miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010

Will share scenary with the Camerata Romeu music students in Camagüey

The Camerata that directs Zenaida Romeu will be presented in the Theater of the Academy of the Arts "Vicentina de la Torre", of the city of Camagüey, the next April 16, at two in the afternoon. In this occasion, will be enjoyed their incomparable art, next to students of the Schools of Arts of the territory.

The program includes in its first part: "Three Concerti Grossi", op. 6, of Arcangelo Corelli, for 2 violins, cello and ensemble of strings, with the participation of students of the mentioned educational institutions.

The Vocational School of Arts "Luis Casas Romero" will present the " Concert #8", of Arcangelo Corelli, with Manuel Señarí Martell (Concertino) and Liliet Silva Carmenates in violin and Roberto Carlos Díaz Ramírez in cello.

On the other hand, the Conservatory "José White" will offer the "Concert #4", of Arcangelo Corelli. In the violins will be:Lía Finalé (Concertino), Elisa Ramos, Miriam Hernández, Lidia Moro, Magdiel Rodríguez, Laís Arévalos, Daylet Cantillo, Linet Sánchez, Lismary Betancourt, Jany Cabrera, Yanet Guevara, Raúl Arévalos and Indira Chicoy; in the violas will make Naíma Archer, Lilian Rivera and Isaac Soler; Giselle Ley will be in the cellos, Daiyelis Carmenates, Eni Rodríguez and Delaine Torres; and in the contrabass, Maylín Pérez and Amaro Yumar.

The second part of the encounter will include: "Remote song No.3", Leo Brouwer; "Melody in The Minor", of Astor Piazzolla; "Hopeful", of James Lewis; "Sertoes Sidewalks", of Egberto Gismonti; "Libertango", of Astor Piazzolla / Y. Cobo; and "Samba son", of D.R / Jenny Peña.

The Camerata Romeu, camera orchestra been founded in 1993, was born in the environment of the musical culture as a fresh, rigorous and authentic proposal, approaching the best in the repertoire of camera of the Cuban music in particular and Latin American in general. Its musical proposal part of an assembles of inherited strings of the Central European tradition that is devoted from a special way to the execution, promotion and recognition of the camera music.

The Camerata Romeu makes that of its instruments emanate sublime sounds that transport us to the time of the classics, exhibiting in its executions an elegant style in which reveals distinction, good pleasure and audacity, being able to join in an everything qualities and feelings so special as the sensuality, the passion, the harmony, the fineness and the lyricism.

The outstanding and exclusive repertoire of the Camerata Romeu, the beauty of its scenic presence, the excellent group work, the purified academic formation of these beautiful women, and its sensibility, make of this orchestra an unique and exceptional proposal in our times.

Zenaida Castro Romeu, directress of this sui géneris orchestra, studied and graduated in the Conservatory and in the Superior Institute of Art of Havana. In the year 1987 founded the Choir of the Lyrical Study with which received praises in Spain and later on, the founded Camerata Romeu whose proposal is the recreation of the national and Latin musical values.(Taken from http://www.pprincipe.cult.cu)

Camagüey guarantees quality of the voting in next elections

Those more than 17 thousand young of this county that will vote for the first time in the near elections, receive mostly in its educational centers knowledge to carry out a vote of quality.

Iris Jiménez, vice-president of the Provincial Electoral Commission, informed that in coordination with juvenile and student organizations of the secondary education and superior, actions are developed to disclose the characteristics of the Cuban electoral system.

It is also explained, with a sample ticket, how to make the marcation correctly for the candidate of the voter's preference.

In Cuba the vote is of occupation and are entitled all the people from the 16 years of age and legally enabled.

The functioner added that the Power station of Workers of Cuba (CTC), next to the unions and the Committees of Defense of the Revolution, equally disclose in the labor centers and the neighborhoods how to make with quality the voting.

