jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010

María del Carmen Barcia: Honor Guest of Camagüey

María del Carmen Barcia, National Prize of Social Sciences.

María del Carmen Barcia, National Prize of Social Sciences, received the title of Honor Guest of the County of Camagüey, conferred by the Government in the territory.

Eduardo López, member of the Provincial Desk of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), and Jesus García, president of the Popular Power in the territory, gave the reward to Barcia, one of the two authors to who the International Fair of the Book is dedicated Cuba 2010.

Granted in Camagüey , the laurel is a new tribute to an excellent teacher and investigator, which has acted in topics as the historiography, family and slavery in Cuba.

"The illustrious last names: black in colonial Havana", it is also the most recent published work in the honored, author, of the rehearsals Women to the margin of the history, A society in crisis. Havana at the end of the XIX century and popular Layers and modernity in Cuba (1878-1930).

Reynaldo González, National Prize of Literature, and to the one who equally the fair is dedicated, will be distinguished today with the diploma of Honor Guest of the County of Camagüey.

Initiate this Wednesday, the local phase of the event will conclude on Sunday after offering more than 250 000 copies from a superior figure to the a thousand 200 titles.
The main sector of the appointment resides in the Casino Country, bigger urban park of the Island. (Adolfo Silva Silva)