miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2009

More support samples to The Five in Portugal and Argentina

A wide popularization campaign on the case of the five Cuban antiterrorists prisoners wrongly in United States is carried out in Portugal.

Organized by the Association of Friendship Portugal-Cuba (AAPC), began in Lisbon with the distribution of a pamphlet with informations on this cause, indicates Latin Press.

The notebook denounces the violations of the human rights made against Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, Fernando González and René González.

The form will contribute to a better knowledge in Portugal of this unusual history and it will multiply the actions directed to achieve the excarcelation of the Five and the return to the earth that saw them be born, said members of the AAPC.

While, in the embassy of Cuba in Buenos Aires a banners sample was inaugurated (advertising format in Internet) dedicated at The Five.

Vladimir Mirabal Regueiro, first secretary of that mission, thanked Adriana Doncel expression and other people friends that worked in the project, and highlighted the relevance of solidary actions as this.

"The cause of The Five is not exclusively Cuban, but of all those people of well that come in them an unshakable wall of moral in front of the immorality, of shame in front of the ignominy, of greatness in front of the baseness", the diplomat expressed.

And human said, and perhaps have children

Ernesto Pantaleón Medina/Televisión Camagüey

My friend read a titled book "Created to love" and still to risk of offering non up-to-date elements, I prefer to share them with you, because it is known that certain data are not of easy access for the habitual roads, but the transcendency of what contain forces me to the comment.

It is that, for example, in l986, a million children escaped of their homes in the United States, and of that figure, the immense majority prostituted (I refuse to recognize the fact of 95%) while 55% had carried out a suicide tentative at least.

According to data of the UN for that time, in only one year six million infants were victims of it international treats , and remained from all over the world almost in their entirety in prostíbuls, while the l4% of the pornographic movies in North America during the 80 exploited the infantile figure.

Investigators of the topic refer the existence of specialized houses that children and girls rent "to the letter", according to the age and the skin color that wants the "client". Many, are abducted by criminals, but other (horror goes) are sold by their families to be able to guarantee the survival of siblings and parents… clear, we speak of the poorest among the poor, in nations that come to die to millions without the smallest hope, but the question is: They also are not entitled to a normal life, without pursuits neither abuses?

For the same decade of reference shipments of frozen fetuses arrived in United States for the industry of the cosmetics, consigned as "waste of childbirths."

As it is logical to suppose, is the biggest concern in any human being in its exact what today that we ignore will be happening and even neither we imagine?

Because could happen that the current reality is even more awful, although they don't pick up it the statistics.

Pioneers in Camagüey carry out Festival for the health of the Layer of Ozone

By:Yeter Palmero / Television Camagüey

The work of the Cuban Revolution reaches without doubts all the edges of the social life. This way, ready special attention to the environmental education of the nation, with emphasis in the new generations.

In the house Museum Carlos Juan Finlay of Camagüey, pioneers of the sixth grade of the School Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, met in greeting to the International Day of the Layer of ozone and twenty years of the Protocol of Montreal; to carry out an entire festival of games and knowledge about the health of the planet.

The activity forms part of a sociocultural project of this institution and the Office of the Historian of the City, guided to the work in the community.

With many left lines of the imagination, the children this morning expressed their vision on the Earth, the life and the future.

Humor with "Titingó" in Camagüey

Laugh competitions, magic, clowns and magicians in the humor figure in the attractiveness of the humorous event Titingó that with delegations of eight counties sesion in this city.

Summoned for the population in general, the first of those referred contests will determine to the recordist with more time of continuous laugh, modality whose current mark in becoming of the forum--near to the four and a half minutes--, governs since the 2007.

That competition and other activities will be made until today Wednesday in the headquarters of the group The Age of Gold, and of tomorrow a Sunday--day of closing--in the Main theater.

The confrontations of magicians and clowns will be alone for professionals, added in his dialogue with the AIN Jesus Rueda, artistic director of the encounter.

The program includes to interpreters like the theatrical casts Cosquilla (Cienfuegos), Blanco and Black (Sancti Spíritus), Avispa (The Tunas) and T with Tea (Camagüey), and to the magician Ayra (Santiago of Cuba), as well as to the Cuban Theater of the Magic and members of the Circus Areíto, both of the county hostess.

Dedicated in the 2009 to the bonds among the humor and specialties of the circus sector, the current appointment forms leaves of an event of annual frequency favored by the branch of Scenic Arts of the Union of Writers and Artists ofCuba (UNEAC) in the territory of Camagüey. (Adolfo Silva Silva )