miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2010

Cuban Minister inaugurates mixed hotel in China

Manuel Marrero, Cuban minister of Tourism, inaugurated today in Beijing, the Great hotel Meliá Shanghai, which qualified as a symbol of the friendship between Cuba and China.

Marrero emphasized the importance of the one referred mixed project for the development of the bilateral collaboration, and expressed that the materialization of this dream, in spite of the big obstacles, is due to the effort of the partners and of both governments, reports Latin Press.

He pointed out that the inauguration of the work contributes to the invigoration of the work bonds between SUNTIME and Cubanacán, companies owners of the installation that already concentrate on its next objective: to begin the construction of a hotel, with similar characteristic, in Havana.

The Secretary eulogized the stateliness, the aesthetic complexity, and the quality of the services and facilities that Great Meliá offers Shanghai, that which is been of the zeal of many professionals and of the application of the ancestral theories of the feng shui, of great Chinese transcendency.

He also referred the customs and rich culture of the Asian nation, blended with the Spaniard and the authentic Cuban flavor, as some of the sensations that the visitors will enjoy in this hotel five deluxe stars, with 686 rooms, which classifies among one of the best of its type.

Marrero thanked the back of local authorities, the group CITIC, the Banks of Shanghai and EXIMBANK, the chain Spanish Sun Meliá, of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, and the president Raúl Castro.

The ceremony had the presence of the Chinese government's officials, representatives of the diplomatic body of Spain, Cuba and other Latin American countries, credited in China, and the presidents of the Group Sun Meliá, SUNTIME and Cubanacán.

Better indexes of estomatologic attention in Camagüey

The estomatologic services are lent from a gratuitous way to all the Cubans.

This county experienced in the 2009 a growth in the effectiveness of the estomatologic services that allowed it to fulfill the established parameters at national level, in spite of the impacts of the world crisis in the Cuban economy and the worsening of the blockade that United States maintains to the Island.

Gustavo Ferrer Rangel, vicedirector of Medical Attendance in the territory of Camagüey, said that there was an increment in 14,5% of the consultations carried out with regard to the 2008, for what had the qualified human material and the necessary technique.

Ferrer Rangel also informed on the opening in the beginnings of this year of the Clinical Estomatologic Center, in the capital city and another in the municipality of Guáimaro; at the time that those essential services were enabled in the Policlinic Joaquín de Agüero also in the provincial head -, and other for the prothesis attendance in the Psychiatric Hospital René Vallejo, with those that benefit at the moment more than forty thousand inhabitants from Camagüey that no longer have to go to far away places to receive specialized attention.

The estomatologic services are lent from a gratuitous way to the Cuban population and the nations to which the country offers help medical internationalist.

Different situations are appreciated in nations developed as Spain, United States, Israel, Portugal, in those that a consultation with a specialist can have a price above the a hundred dollars. (Wilder Medina Morfa)

Companies of Camagüey with significant contributions to the economy of the country

The companies of the Basic Industry in this county pay significant contributions to the Cuban economy, starting from the growth of the mercantile production, the substitution of imports and new offers in the international market.

Head the list of the most outstanding the Company of Fertilizers Revolution of October, of the municipality of Nuevitas; the Factory of Infinite Tails, located in the provincial head and pneumatic recapador Horacio Cobiellas, also in the city of Camagüey.

The labor movement of the "Revolution of October", goes to the vanguard with the execution of the production and commercialization of fertilizers dedicated to the Agriculture and several sugar companies of the whole country.

Another of the best taxpayers to the economy of Camagüey is the community of Industrial Gases, prop of the works of the Battle of Ideas and in the elaboration of medicinal oxygen, at the same time that it manufactures valves, pieces and accessories for similar centers of the country, and the Electric Basic Organization, starting from the consolidation of the program of rehabilitation of nets, the elimination of areas of low voltage and the creation of new generating sources above the 100 megawats-hour. (Alex López Almaguer)

A lady with 496 years

By: Aymee Amargós / Television Camagüey

The city of Camagüey, locks in its streets and properties the 496 year-old history and the peculiarities of being called by residents and visitors "The city of the earthenjars."

The village of Puerto Príncipe from its birth began to knit a history that is already 496 years old. To write today on my city with the charms and misfortunes, it is good to continue discovering it.

The certain thing is those that we live in it and those that remain far maintain that pride to be of Camagüey.

Arisen in 1514, Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe, shows a mixture of modernism and tradition at the present time. An environment where the new constructions are interrelated with those historical attractiveness that offer personality to the city.

According to references, the village arose on February 2 beside the Bay of Nuevitas. Then it was moved inland and settled definitively among the rivers Tínima and Hatibonico.

Its capricious, labyrinthine streets are articulated in the historical center, declared Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity.

The village was born of the mud. With mud the earthenjars that adorn houses were modeled , gardens, parks and contribute a distinction touch that remember the colonial time.

The squares are among its more significant places, the churches, the country casino and other places that show the magic of a city of legends.

The architectural goods that it stores have been conserved somehow by several generations. The urbanistics inheritances last, the history, the features that distinguish us and the worth of its people.

In perfect harmony are united charms and mysteries. For that reason maybe is difficult to understand to the district.