with the show CUBAN SUITE. A summary that picks up folkloric roots with Haitian influences, Jamaicans, peasants and popular.

Before leaving to City of the Havana, the artistic group showed its work to the public of Camagüey in the main Theater.

Recently the community returned of a tour for Europe, where about 130 thousand spectators enjoyed its way of dancing and of enjoying the music.

It acted in a programming of more than 50 days in non competitive events in Spain and Portugal.

The itinerary included the also initial visits of the interpreters geographically to African territory , in the Hispanic possession of the archipelago of Canaries, in the western Atlantic.

The company shared functions with delegations of countries of America, Europe, África and Asia, and was invited to converge in the 2010 to cultural encounters in Chile, Spain and Portugal.

The group has obtained Medals of Silver and of Gold in the Festival of Dijon, in France, one of the most noted of the world as regards recreation of the folklore. Its managing Fernando Medrano became the first originating of America in being sworn of this competition.

The artistic group maraguán is reason of pride for the local culture and of the country it is a community that.It maintains a continuous one and solid work and has known how to diffuse the popular and contemporary traditions in diverse scenarios of the world.