viernes, 25 de junio de 2010

Curatorial project will restate citadine environment in Camagüey

“Utopian city” is the name of the Curatorial Project to which summons the Provincial Center of the Plastic arts of Camagüey, with the objective of restating certain spaces of the capital of Camagüey, incorporating the architectural different aspirations formerly to the complex panorama of the visual arts of the Villa of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe, and of mobilizing a thought in favor of the necessity of transforming the environment.

The proposals will be exposed in the context of the XVI Provincial Room of Plastic arts “Fidelio Ponce de León”. The organizers of the event seek that the different architects, designers and artists of the plastic , in work teams or in an independent way, formulate the image that want of the city.

Florentino Rivero, President of the Association of Plastic arts of the National Union of Writers and Artists (UNEAC), informed that are looked for “ solve ideals to certain spaces, selected by the creator or creators' team, inside the historical area of the city.”

“Ideal solutions are wanted, not bounded to a possible realization and that show the way, a point “poetic”, of conceiving the city”, explained Rivero who added that the term of admission of the works conquers July 31of this year .

The proposals will be analyzed by an admission jury that will select the works to compete, those that will be exposed in the same place where the intervención is proposed. The repertoire of works intends, this way exposed in the whole historical circuit of the city, will be part of the works to compete in the “Fidelio Ponce de León.”

The projects will be presented in digital format, extension jpg or bmp, with resolution of 300 ppp, fitting for a size of impression of 700 x 1000 mm. The organizers will run with the impression of the same ones in the signal size.

The works will surrender in the Provincial Center of Plastic arts of Camagüey, located in Republic street No. 289,between Finlay and San Esteban. (Lázaro David Najarro Pujol)

Of the blessed mud of the Camagüey,filters to purify the health

Cepero shows the quality of the produced filters.

A simple and ecological filter of mud and sawdust is about to be generalized in the county of Camagüey, after being proven by means of laboratory tests its effectiveness in the bacteriological treatment of the water.

Dear Cepero, specialist of the project in the Integrated Center of technologies of the Water ( MENTIONS), assures that the application of the “strainer” natural, will be able to extend to those mountainous and outlying areas of the cities of the country where the consumption sources still lack of expensive potable plant .

The physical-chemical analyses of the addition “landlord”, reveal the total elimination of causing bacterias ofdiarreic and infectocontagios illnesses, and the improvement of the transparency of the water, although persist in them the minerals that contain.

The filter, manufactured in the noted institution of Camagüey, consists of a clay recipient and sifted sawdust, of eight liters of capacity mounted on a plastic evacuator drum of until 2,5 liters of water purified per hour.

“Here in the center we assume the design, construction and installation of all the machines tools for the “factory” of filters: the hammer mill, the removing to unite the mud and the fine sawdust, the press, the molds, the oven… and we are under conditions of producing some 250 monthly vessels”, affirmed Cepero.

The production of the recipient cleanser is not expensive, because the clay of used quality is plentiful in Camagüey - City of the Earthenjar - and the sawdust, the other matter prevails used, recovers i carpentries, as long as the process of the one baked peasant doesn't need the consumption of petroleum neither electricity. (Rolando Sarmiento Ricart)