lunes, 21 de junio de 2010

Anticipate wide participation Infantile San Juan of Camagüey

The Infantile San Juan of Camagüey-to be made next Sunday 27 -, omens to be one of those more nurtured as for contents and passivity, in the participation of school.

Conceived as one of the proposals of the carnivales parties of the capital -to be made between the 24 and the 29 of the present June -, will take part four coaches, eight congas and three processions, besides clowns and other attractions.

The journey already traditional, will begin at eight in the morning from beginnings of the Avenue of the Freedom and will extend until the vicinity of the Square of the same name, where the jury will be located.

Students of the Basic Primary and Secondary teachings, besides cultural projects as "Harlequin", of the Office of the Historian of the City (OHCC) and of the Houses of Culture, will enrich with their evolutions the San Juan that will have the wide support of the gastronomic services.

As it is habitual, the beautiful Country Casino will also be scenary for this postal villager that pays one of the oldest and prospective components in the old village of Puerto Príncipe, current capital of Camagüey. (Yolanda Ferrera Sosa)

Camagüey in its new San Juan's preamble

The congas already announces, with their street rehearsals, the San Juan's proximity (carnival) that with its more than two centuries of existence will return to this city from next Thursday.

The project of the new edition of one of the most picturesque carnivalesque appointments in the Island includes 61 artistic groupings and soloists, five congas walks, processions, coaches, disguises and other attractions, according to data offered to the press by the organizing commission.

Those parades will be the 25, 26 and 28 for central roads, and in the allotments Lenin, Previsora and Julio Antonio Mella the 27, day in the one which, also, children and adolescents will play the journey in the Avenue of the Freedom.

The inaugural day will insert “sanjuaneras” traditions, as the preparation and ajiaco consumption in the blocks, during activities favored by the Committees of Defense of the Revolution.

The program will have its official closing the 29 with another of the emblems of the parties, the one denominated Funeral of San Pedro, in the Square of the Freedom, after the itinerary of a gigantic conga with which the people of Camagüey says goodbye to its summer revel.

Effective from the XVIII century, the San Juan of Camagüey had its origin in the crossroad of celebrations coming from Europe and fairs of livestock sale in the then Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe.

That century is considered that of the full development of the village, today Camagüey whose older sector of its last establishment possesses the status of Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity. (Adolfo Silva Silva)

Eolic energy, a favorable option

In the face of the increment of the prices of the fossil fuels and the possibilities of exhaustion in a near future, is imposed to use the use of renewable and alternative energy, as the eolic.

According to studious of the topic the one referred segment will be that of quicker growth of the energy industry in the coming 10 years.

Consulted statistics predict that for final of 2017 the planet will have 718 thousand megawatts (mw) of installed capacity, due to the increase of the areas dedicated to that end, mainly in the United States and China.

The technical means to take advantage of the wind use it near 80 countries, satisfy 1,5 percent of the world energy demand and offer direct employment to half million of people, it indicates the World Eolic Association (WWEA, for its initials in English).

The document also reveals that the eolic one is a substantial factor in the economic development, with perspective of avoiding the emission of 10 thousand million tons of dioxide of carbon, and to impede the worst consequences in the climatic change.

To the closing of the 2009, the eolic capacity installed in the planet arrived to 140 thousand 951 MW.

In Cuba, the program of the Energy Revolution conceives the use and studies of the areas with possibilities of using the winds to generate electricity.

The proximity of two oceans in the area of the Caribbean and the presence of solar radiation between 12 and 14 hours a day provides to the bigger than The Antilles favorable conditions for the employment of the eolic energy, asserted the AIN Carlos Arturo Flores, executive secretary of the Latin American Organization of Energy (OLADE)

Its employment will be opportune to reach the government commitments of reducing the emissions of gases that cause the effect hothouse and the global heating, delimited.

Flores manifested admiration for the results of the employment of the eolic energy in the Island, project that is example for many countries of the region.

The saving of thousands of tons of equivalent combustible petroleum, thanks to the operation of the three existent eolic parks in the nation, confirms the importance of the employment of the renewable energy. (William Fernández)