jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

Camagüey prepares international encounter of Cities Patrimony of the Humanity

By:Eduardo Labrada Rodríguez

Hardly concluded the V Encounter of Regional History and Local sponsored by the Office of the Historian of The City of Camagüey, are ahead the programs with international attendance of the IV Symposium Challenge in the Handling and the Administration of the Cities, to make in February of next year in opportunity of the the Week of the Culture in Camagüey.

In this opportunity a pre event has been designed that in shop form, for the days 29 and 30 of January, will add the intervention of experts of Cuba, Mexico, Spain and Argentina, who will debate the handling plan and administration applied in the Historical Center of Camagüey with new ideas and experiences that allow to improve the care of this project.

There will be present Spanish specialists of the city of Toledo , belonging to the autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha, beside the river Tajo; Alcalá of Henares, city of the Castilian center, lifted in the riverbanks of the river Henares in the oriental sector of the community of Madrid and Buenos Aires, capital and the most populous city in Argentina, extended in the western riverbank of the River of the Silver. Cuba will be represented by the Humanity of City cities Patrimony Havana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Camagüey.

This important encounter, first for its characteristics in the country and sponsored by the local Government and the Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey, as well as for the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation, it is coordinated by the Dra. Lourdes Gómez Consuegra, of the Center of Studies of the Construction and the Master Teresa Pascual Wong, directress of the Plan Teacher of the OHCC.

Colateral to the IV Symposium will be carried out an exhibition in the park Agramonte on topics of urban development in our city and of the Humanity's remaining cities Cuban declared Cultural Patrimony.

While the IV Encounter of Regional and Local History now concluded, not alone left the it magnifies experience of its more than fifty works of investigations presented on topics related with the sociocultural inheritance, archaeology, built patrimony, religion and society, among other, but rather one of the most active years in the OHCC closed, because in the period the important event is framed registered in our annals; the official declaration, in February of this 2009, of the city of Camagüey like Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity, end and principle of a long process of historical investigations that it must cease.

Students of half teaching prepare in Camagüey their provincial assembly

The students of the Secondary education (FEEM) in Camagüey enroll to celebrate the Provincial Assembly the next one November 13, after the conclusion of the encounters in the brigades and at municipality level.

The appointment will have as headquarters Computer Science Polytechnic Institute Máximo Gómez Báez, where will sesion five work commissions that, among other topics, will analyze the operation of the organization and the linking study - work.

It will also be debated about the youth's commitment with the defense of the homeland, international relationships, culture, recreation and sport and will be chosen to the new secretariat of the Federation of Students of the Secondary education in the territory of Camagüey.

In the Provincial Assembly of the FEEM, foreseen for November 13, they will participate young of all the municipalities that will represent to those more than 23 thousand integral with which in these moments bill the organization in Camagüey. (Yamylé Fernández)

Popular Camping: a good option

The Popular Camping constitutes a healthy and recreational option for the enjoyment of the family of Camagüey, the best pretext to find in the nature a rest to the daily occupations.

That program possesses in Camagüey, six facilities, all have the common objective of the kindness that offer those natural atmospheres taking advantage.

As Yaniuska Reinoso Padrón specified, commercial specialist of the group of Recreation of Camping, the population has the possibility to reserve for those destinations.

Elsa Fernández Arbella, executive of the lodging service highlighted that the zeal of making more pleasing the stay in the facilities, to thousands of excursionists , today is translated in bigger comfort and variety of the offers.

This year one has worked in the improvement of the Bases of Camping, which have areas of dances, cabins again type and an increment in the offers of foods and recreational means.

The Popular Camping in Camagüey, is a proposal that somehow it evokes the aboriginal culture, that that preceded us with peasants guano houses and wood that opened the way to the modernity, to stimulate the search of the most authentic thing of our traditions. (Alex López Almaguer)