miércoles, 19 de mayo de 2010

To take off the basement

Results of Camagüey in the XIX National Festival of Telecenters

By:Yoelxy Pilliner López

The people of Camagüey Jorge Alberto Campanería Peña, Fidela Herrera Morán, Yaritza Rivero Peña and María Elena Javier Mora were rewarded in the recently concluded National Festival of Telecenters, taken place in the City of Havana, capital of the country.

The great gladness obtained to Campanería when running off with with the First place with the work "Gallery City" in the category of cultural program, material that was multiprized - including in great prize - in the provincial Festival of Camagüey Television , hall of this great event. "Gallery… also obtained the Colateral Prize of the Provincial Center of Theater of City of the Havana and a Mention in the category of Presentation and farewell of programs. Another of the recognitions reached by this maker was thanks to the work "Cafe cinema" in the category of Film Program. The emotions overflowed the face of this winning one, máxime when the reached prizes were not expected, keeping in mind that competed in one of the most difficult categories: cultural programs , where the great quality of the works prevailed in competition.

The palms also for Fidela Herrera Morán and Yaritza Rivero Peña, this last of the municipal Nuevavisión Telecenter in the northern municipality of Nuevitas. Both obtained Second Places in the categories scientific-technician Program ("Clearing X") and informative Program of opinion (" Count Clear") respectively. Fidela once again conquered the same place that in the previous edition; also, she also repeats with the Colateral Prize of the CITMA for the promotion and conservation of areas and protected reservations. On the other hand, Yaritza Rivero ascends to alone a step of the highest thing, since last year reached a Mention with the same program, this time with a very well-known but not very worn-out topic: the architectural barriers. Although both didn't participate to the appointment, the satisfaction and the happiness were very glistening in their semblances.

The great surprise contributed María Elena Javier Mora of Santa Cruz of the South when receiving the Third Place in the Documental category with the work "Without view to the sea" whose topic was the flight of the sinister one "Paloma" transformed into hurricane by this southern municipality one year later. The immense non alone recognition for this woman but stopsher reduced work team (cameraman and editor); because, the only made of sharing the podium with a house producer specialized in this gender like the Mountain Television, to rub shoulders among the most experienced provincial and municipal telecenters in the country, and to compete in another of the most difficult categories - keeping in mind the structure of that community - changes the value of that result for the highest prize that can receive, alone them but also the town Santa Cruz.

This year the result of the county improved in comparison to the previous one. To take off the basement (place 16) to ascend to the tenth place deserves a recognition, however, are inconforms . Television Camagüey has a community of professionals of high kilates that maintained to the vanguard the name of our county in previous years. The reached prizes could be the catalyst that impels to the rest of the makers to work with the rigor that is required, so that in the XX National Festival of Telecenters Holguín 2011 Camagüey returns to stellar planes.