martes, 20 de octubre de 2009

Camagüey revives its reedbeds

An evident reanimation is appreciated in the chore of sugar of camagüeyano, with a view to coming harvests, acting that lapses parallelly with a guessed right diversification producer.

The rescue of traditional and productive areas of reedbeds goes displacing the opportunist marabout,it can appreciate in solid of big cane processors like the Sugar Company Brazil, in Esmeralda.

In that acting lead in productivity for hectares the plantations of Cooperative Agricultural and of Credits and services, although many UBPC already exhibits yields to keep in mind for the next harvest.

It also stands out the development of areas for the several cultivations and the cattle raising that it is attacked with a more complete universal prism, because it surpasses the necessity autosupply, and to become investor of the population's alimentary requirements.

In such to be proceeded it inscribes the realistic projection in the property Tayabito that under the responsibility of the MINAZ is part of the productive cord around the city of Camagüey, and that integrates the purpose of possessing in each entity 70 hectares dedicated to viands and grains.

Recently, and when going magazine to the emulation by July 26 in the sector, Julio Cesar García Rodríguez, first secretary of the Party, manifested the trust of the political Address of the county in the chore of the sugar bowls, determined to occupy the high-priority place that corresponds them in the life of the county of Camagüey. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz).

To breastfeed the Cuban National Identity

By: Noel Manzanares Blanco\ Televisión Camagüey

When celebrating this October 20 the Day of the Cuban Culture - I celebrate settled down nationally as homage to the same day that in 1868, amid the fight independentist against the Spanish colonialism, patriots from Bayamo for the first time intoned the notes of the National Hymn -, I consider opportune once again to mean the paper of the Cuban National Identity (INC - or Cultural, if it is preferred this way) to face the internal threats and the provoked for the world disorder.

(I assume for Culture to the result and continuous chore of the human work in favor of the virtue against animal instincts, all that which has been bequeathed of generations in generations from remote times assisting to each historical-concrete context whose function more and more it resides in satisfying the material and spiritual necessities of people in a means that privileges harmony with the society and the nature. Their hard nucleus should be the fight for the fraternity, the dignity, the justness and the happiness of all the towns, in counter current with the degradation of our species).

To big steps, it is necessary to remember that after the fall of the socialism of Soviet court, to planetary scale rained the bets to that Cuba would be the next victim. The "logic" it indicated that, if Moscow believed in tears, how its "satellite" installed in the bigger than the Antilles will leave of you run the same luck. But, after two decades, besides becoming earthly the miracle, the Revolution in the Cuban archipelago attended a process of improvement.

Parallelly, the international relationships were coined with the term of Neoliberal Globalization among whose main characteristic not alone the Unipolarity is vs. the Multilaterality, but also the intent of implanting a homogeneity hegemonized - enlarged revitalization of the doctrine Monroe: America for the Yankees and the world Made in it USES.

That is to say that starting from the crossroad of the XX-XXI centuries, I never in the History, face a kidnapping intent the National Identities: conceptually, the process that synthesizes and characterizes to each town (for their culture, language, idiosyncrasy, auto recognize, sense of ownership...), in accordance with the values that are in game in a given historical moment (materials and spiritual), that that simultaneously is distinguished and assimilates the global thing, the universal thing (the necessary and unavoidable transculture). Cuba is inserted in it - and from the point of identidary view, such a conceptualization is applied.

(I also assume for Values - amen of the esteem for the tangible patrimony -, to the group of ideas that, at the time that allow to cohabit in the mark of the decency, contribute to the positive transformation of the society all time that conscience of them is made and, stiller, incorporate to the fellow's performance, to tenor with the demands of each specific context. In their practical expression, they evidence the utility of the virtue - in consonance with the National Hero of Cuba, José Martí).

Convenced test from the aggression to this Identities it is in the extended yanquimanía (cult to blind to any invoice of North American origin), so much more if one keeps in mind that are of companies of that nation 50% of the movies that are elaborated and they are exhibited in the world; the same percent of the satellites that arrive to all the regions of the planet; 60% of the world nets; 70% of the videos; similar percent in Internet; and near the television 80% of the serial ones.

In this thought order, it is necessary to keep in mind that the INC, according to the Cuban sage Don Fernando Ortiz, includes two fundamental nuclei: one, the cubanity, expert as the main peculiarity of the culture of Cuba; other, the cubany, assumed as the full cubanty and responsibly, felt consciously and wanted. They are elements that serve as good company.

Much more since in the perspective it is a lot to make against the voracious Neoliberal Globalization and the aggressiveness of the yank Eagle against our Green Cayman, we should always take care of the INC like to the girl of our own eyes. In consequence, constantly we must feed such values as the dignity, the patriotism, the responsibility, the humanism, the honesty, the justice, the solidarity, the industry and the honesty - faced as a system, according to perception of the Communist Party of Cuba.

With José Martí`s cosmovision , we should feed the dignity that is to say, the respect to itself and the humanity from their idea according to which the first law of our Republic must be the cult of Cuban and Cuban to the person's full dignity; the patriotism, that is to say the loyalty to the history, the homeland and the socialist Revolution, and the full disposition of defending their principles for Cuba and for the world, with their maxim that "Homeland is humanity"; and the responsibility that is the execution of the contracted commitment before itself, the family, the community and the society, and that - in accordance with the own Martí - it means that to see a duty and not to complete it is to miss the same one.

Also, with the partner's impronta Fidel Castro must assume the humanism like the love toward the human beings, and the concern for the full development of all envelope the base of the justness, with the conviction of the necessity of "to be treated and to try to the other ones as human beings"; the honesty that implies sincerity, and to achieve harmony among the thought, the speech and the action, and overalls "not to never lie neither to violate ethical principles"; and the justice, interpreted as the respect to the social equality that is expressed in that the human beings are worthy of the same rights and opportunities, without discrimination for origin differences, age, sex, social occupation, physicaldevelop , mental, cultural, color of the skin, credo and of any other nature; and with the firm purpose of "to fight for our dreams of justice for Cuba and for the world."

Also, the solidarity, expert as the comprometiment in idea and action with the well-being of the other ones in the family, the school, the labor communities, the nation and toward other countries; the industry that constitutes the maximum use of the tasks in the production or the services and other social activities that are carried out, starting from the conscience that the work is the only source of wealth, a social duty and the road for the realization of the social and personal objectives; and the honesty, reflected in the rightness and integrity in all the environments of the human existence, and in the action of living off their own work and effort.

Therefore - and ultimately -, the cardinal aspect of our Identity has an axis: to be-want-defend-enrich ours, with healthy pride of ownership and assimilating the best in the universal culture. This way - in a context signed for the international disorder in which is urgent to solve the contradiction Neoliberal Globalization vs. National Identities -, we pay to that, earlier than takes, in the world the Globalization of the Fraternity reigns.