miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

Cirules, another time in the bookstores of Camagüey

The Empire of Havana and The secret Life of Meyer Lansky,volumes of the writer from Nuevitas Enrique Cirules, were presented this Tuesday in the city of Camagüey, where are for sale.

The reprint of both testimonies, now in a single volume, corresponded to the editorial Cuban Letters, in the context of the International Fair of the Book this year in Havana.

The Empire of Havana that narrates “the lattices of the incredible corruption in a Havana aparencial”, was Prize Casa de las Americas 1993, and also deserved later the critic's recognition one year, among other rewards.

“It is characters that darkened the complex Cuban history, and that have not been the sufficiently studied ones”, expressed Enrique Cirules.

In a previous interview, the also author of Conversation with the last North American, offered elements of the linking of the general Fulgencio Batista with the American mafia.

The secret life of Meyer Lansky is one of the most developing testimonies in that time. Book of memoirs of who was driver and the boss's bodyguard of the mafioso clan Havana-the Vegas during 1957-1958.

“It is a faithful and fascinating reconstruction of a time Havana. For first time was possible to reconstruct passages of the life of the most important, invisible and astute character in the North American underworld, with their passions, their loves, their nostalgies and methods of acting, amid very special circumstances, when was deciding becoming of the mafia in United States.” (Lázaro David Najarro Pujol)

Workers of Camagüey recover essential parts of electrogen groups

With the recovery of the turbocompresors the efficiency of the groups increases.

With the purpose of to substitute imports and to guarantee the efficient use of the energy given by the groups electrogens, consolidate their chore the workers of the Managerial Unit of Base of Electric Services “Geysel” of Camagüey.

As the specialist specified in administration of the quality Juan Carlos López Figueroa, the recovery of the turbocompresors, devices that increase the efficiency of the groups and provide saving of fuel, constitutes the main contribution of the innovators.

In the search of solutions before the lack of some components and to lengthen the useful life of those locations, in so far in year have recovered about 30 turbocompresors, that which is reverted in the decrease of expenses and in the saving of fuel.

In franc process of certification of the quality for the Norma ISO 9001, in the Managerial Unit “Geysel” of Camagüey, belonging to the Ministry of the Basic Industry, new investments are materialized that will allow to the community to assume the repair of the groups of emergency of other counties of the country. (Alex López Almaguer)