viernes, 23 de octubre de 2009

Coffee City for testing the tradition

By:Yanetsy León González

With the sign of Coffee City a property of the XIX century reopened its doors in Camagüey, to continue preserving traditions of the most authentic thing of the Cuban popular culture, in a central corner of the Humanity's area proclaimed Cultural Patrimony.

Set with gigantographies taken for around a century, the installation will prepare 8 varieties of coffee at the moment, although has 103 recipes, besides the additional offer.

The rite of the brown mambí at 6:00 o'clock p.m. will be the biggest attractiveness in the house to consist on a public preparation, with the method to the usage of the rural areas. The grains brought from the oriental region of the country, are crushed in the pylon, are blended with boiled water and honey, filtered by the strainer, it is the clever infusion to take in pitcher of enameled aluminum and to test with pieces of cheese.

Coffee City is open every day from 10:00 o'clock a.m. to 10:00 o'clock p.m.

The wooden instrument that will be used in the Brown City, well-known as pylon, composed by a base of the mango tree and the hand of pepper, it was donated by the Office of the Conservative of the City of Santiago from Cuba like sample of their brotherhood with its homologous of Camagüey, the architect indicated Yadira Pérez, specialist.

The revenues of the Brown City, collected by the Comercializer Company Santa María, like part of the system of self-financings of the OHCC, will be employees in the architectural projects of the city, fundamentally in the Humanity's 54 hectares proclaimed Cultural Patrimony, the manager José Argudín assured.

The XIX century it transcended as the “century of the coffee” and historically has by excellence been the East of Cuba the region producer of that matter prevails of the popular black nectar.

About the remodeling the work boss, Julio Cesar González Quiala, shared his satisfaction for the result after 7 months of work that had the biggest accidents in the restitution on behalf of the roof, the change of the roof and the discovery of the flagstones of mud of the floor.

This instrument wooden called pylon is used in the rural areas of the East of Cuba it leaves to crush the grains of coffee

Located in one of the lateral of the Park Agramonte, last Square bigger than the current city and next to the old City council, the property belonged to personalities with social hierarchy in Puerto Príncipe and in the XX century it was leased with lodging function with the name of Hotel England that welcomed commercial establishments, of coffee, tavern, tobaccos, and other trinkets.

Inaugurates Fernando Alonso, theater for the artistic teaching in Camagüey.

A new theater for the artistic teaching was inaugurated in Camagüey. To the opening attended the National Prize of dance Fernando Alonso, Julio Cesar García First secretary of the Party in the county, and Jesus García Collazo president of the Popular Power.

By: Aymee Amargós \Televisión Camagüey

The theater in Camagüey a space has been won that distinguishes it. Now a new room Vicentina de la Torre opens up in the Academy of the arts, dedicated fundamentally to the artistic teaching and presentations for the population. The institution has a capacity for more than 200 people.

The provincial director of the sectoral of culture in Camagüey, Salvador Tejón specifies place it will be used for rehearsals and presentations of the educational, though it will also welcome important events of the territory like the national festival of theater, the Olorum or the film critic's national workshop, among other."

The promoter of the idea of building the theatrical installation was the teacher Fernando Alonso. The national Prize of dance was honored bin the opening.

"A theater without functions doesn't live, for that reason it is necessary that they use it, he added when intervening in the inaugural ceremony."

"I am very happy, I also feel from Camagüey and I remember with a lot of satisfaction my 18 years to the front of the Ballet of Camagüey."

"I complete in December 95 years, however I maintain energy to continue teaching."

On the other hand, the investor of the work Elides Zamada Guerra argues.

"The cost of the work overcomes the million of pesos. In the construction participated several companies of the territory, although the main merit was for the Complex Agroindustrial Argentinean of Florida next to the support of COPEXTEL who assumed the installation of the technical equipment."

With excellent constructive, environmental conditions and of systems of audio and shine, the work is it considers the best of its type in the county.

Grateful artists of Camagüey pieces and of students of the academy of the arts Vicentina de la Torre, adorns the place. It is a new cultural space that will enrich the spirituality.

In Camagüey, San José Ranch: a sure refuge

By: Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez

To pass over the cover of the Ranch San José, in the municipality of Sibanicú, yumbils of all the colors and herdsmen of good grass, welcome next to real turkeys, iguanas, doves, quails, and until the antelope Carola that reaffirm the arrival to a sure refuge.

Immediately Eduardo Garaboa Álvarez`s hand, Lalito for all, extends and explains to him that have arrived to a place dedicated to the protection of the flora and the fauna, where reproduces the genetic bottom of horses and multiplies the asnar, to obtain mules.

