martes, 30 de marzo de 2010

Camagüey opens space to the visual arts

A sample of visual arts will be open today in the capital city with 54 authors' works that in its majority were students or professors of the Vocational School of Art Luis Casas Romero.

Dedicated to the anniversary 30 of the facility, the exhibition will be inaugurated in the gallery of the centric street Republic.

The convocation of the exhibition inserts the suggestion of donating the pieces to the museum Ignacio Agramonte, materialized by means of goods like the painting, sculpture, ceramic, mixed technique and photographs, the creations attest dissimilar topics, styles and expressive resources approached by several generations.

The panoramic approaches from the classic academic norms until the naturalness to break up with the traditional canons, and illustrates, in a partial way, a part of becoming of the visual arts in the territory.

One of the attractiveness of the encounter is the presence of testimonies of five persons of Camagüey seated in Havana, Agustín Bejarano, Franklin Álvarez, Alain Pine, José Antonio Hechavarria and Manuel Alcaide.

The opening act will include the delivery of recognitions to founders of the professorial cloister of the educational institution, among them, Gabriel Gutiérrez, Osvaldo Rodríguez Petit, Alberto La Red, Yolanda Ulloa and Juan Jiménez, equally reflected in the sample.

The entity Luis Casas Romero takes the name of a deceased of Camagüey that was mambí, musical composer, director of bands and founder - in 1922 in Havana -, of 2LC o'clock, first radio station with a stable programming in Cuba.

That facility is the initial stage of the system of professional artists' formation in the county, where in the sector there is also a school of half level, and the biggest branch in the Superior Institute of Art inside the country. (Adolfo Silva Silva / AIN).

Take possession of their integral positions of candidacy commission in Vertientes

By: Luis Enrique Perdomo Silva / Television Camagüey

In the municipality of Vertinetes was constituted the commission that has the high responsibility of presenting to the Municipal Assembly, the project of candidacy of President and Vice-president of the maximum organ of Government. Pablo Bustillo, to the front of the Municipal Electoral Commission, said that this important step is preceded by the nomination process where the territory registered 86 percent of attendance to the summoned Assemblies.

Representatives of the Power station of Workers of Cuba, the Committee of Defense of the Revolution, the Federation of Cuban Women and other political organizations and of masses, conform this Commission of Candidacy whose members took possession of their positions, in ceremony that had for headquarters the Sugar Union.

People that, for their virtues, merits and capacities, integrate this candidacy project and be chosen in the urns the next April 25, will be responsible for the government's address in the half southof Camagüey, for a period of two and a half years.