jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

Recognize writer of Camagüey in Sancti Spíritus

Sancti Spíritus - The Provincial Committee of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) in Sancti Spíritus surrendered, in this city, the Distinction Song of City and the Recognition UNEAC to outstanding writers of Cuba.

Pedro of Oraá, essayist, poet and critical of art, received during the XXII Day of the Cuban Poetry, the Distinction Song of City, maximum reward that grants the institution from Santic Spiritu, for his half century of cultural work and his 42 years tied closely to the organization.

As long as, Sixto Edelmira Bonachea, president of the UNEAC in the territory, when conferring the recognition from that institution to the poet and essayist of Camagüey Jesus David Curbelo, underlined his acting as critical literary.

For first time in Sancti Spíritus the Provincial Center of the Book and the Literature(CPLL) granted the Recognition Fayad Jamís to the honored bard in the 2010, reward that relapsed in Rigoberto Rodríguez Entenza, and to the editor with better results, in this case Arturo Delgado.

Yanetsy Pino Reina, directress of the CPLL, said that Rigoberto Rodríguez Entenza deserved this year the Prize of the Foundation of the City of Matanzas and has published three titles with different houses publishers.

As part of the activities of the day that gathers lovers and creators of verses, Mario Alberto Nájera, writer and compiler of the texts of Fayad Jamís Bernal (1930-1988), presented the book "José Martí. Interculturality and humanism", of José Antonio Aparicio.

The work, stood out, it compiles the works presented in the First International Colloquy José Martí, taken place in August of 2009, in the Intercultural University of Chiapas, of Mexico, and to the one that attended delegates from Venezuela, Cuba, El Salvador, Puerto Rico and the Aztec countr.(Yainerys Ávila Santos)

Will welcome Camagüey the Party of the Witches

Camagüey - With the exhibition of a sample of the works in competition, begins October 31 the Festival ACAALARRE in its Sixth edition, encounter favored by the provincial branch of the Cuban Association of Artisans Artists.

The opening day is announced for Sunday, at 9:00 o'clock a.m. in the Square of the Workers, of the capital of Camagüey, with the inauguration of the Central room, and the performance of the Company of Ballet Endedans, in the premiation ceremony.

In this edition, the Party of the Witches has the peculiarity of extending during two months, because the central sample remains open until Saturday November 27, when in the own Square of the Workers and in the Gallery Midas, in the capital city, the expo bipersonal is inaugurated "Embrujo,style of two", of Gerardo CuervoTorres and Ricardo Leyva Beltrán.

The Party of the witches will also have continuity, December 18, with the presentation of several colateral samples.

It is announced also, in the artisan's workshop José Daniel Gutiérrez, the inauguration of his sample tropical ACAALARRE; that constitutes a homage to his 30 years of artistic work in skin.( Miozotis Fabelo Pinares)

People, blockade, Camilo and Fidel

Camagüey, - When Camilo Cienfuegos was ahead to the multitude that Castro advanced with Fidel to the front toward the Regiment Number 2 “Ignacio Agramonte” of Camagüey and dismantled the treacherous Huber Matos to open the doors from the military strength to the town, the history recorded the brave new and heroic page forever Major in the plain of Cuba.

There have lapsed 51 years of the popular victory against the seditious intenton in Camagüey and of the Hero's irreparable physical absence who of return to Havana in a fragile air ship under a pregnant sky of storm, disappeared in the black firmament to be rocked with his wide boy smile in people's heart.

Camilo lives in who met him: Thin, agile, affable, playful, clean smile, winged hat, thick and black beard, shirt green olive tree with crowded pockets of important papers…He lives, in those that listened in his vibrant voice, to charge life the verses of Bonifacio Byrne: “If discards in small pieces / arrives to my flag turns some day / our deads, raising the arms / will know how to still defend it…”

But, How is it possible that the following generations until our days, today boys and girls know by heart?

It is that the Homeland, the Revolution, was won with the blood and the examples of the martyrs and arisen heroes of the town whose ideas prevail in a continuous history, so that the scream mambí never dies of: Free Cuba live!, for that reason “… in the town there is many Camilos “, sentenced Fidel.

Cuba, yesterday has just conquered another popular victory - with the value and Camilo's ideas - in front of the long blockade imposed by the United States. The Commandant in Boss, in the commemoration of the anniversary XXX of the disappearance of the Hero of Yaguajay, expressed:

“What would Camilo say if suddenly he read a cable in that we are said from United States how measures have to apply to be good revolutionaries, good socialists and good communist? What bourgeois and capitalists reform have to apply so that good revolutionaries consider us, good socialists, good communist; because now there are two types of revolutionaries, two types of socialists, two types of communist: the good ones and the bad, according to the definition of the imperialism. And us, what honor, we are among the bad…

“We are bad because we are incorrigible, because we don't make what tells us the imperialism that we should make, because we don't begin to flirt and to play with the capitalism in this country, because we already saw and we live some of the consequences of these games, and we are cured of fright and already of return of those caprices, and with more firm, more solid convictions that never; convinced than never of what can the socialism”

October 28, 1989, Fidel's words dedicated to the unforgettable Major of the landing of the Granma, the Sierra and the rebellious invasion of East to West, charge total validity in the historical moment that the Cubans live:

“… Today Camilo would be happy, and if there is fight for before, happier still; if there are difficulties, happier; if there is challenge, happier; if are injustices to correct, happier; and if he stays in all their vigor the heroic and historical fight of our town against the empire, happier he would be Camilo!

