lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009

Agricultural and forest of Camagüey advances in the revitalization of the sector

Agricultural of Camagüey advances in the revitalization of the sector. With multiple and hit upon actions executed in favor of the improvement of the labor conditions and of the workers' life, the agricultural of Camagüey received their Day, this October three.

They stand out in that acting that drives to efficiency in the chore, the model declaration of dining rooms, and the one sustained advance in the development of the suburban agriculture, mainly the one that surrounds the city of Camagüey.

In such to proceed it is significant the peak in the creation of centers dedicated to the taming of oxen, with the purpose of using them in the tasks of earth preparation and cultivation of the plantations, to what unites the transporting of the products from the field to storing places.

The revitalization for chauffeurs and mechanics of more than a hundred of agricultural teams and of transport, many of them rescued from the rakes, also registers in the productive greeting of the agricultural of the territory of Camagüey for their Day.

Devised by the Direction of the Agriculture in the county with the support movilized of the Union of the field, the renovating idea in the sector is materialized by significance stages for agricultural and forest.

It allows it to the workers of so important sphere in the life of Camagüey, to respond with palpable facts to the birdcall of the Address of the Country, of propitiating a positive overturn in the production of foods, and therefore in the substitution of imports.

It also highlights in the contributions for the commemoration, the daily tribute to the industry of more than 350 thousand liters of milk, from passed June, what sustains with stability the aspiration of not less than 90 millions to the closing of the year.

The Day of the agricultural and forest it was instituted as recognition to the support of the workers from the field to the measures applied by the Revolution that you/they claimed them, among them the second Law of Agrarian Reformation, setting in practice in similar day of the tenth month of the year in 1963.(Pedro Paneque Ruiz)

Cuban state doesn't forget had damaged by hurricane Paloma in Santa Cruz del Sur.

Cuban state doesn't forget had damaged by hurricane Paloma in Santa Cruz del Sur. An opportune impulse received the tasks builders of housings in Santa Cruz del Sur, when this Sunday hundred of residents of the place were mobilized to the urbanization that rises for damaged of the hurricane Paloma.

Headed by the first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in the county, Julio Cesar García Rodríguez, and other members of the Political Desk at that level, the work went to place in-situ flagstones and other materials employees in the construction of buildings, some already in termination phase and others in different bastion moments.

Such support will allow to fulfill the purpose of having evident advance in the new establishment for ends of this year, project that extends for some 10 apples with 300 housings.

In a high in the work, Juan Ricardo Pol Gean, first secretary of the PCC in Santa Cruz del Sur, declared that the planning of the residence development also understands six buildings of four plants, of 20 apartments each one that bordering rise to the terminal of rail transport and bus in that town.

That to proceed responds to the will of the Cuban State, to recoup the residents in the coast santacruceño that were affected by the hurricane Paloma, which caused big damages in housings and properties.

These rareas are part of a program for stages, where will move that residence establishment toward higher and less more sensitive places to cheat of hurricanes and penetrations of the sea. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)

Agricultural workers celebrate their day

The red zebu, one of the exposed races

With reason of the national celebration of the Day of the Agricultural and Forest Workers, outstanding producers and state companies received recognitions on the part of the main authorities of the territory.

In the activity, 18 workers and agricultural leaders received the distinction “Marcos Martí”, in representation of those more than 400 that also deserve in this date the reward for 20 and 25 years of work in the sector.

Camagüey arrives exactly to October of 2009, to a year of the step of the hurricanes Ike and Paloma, with productive record of more than 350 thousand daily liters of milk in the delivery to the industry and about 66,5 millions in so far in year, grows in the bovine meat and of pigs, as well as in the daily setting of 320 thousand postures inside the poultry ships, calculates near to the panoramic previous to the step of the hurricanes.

Also like greeting to the day of the Union of Agricultural and Forest Workers (SNTAF), were developed a great number of actions fast as the recovery of 94 teams of transport, heavy and agricultural machinery, repair of 256 dining rooms of the productive base, incorporation of 62 units to the artificial breeding of calves with some 5600 heads, installation of 9 teams of mechanical expromission, refrigerated tanks, inauguration of a center of taming of oxen belonging to the program of the suburban agriculture, modernization of the rice mill “Cándido González” and the setting in march of the first stage of the factory of swinish food.(Oreidis Pimentel Pérez)

95 National championship of Football: Meager tie between Camagüey and Holguín

Neither visitors neither local could nest in other people's barrier and the inauguration of the classic national balompedic in the court Patricio Lumumba of this city, passed without hardships neither glories when tiing Camagüey and Holguín.

The hosts, third in the edition 94,didn't align with Dagoberto Quesada, lowers for appendicitis, neither with Yaisnel Naples, injured in an ankle, but had Keyler García, one of the members of the national selection that traveled to Germany and Holland some months ago and with his main gunner Osmani Montero.

In the beginning they pressed in three court rooms but little by little the sure defense of the northeastern evened the party.

Osmani Montero attempted from inside the area like clearer option and for Holguín the danger arrived to stopped ball.

With a better recovery of balls Holguín cheered up with the shots of Yadian Casa del Valle but in general sense clear options didn't exist for none of the litigants.

In the second half the teams showed more naturalness to get goals and grieve to two minutes of the whistle the camagüeyan Héctor Elio Portel failed alone before the door after to dominate the ball spectacularly and to be alone in front of the guardline José Castillo

Hands in the head and murmur in the nurtured public and restlessness in the stools, that was everything.

However the most outstanding thing was the excellent defense of Holguín that had Edsnay Reyes, the number 4, like protagonistic figure when constituting an impassable barrier.

Reyes was sure in the given air game his stature and physical constitution, and cut each pass intent accurately in depth.

Lastly, it was the feminine cuartet of referees, the only one existent of its type in the national championship, the one that ruled justice in the party.

Now with the division of the point, the next day of Wednesday in the Patricio Lumumba, will put to the team Granma like challenger.(Oreidis Pimentel Pérez )