martes, 20 de abril de 2010

Select poster that will preside the San Juan in Camagüey

The poster that will preside over between the 24 and the next June 29, the party of Camagüey - well-known as San Juan - was selected among the shippings to the summoned contest, and corresponded such a merit to the young Oscar Alejandro Viñas Pendones.

Instructor of Art in the specialty of the Plastic , Viñas Pendones were able to synthesize - with the use of codes of grateful permanency in the local folklore, as the earhenjar - the essence of that old and always very prospective traditional reason.

By means of an excellent use of the color and an in agreement design with the message to transmit, the poster will promote the sanjuaners actions, which June 24 will begin with the reading of the traditional Decree, although will be preceded by popular parties in outlying areas of the capital of Camagüey, in previous weekends.

Among the contents that maintain their validity formerly from the foundational time of the village of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe - current city of Camagüey - is the collective elaboration in each block of the Ajiaco, broth made with salted meats and viands.

The Government in the municipality head will take to roads in fact this expression of popular joy that - with San Juan's denomination - is folkloric element with sui generis characteristic in the national context. (Yolanda Ferrera Sosa)

Peasants greet Anniversary of Cuban feminine organization

To Achieve like average 23 women in each cooperative, belongs the gift of the Cuban peasants to the Cuban Federation of Women (FMC), at times of celebrating in next August its anniversary 50, informed in Camagüey Orlando Lugo Fontes, president of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP).

He specified the leader that at the moment the country counts with more than 40 thousand partners associated to the base, and from now on the ANAP works in all the counties to fulfill this purpose that will duplicate the feminine figure dedicated to take out profit to the earth.

“To the rural recognition to the Federation of Cuban Women, he added, a lot will contribute the delivery of lands in usufruct, because add thousands the partners that have requested and have been authorized an or more chivalries, effective quarry for the feminine growth that the ANAP intends.”

In Camagüey, only for that concept, there have already been added to the rural organization more than a thousand women, many of them to the front of their properties and others as integral of the families that have been welcomed to that modality, still when the feminine presence in the ANAP has risen to near four thousand in the last years, but it is known that are reservations.

A good gift peasant to the anniversary 50 of the Federation of Cuban Women. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

Will carry out in Camagüey meeting of the National Council of writers and artists

The Provincial Committee of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) in Camagüey puts into practice a group of actions, previous to the National Encounter of the presidency of the organization that will sesion in the capital of Camagüey from 4 to coming May 7.

The event will have like main topic the music's diffusion, although the work will also be evaluated of each one of the associations of the UNEAC.

It is also plan a journey, May 6, for the town of Santa Cruz del Sur, the most affected one, in November 2008, for the hurricane “Paloma”, and where the monument will be inaugurated “In defense of the Life.”

The Provincial Committee of the UNEAC in Camagüey also works in the Cultural Project “The Square of the Art”, in the surroundings of the headquarters that includes the building of the facades of the housings.

The inauguration of a Plastic gallery of Arts and the delivery of recognitions to creators with an excellent trajectory, will also be carried out in the county of Camagüey in the context of the National meeting of the presidency of the UNEAC. (Lázaro David Najarro Pujol)

Technological improvements assure bigger quality in the rice production of Camagüey

The beginning of the crop of rice on the part of the Agroindustrial Complex “Ruta Invasora", is foreseen for next May 5.

Millionaire Investments in the rice industries “Tato Rodríguez Vedo” and “Cándido González”, in this county, will rebound in the improvement of the quality of the cereal and in the amplification of molinery capacities, of face to the coming crop.

Honorio Saavedra, subdirector of the Agroindustrial Complex Ruta Invasora, specified that next to the technological transformations is carried out the assembly of a compact mill in the municipality of Esmeralda that will assume the production of rice in the north area of Camagüey.

“The rice that takes place in that territory and in the neighboring Sierra de Cubitas and Minas will be processed without necessity of transferring toward Vertientes”, Saavedra assured, when referring to the setting in march of a machine of Brazilian origin that molin 0, 9 tons per hour.

The beginning of the crop on the part of the Agroindustrial Complex “Rute Invasora”, is foreseen for next May 5, and concentrates on the military farm Sierra Maestra and the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production “Rodolfo Ramírez Esquivel”, of the municipality of Florida.

The equipment of last generation, including the recently acquired croppers, will contribute to a bigger level of efficiency, to the saving of energy payees, and to the execution of the established parameters of quality in the matter prevails.

The rice fields of the center-south of Camagüey intend to overcome the figure of production of the humid cereal that dates of the year 1984, period in which gathered more than 88 thousand 044 tons.

The county of Camagüey consumes 37 thousand tons of rice to the year and the Rice Agroindustrial Complex Ruta Invasora, has foreseen a harvest of 40 thousand tons, what constitutes a very encouraging agreement perspective with the prices of the grain in the international market. (Luis Enrique Perdomo Silva)

Adelante Digital took place 10 years in Internet

With 26 thousand internet users' visits every month, like average, Digital Adelante took place yesterday its tenth anniversary, buried in continuing taking the truth of Cuba to the world, in front of the lies of the imperialistic press.

First version for Internet of the means of the county of Camagüey, "Adelante" welcomed from its beginnings in 2000 journalistic works of the radio station Radiate CadenaAgramonte and of the Agency of National Information.

In this whole time, it fulfilled the mission of combatting, expressed Rafael Rosales, boss of the Ideological Department of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba .

Diosdada Sagarra, of the team of Digital Adelante, which has a version in English, informed that the biggest number of internet users that consent to the web is from Cuba, United States and Spain.

The requested sections correspond those that treat society topics, culture and sports.
Other spaces of the version are dedicated to the five antiterrorists Cuban prisoners wrongly for more than 11 years in United States, and to the imperialistic blockade against Cuba.

The press articles known as Reflections also appear - of the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro -, and the General's of Army more recent speeches Raúl Castro, President of the Council of State and of Secretaries.

"Adelante" was the first newspaper been founded by the Revolution after the popular victory, and arose as evening January 12 ,1959.

Besides "Adelante", they have digital pages in this territory five radio stations (that of provincial reach and four municipal) and the telecenter of Camagüey.(Lucilo Tejera Díaz)

Significant saving for internal students' transfer

With the transfer of four thousand 886 internal students to external seminterno regime or for the next school calendar, plan to complete a saving of 15 million pesos in the county of Camagüey.

Reymí López Rosales, director of Education in the territory, commented to the AIN about the economic benefit of the measure, and also as for a bigger participation of the family in the formation of the children.

He said that this it is a strategy of the country directed to reduce the expenses of fuel, foods and provisioning, and that spreads equally to strengthen the attitude of the students and their relatives before the study, stops this way to achieve better educational results.

Simultaneously other reformations are executed in the evaluation systems starting from final exams when culminating the primary, secondary teachings and preuniversitary, these two last subjected to tests of provincial and national character.

The reorder in the continuity of studies of the students of ninth grade toward the Technical Teaching and Professional constitutes another transformation dedicated fundamentally to sustain and to develop the production of foods, goods and services.

These elements, in consonance with the priorities of the country, imply a concept change and have a significant impact in the stimulus toward the study, and in the results in the education in a general way, meditated López Rosales.(Yaniuska Macías Rivero/AIN)