“It is necessary to make that made Camilo in the barracks of Camagüey: to be ahead; and perhaps be already being ahead, or maybe the times are wanting to go back, and we don't want to go back “(Rolando Sarmiento Ricart)

Camilo Cienfuegos, flight to the history

Camagüey, TO the six and a minute of the afternoon of October 28,1959, the twin-engine airplane mark Cessna 310 C, of five squares, left the airport of Camagüey bound for Havana.

On board, the pilot and first lieutenant, Luciano Fariñas Rodríguez; the soldier Féliz Rodríguez and the Boss of the State bigger than the Rebellious Army. Comandant Camilo Cienfuegos Gorriarán.

The time lapsed and the airship didn't arrive to its destination. The restlessness began to appear in the main leaders. Later, the anguish was general.
The following day, the nascent government revolutionary made public the disappearance of the Cessna and his tripulants.

The note emitted by the Section of Press of the Rebellious Army informed that the searches made until that moment had been fruitless. It was considered that the accident had happened in some point to the north of the counties of Camagüey, The Villages or Matanzas.

Turbonades among Ciego de Ávila and the last of these counties could cause the tragedy.
Report offered by the companies of other airships indicated that, apparently, the Cessna fell inside a powerful storm that came from the south, that which made the pilot to stray of the habitual route and to fly more to the north.

With this maneuver, the trip became longer and the fuel was insufficient. Under those circumstances, the possibilities to survive became remote.

During two weeks, in all Cuba was carried out intense search for sea and air. The areas for which could have flown over the air ship were revised span to span.

The youth revolutionary State used for this end all the available means, while the press maintained informed to the town of the efforts that were made to find Camilo and his partners. But the airplane never appeared.

November 12, 1959, Fidel Castro announced the definitive disappearance of the Hero of Yaguajay.

That day, the maximum leader affirmed that in the town there was many Camilos, and he pointed out: "(.) the only thing that we can request to our town is that, every time that the Homeland is in a difficult situation and in a moment of danger that remembers Camilo."

There have passed 51 years and the memory of the from then on Mr. of the Vanguard he lives in the memory of the Cubans.

The yank imperialism, in its desire to discredit to the Revolution, has tried to sell the history that Camilo was murdered by supposed disagreements with the revolutionary government in the making maximum leaders.

Before the reactionary conspiracy arisen in Camagüey days before his physical disappearance, the Commandant Camilo Cienfuegos faced, denounced and captured the traitors, fact that demonstrated his loyalty to Fidel and the historical direction of social justice for which always fought.(Dai Liem Lafá Armenteros)

People of Camagüey lovers of the rumba danced with Yoruba Andabo

Camagüey - The Havanan group Yoruba Andabo conquered in Camagüey a new success in the tour for seven counties, with its 25 year-old reason dedicated to one of the emblems of the Cuban culture: the rumba.

Directed by Geovani del Pino, the cast carried out this Wednesday its last performance in this town, in the School of Instructors of Art that takes the name Nicolás Guillén, a person of Camagüey that won the attribute of National Poet of Cuba with a monumental legacy based on the miscegenation of the culture of the Island.

Of the Pine expressed his satisfaction for the impacts registered in the course of the journey, which also had scales in Guantánamo, Santiago of Cuba, Granma, and Holguín, and that will offer the next presentations, in accordance with the program, on Friday in Trinidad and on Sunday in Santa Clara.

The group has acted in Colombia, Canada and the United States of America, among other countries, and shared scenaries with interpreters like Pablo Milanés, Lázaro Ros and Tata Güines.

workshops and seminars figure in the pedagogic work in charge of the cast whose name consists of two words of African origin associated to the concept of the friends, admirers and followers of the earth and the culture of the ethnos yoruba.

According to the Cuban music's Dictionary, of Helium Orovio, the rumba arose of the slope African-American-Spanish , with special print in the first of those components. Its origin is urban and semi-rural, and possesses three expressive modalities, yambú, guaguancó and columbia.

Diverse studies also consider to the rumba the Cuban musical gender more influenced directly by direct Hispanic factors, the key and the cry. (Adolfo Silva Silva ).

Investment of Hydraulic Resources will improve quality of the water in Camagüey

Camagüey -The investment of more than 40 thousand pesos with a high component in foreign currency and in national currency that will be executed by the Institute of Hydraulic Resources in the Plant Potabilizator located in the capital of Camagüey, will allow to improve the supply of water to more than 80 percent of the population of the City of the Tinajones.

When offering the information the engineer Alexander Bebert Meléndrez meant that the advance steps in the treatment of the water will facilitate to improve the parameters of quality for its consumption.

At the own time will be incorporate modern and potent motors to the rebomb unit to substitute to teams with more than a decade of exploitation, and other necessary components were recovered for the process of purification of the water.

To the experts' of the Managerial Group of Aqueduct trial and Sewer system, with the new investment the county will be under conditions of reaching disinfection levels above 98 percent.

To medium term will leave connecting modern hipocloradores and clorogas teams, what will allow to increase the quality of the cloration until eliminating the sludges that acquires the liquid during their journey from the source supply until the treatment plant. (Alex López Almaguer).