viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010

Traveled on foot the work of Maceo street

The important commercial via of Camagüey will be clever for next summer.

Camagüey, - The Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey (OHCC) incorporates to its summer routes the journey for the works of reanimation of Maceo street , considered the main commercial artery that was beautiful, but not functional.

In this area of the segment proclaimed Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity, every Wednesday and Saturday those inscribed will be able to exchange with specialists and executioners about the reasons of the intervention, the work stages and the approach to the final views of the project.

“The population has many expectations with the paviment, the sidewalks, the drainage system and the readiness of the resources. We have thought, calculated, planned and saved for two years, when this was only an idea”, the architect explained to Yosmel Díaz Pérez, advisory of investments of the OHCC and guide of the journey.

The exit will be from the Scale model of the Historical Center, located in the street Independence, corner to General Gómez. In the own institution will be open the inscriptions from August 23, of nine of the morning at six of the afternoon, and will be been able to consult through the telephones 22-1388 or 28-5496.

The exchange with the community has been transcendent in the actions for the rebirth of the important one via commercial, foreseen in the summer of the 2011, and that has had the support of the political and administrative address of the territory. (Yanetsy León González )

Grows in Camagüey production of goat milk

Camagüey, - The production of goat milk, or of chiva like is commonly denominated, increased in this county thanks to the delivery of lands and incorporations of new producing to the rural sector and at the end of the summer months overcomes the 100 000 liters.

With less demand of grasses and bigger use of overgrowths amid stationary droughts, the livestock caprino becomes a viable economic option for the rural of Camagüey that allow the creation of at least a sale point to the population in the municipality head.

Another favorable fact is that amid the combat to the overgrowths and the one dismounts of marabout, the flock caprino facilitates that the incipient properties of the Suburban Agriculture still surrender fruits before receiving to the condition of lists to enter formally to the project.

Among the entities of Camagüey highlights the Cooperative of Credits and Services (CCS) Abel Santamaría that has Guillermo Vives, the adult producing of milk of goat of Cuba whose delivery volume to the industry ascended to 19 500 liters in the 2009.The figure could also exceed the 20 000 liters in the 2010 and the county plan to surpass historical bench marks.

In spite of the increase, the Milky Industry doesn't still have the whole necessary logistics to differentiate the prosecution of the milk caprina of the vaccine and for lack of containers routes of collections are used in dependence of the orders of the Ministry of Health. Neither takes advantage the great acceptance and quality of the cheese in the tourist sector, variants to perfect in the growing national cattle raising.

The properties of the milk of goat periten its use like food of great nutritional value in hospitalized patients or intolerant people to the lactose, of there their importance from the social point of view. (Oreidis Pimentel Pérez )