viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2009

Agrarian of Camagüey reach program of sale of milk

By:Lucilo Tejera Díaz

In spite of the severe effects of the crisis in the Cuban economy, the boy Leonardo Olivera is partly of those that drank every day cow milk, thanks to the contribution of the cattle peasants of the county of Camagüey.

Daylí Alonso, mother of the small one, acquired each day the container with 917 milliliters of the food that the State subsidizes for those smaller than seven years of age and people with medical diet, besides the supply to infantile circles and hospital centers.

The uninterrupted supply to that population owes himself in good measure to that the agrarian ones affiliated to the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) they reached the sale of 50 million liters hired for the year with the company Milky Products.

With this result they overcome in three million units the registration of the 2008.

Aida Díaz, of the address of the ANAP in Camagüey, said to the AIN that the cattlemen are buried now in marketing with the industry 58 million liters, quantity that means the commitment for the 2009 before the birdcall of the country of elevating the national production to diminish the imports.

She added that the increment sustained in the last times obeys advances in the handling of the flocks, renovation of the mass with animals improves genetically and with more yields, and also to the increase of the purchase price to the producers.

Also, highlighted the growing participation of producers and cooperative in emulatives movements .

In Camagüey a member already overcomes the 340 thousand liters sold to “Milky Products” and other four will close the year with more than 100 thousand each one, while four cooperatives of Credits and Services that contain individual cattlemen, will be millionaire.

Including the administration of Basic Units of Cooperative Production and state farms, the county accumulates 82 million liters sent to the industry, and can that finishes the 2009 with about 93 millions, registration that would surpass that hired and would mean growth in connection with the previous year.

The seeds of the education sowed by Fidel

50 years ago he gave to children and young of Camagüey a school city, formerly military barracks “Ignacio Agramonte.”

Por:Enrique Atiénzar Rivero

November 27, 1959-to almost a month of the Commandant Camilo Cienfuegos` tragic disappearance - Fidel returned to Camagüey and he received the back multitudinary of the town again in a concentration, without precedents, taken place in the current square “Joaquín de Agüero”. The motivation of the Historical Leader of the Revolution of meeting with the people of Camagüey went different to that of October 21, dates in that the sedition of the treacherous Húber Matos was neutralized. This time he came to give the children and teachers the old barracks “Ignacio Agramante”, transformed into school city, and to inaugurate the hospital “Amalia Simoni” in the tract of the double via “Carlos J. Finlay” toward the airport.

Present witness of the appointment in the formerly military installation and of the act, as the retired José Luis Cadenas, remember both events like momentous, each one with its peculiarities.

In the first one, to see that show-as Fidel qualified him - of thousands and thousands of children with Cuban flags next to their teachers, a reality that marked forever to this town.

From one improvised and converged tribe

na spoke to the president Osvaldo Dorticós; the minister of Education, Armando Hart Dávalos, and Fidel in an educational enaltecetor environment: 52 classrooms for the teachings preescolar, primary and of basic high school, without being neglected other details: schools of plastic arts, dramatic and technical, library, museum, clinic medical estomatologic, in short, everything for the well-being of the new generations.

The concentration of that afternoon was recorded in Fidel's mind. He went so when looking toward Chains he asked for the possible figure of participants. The man shrank of shoulders, he knew that there was an extraordinary crowd, but he didn't know how to calculate the number.

“But, when saying goodbye, I love them that thanks to you we leave today of this county with the doubled energy, with the doubled faith and with the enthusiasm doubled to continue ahead.”

And Fidel November 27, 1959 left with the conviction: “With the town of Camagüey we will be able to count always…in the most difficult days and five pesetas to liberate new battles….”

Of the transformations of the Camagüey and their works, dreamt by Fidel, there are tests in these extensive plains where rides in silence in his energetic steed the biggest General Ignacio Agramonte, an entire symbol of gallantry and patriotism.