When arriving to the blocks, Lalito teaches proud as each montero assists its patio of mares, each one of a different color, pride of the Ranch, the same as its sires Patibarcins, Creole Quarter Horse and Arabic, those in charge of a good reproduction to obtain animals of pure race.

The Ranch San José specializes in the breeding of the race Patibarcin, intelligent, energetic and special horse for the work of the cattle raising, of those that count with more than 50 animals, among them 20 mares for the reproduction, but also have other racial equine,among them more than 200 mestize mares, dedicated to breeding.

As politics to maintain the genetic bottom, in this type of ranches, keep the females and the males send them to other dependences.

As for the livestock asnar, Lalito explains that the demands of the Plan Turquino in the mountains of the country is high, for it, in the Ranch San José assumed the obtaining of mules, starting from the crossing of the mare and the donkey, to be animal resistant for the work in those places. Today they count with more than 500 donkeys, and are considered the unit of bigger quantity of these copies.

During our visit, 50 mares were pregnant and continue the reproduction to fulfill the order that were made Lalito and their near 200 workers live proud of their ranch, where also have bovine livestock, ram, rabbits and already prepared conditions to recapture the breeding of birds, the one that a lot were affected when the hurricane Ike.

And because their mission is the one of improving the breeding of horses genetically, all, print its biggest efforts in the attention to those animals, it not stops in a future very distant, when it is spoken of the Race Patibarcin, it is known that its best copies left the Ranch San José, in the municipality of Sibanicú, because that it is sure refuge for the Flora protection and the Cuban Fauna.

In Camagüey will implement new modality of transport

With the objective of to preserve the technical state and to speed up the service of the metrobuses and the bus biarticulates, starting from November 1st. the service will settle down of Expressed in the routes 19, 112 and 124 of the capital of Camagüey.

The new modality enlarges the distance among the stops to a kilometer and up to thousand 500metros and will only be applied to the teams denominated by the population like “Camels” and the biarticulated buses, the other state means of transport will stay with its habitual route.

This initiative that pursues the purpose of protecting the cars that are used more efficiently and that have less breaks, it will only be to the metrobuses and the biarticulated of 19 o'clock that goes from the Model allotment to the Lenin; the 112, of the own Model until kilo SEVEN and the 124, also of the Pattern to the Psychiatric Hospital.

Rubén Brito Guevara, boss of the Department of Urban Transport of the capital of Camagüey, highlighted that to application of the service of Express will contribute to the efficiency in the use of those big teams and to the increase of the number of trips newspapers. (Pablo Cabero Viamontes)

Camagüey continues with good step

By: Luisa Fernanda / Television Camagüey

The weekend the people of Camagüey continued their good step in the Tournament of Ascent of the Cuban basketball for men and the special for ladies, in their confrontations before the selections of Villa Clara.

In the day of Friday the women fell with slate of 89 for 87 and 59 cardboards were imposed by 54 in the saturday afternoon .

As long as the tigers demonstrated their fierceness on the court and they treated even of defeats to their rivals with scorekeepers of 104 for 84 and 93 for 73.

The women involved in this combat that was not made with these characteristics during several years, as for number of teams in it fights, will thoroughly have to be used and to have the most experienced to be located finally in a significant place in the chart of positions.

On the other hand the men already have the experience of previous campaigns and the incentive of the won brass the previous edition in the Superior League.

In next days they return to their habitual court of the Palacio of the Sports Rafael Fortún and there, their many followers, will be able to live the emotions of this sport show closely.

University students to the sport courts

By: Luisa Fernanda / Televisión Camagüey

The IX National Universiade, will give beginning in Camagüey the next October 26 and its closing date will be on November 1st.

To this party of the university sport will converge more than 300 participants involved in four sports: baseball, football, judo and karate.

This week of competitions will serve from colophon to the preparation and the previous events carried out in each center.

The teams are integrated, in almost their entirety, for students athletes of the Universities of the Cuban sport and in a smaller number for those that course studies in the Institutes of Medical Sciences and other specialties.

One has worked with a lot of perseverance to condition the headquarters of competitions, in the fundamental thing, the Palacio of the Sports Rafael Fortún that will reopen their recovered doors of the affectations caused by the meteorological phenomenon of last year, the hurricane IKE.

This famous installation of the people of Camagüey will be scenary for the judo and the karate as long as the baseball is foreseen is played in the lands of the School Sport Initiation (EIDE)Cerro Pelado and some municipalities bordering, although it is not discarded that in the stadium “Cándido González”, made the crash for the medal of gold.

The futsal, with grateful quality among the practitioners of the discharges houses of studies, will be in the court of the ability of Medical Sciences.

The event of which will be able to enjoy starting from November 1st. the people of Camagüey, will allow to take a look to the preparation heading for the Games Central American University students in Republic of the Dominican Republic in June 2010.