Oscar Rivero, general secretary in the county of the CTC, said that this task, together to the organization of the celebration of May First, occupies to the labor movement.

In the mornings with the workers is spoken of the election,its importance and the characteristics of this process in Cuba, genuinely popular and democratic, expressed.

About the dynamic test that will be carried out next Sunday 18, Iris Jiménez informed of its preparation in those more than three thousand 600 schools and electoral tables.

She pointed out that the training of those base authorities continues.

In the voting of the coming April 25 to select the delegates to the municipal assemblies of the Popular Power, Camagüey takes two thousand 361 nominated candidates in local meetings. (Lucilo Tejera Díaz).

Workers of the International Airport of Camagüey willing to continue next to their Revolution

The most energetic condemnation to the lies of the European Union and the United States against Cuba, and the total disposition of continuing next to their Revolution, was unanimous expression of the hard-working community of the International Airport “Ignacio Agramonte.”of Camagüey.

In act of revolutionary reafirmation, the workers of the AirTerminal of the city manifested their disposition of contributing with all the tasks to that calls today the country.

To support the production of foods and the culmination of the sugar harvest, to participate disciplined and conciently in the elections of the next April 25, and mainly to complete the work commitments for the First of May, were among the pronouncements of the workers of the airport of Camagüey.

Other actions supplement the revolutionary commitment of the aerotransportists this county who donated the amount of a labor day-besides the habitual Day of having--, like contribution to the Militias of Territorial Troops, one in the ways of popular organization in Cuba to carry out the armed fight and to complete other tasks of the defense.

Productive days in Camagüey for May First

New productive mobilizations in what subtracts of the year organize the labor movement in the county.The last, organized last weekend here, with the participation of more than 60 thousand workers, was dedicated to May First, dates of the international proletariat.

The support was directed to the cane agriculture, to the production of foods, energy investments, the construction of housings and sanitation tasks, mainly those related with the confrontation to the vectors to avoid the proliferation of transmissible illnesses.

The thousand mobilized of Camagüey toward the cane areas of La Quinientas, in Vertientes, assured 160 tons of the matter prevails to process in the power station Batalla de las Guásimas of that southern municipality, while another point made hard-working in the geniuses Argentina, Ignacio Agramonte, Brazil and the stable and small Siboney in Sibanicú.

In the Basic Unit of the cane Production Cooperative “The Union” to the finish of the morning day a condemnatory act of the scandalous campaign was made, undertaken against Cuba by United States and the European parliament that here the human rights are violated.

The occasion was good to call to all the town to converge to the partial elections of the Popular Power of the next April 25 and the commemorative activities for the International Workers Day.(Enrique Atiénzar Rivero)

The workers of the press declaration in Camagüey

The workers of the press in Camagüey condemn the escalade desinformative that carry out the enemies of the Cuban Revolution.

Who better than the journalists of this nation to know the difficulties for which crosses the country, exactly increased by the ferocious blockade to that has us subjected the yank empire during more than 50 years.

But are economic nature problems, because the will, the fight spirit, the solidarity, the unit of the town, the desire to consolidate the socialism, the respect to the heroes and martyrs and the eternal love to the Homeland, are indobegables.

Our war is ideological, it is of thought, maxime, when a mediatic campaign has exploded to want to discredit the work that is erected in the earth of Martí and Fidel.

They offend us the cynic declarations of Hillary Clinton, the position of the European Union, the overlapped behavior of Obama, the actions of Cuban mercenaries, the hate of the miami mafia and the dirty declarations of some characters, governments and foreign organizations.

The truth, the justice, the fraternity, the perennial combat for the peace and the equality between the men and women of the world is here. Still, under difficult conditions, we omen a luminous future, endorsed by the history that one has lived.

The answer of our youths, combatants, that of the Party, of Fidel and Raúl, that of our town, is that of the workers of the press in Camagüey.

The order is given: Not to give an apex to our principles, not to NEVER abandon.