viernes, 3 de septiembre de 2010

Ready Camagüey for the next school course

By : Luis Naranjo / Television Camagüey

To some hours so that the country is wrapped up again in a very beautiful war, but of big challenges: the next school course.

The people of Camagüey has surrendered with bravery to the task and are already clever to face one superior lective year, able to form the men and women continuators of the work of the Revolution.

Schools, teachers, professors, study materials, resources and an appropriate programming, will allow the superation of almost 145 thousand students in 789 centers of different levels of the county.

To perfect more the pedagogic models, to strengthen the work in the ten urban preuniversitaries of 8 municipalities, to consolidate the paper of the family in the educational process, with the increment now of external students and to elevate the quality of the teaching and the learning, are actions that characterized the coming school course in Camagüey.

In dialogue with Álvaro Piñeda, provincial subdirector of education in Camagüey knew that to give birth to of September 6 will open its doors 501 primary schools ,62 infantile circles, 30 special schools, 77 secondary, 29 pre-university students, 35 polytechnicians, 5 schools of occupations, 36 centers of adults, 1 former of teachers and 13 facilities that come from the mines, of all them, 34 mixed centers.

“It is necessary to highlight, said Álvaro Piñeda that those that conclude the ninth and 12 grades and are not able to go to the pre and the university, have possibilities to enter to the former of teachers and the professional technical schools.”

And I finish saying that one of the main missions of the education in Camagüey is to achieve bigger quality in the learning of the students, after an appropriate preparation of the cloisters and to take again to this county to the first places from the sector to national level.

Starting from the next September 6, the teacher's sentence will be reaffirmed: in the books this the duty.

Contribute people of Camagüey solutions to save energy

Camagüey, 3 Sep. - The movement of the Forum of Science and Technique of this county, respond to the convocation of the direction of the country of mobilizing the material, human and financial resources in function of the saving with the contribution of some 6 000 solutions.

A software that calculates and controls the consumption indexes of diesel in the electrogens groups, it contributes to economize about 3 400 liters of fuel monthly in each generating plant of electricity of Camagüey.

Among the contributions the automatic system also stands out for the surveillance of the pressure of the water, installed in the factory of beer Tínima of Camagüey, the one that substitutes to the old hidroneumatic method and facilitates to reserve 30 percent of the energy that wastes away there.

On the other hand, the specialist of Camagüey of the Company Radiates Cuba created a device for the automation of the stop program and outburst of the television transmitters that represents a saving in the whole country of 800 megawatt/hour a year. (Pablo Cabero Viamontes)

Fidel and the first lesson of the Cuban school course

By : José Gilberto Valdés / Television Camagüey

The historical perron of the University of Havana, scenario of multiple battle of ideas of Cuban youths' generations, has become in the morning of this Friday September 3, in a great classroom, where an unquestionable teacher, Fidel, imparts the first class of the school course: The peace, as the humanity's survival.

This message to the university students is carried out in the first presence in an act of the leader of the Cuban Revolution`s masses. The appearance sinks to the arguments in interviews, official conversations, visits to Cuban communities and Reflections that has carried out to alert to the world on the urgent topic of the nuclear war, its consequences and way of avoiding it during the summery season.

The danger of a nuclear holocaust has changed land. It is no longer an island of the Caribbean, when in the crisis of the missiles in the year 1963 willing to defend with dignity its sovereignty, now is Iran, a nation that an inch doesn't go back in front of the leonine demands of United States and Israel, under the pretext of possessing a nuclear arsenal.

In a document had read the Cuban Parliament for some weeks highlighted “So dramatic was the square that had before that didn't see another exit as was not a survival, perhaps probable, in the part of this hemisphere that didn't have reason to be white of direct attack and in some isolated regions of the planet.”

All action is, again, of persuading an American president of throwing the trigger. An apocalyptic situation has been created in that area of the world. There is a hope however. In the hands of Barack Obama is the alternative to offer the possibility of the peace, in the humanity's benefit.

Some minutes ago, when summarizing his intervention in front of the university students, like in all the learned and enthusiastic, but now free and more conscious times, the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro meant that the presence and the moral support that are offering to this fight for the peace. He exhorted them to not leaving the battle that like in other many fights of the past is possible to conquer.

The fight continuous

A continuous fight

By : Yamila Cruz Romero/ Televisión Camagüey

The respect, the affection and the discipline were imposed at once today that our Commandant Fidel Castro summoned when meeting in the perron of the University of Havana with the students of the study house, witness of the formation of thousands revolutionaries that over there have trafficked.

The habit of maintaining his town upgrade is for the eternal leader of the Cuban revolution a privilege, and considers that mainly the youths, main characters of the Cuban revolutionary vanguard, be prepared for a great event or world catastrophe that is to happen, coarse that the main hosts of such a threat take conscience and ignore the absurd idea of disappearing part of the planet.

The fight for the justice is for the Cubans a task, the world cannot be destroy for a whim and is for that reason that the unit is imposed.

A better world can be possible if we all achieve the unit and we avoid the hate and the bitterness, if we take care of the environment, and we take the necessary measures, anything will happen, our commandant affirms this way in his intervention.

Achieving all this, the planet and the world will be grateful.