lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

Honored in China outstanding ceramist of Camagüey

As an indicator of the universality of her creations, two works of the artist of Camagüey Martha Jiménez, were rewarded in the Biennial Segunda and International Exhibition of Contemporary Teapots Artistic of Shanghai, China.

The ceramic vessels show the cubany and the Latin American art, in a beautiful mixture that she invites to share an autochthonous cup of Tea.

Jiménez is the only creator from the Caribbean rewarded in the event that began the past 27, and to the one that attended after being selected in a competition carried out at the beginning of year in that Asian country.

The Biennial included an exhibition of 100 vessels of same number of countries of five continents, with the objective of contributing - through the ceramic - to the cultural harmony and the tolerance in the world.

The ceramist of Camagüey Martha Jiménez will converge with her works to the eighth edition of Shanghai 2010 that will take place from the 12 to May 16, considered among the most important annual artistic events in Asia.(Lázaro David Najarro Pujol)

Camagüey voted well in second turn of elections

The second turn of the municipal elections was developed in Camagüey in a favorable way in all the foreseen schools, as valued the Provincial Electoral Commission (CEP).

Tania Rodríguez Mexidor, president of the CEP, said to the AIN that almost opened those 500 schools that should intervene in the votes during that day.

In second turn the territory presented 164 districts and one in first beat, this last one authorized by the National Electoral Commission, because could not carry out the vote the past April 25 for the death of one of the candidates.

That case demanded of a new assembly of neighbors in the demarcation, located in the municipality of Santa Cruz del Sur, to nominate a postulate.

The electoral authority stood out that was activated and the whole system of communications worked without problems, transport and of support of the organizations of masses of the community.

For this day were summoned to return to the urns more than 162 thousand voters.

In the initial turn the participation in the vote arrived to 94,29 percent of the census.

Camagüey should choose in the elections a thousand 008 delegates to the municipal assemblies of the Popular Power. (Lucilo Tejera Díaz / AIN)