lunes, 4 de enero de 2010

Camagüey elaborated three thousand tons of cheese in 2009

By:Lucilo Tejera Díaz

The milky industry in the county of Camagüey, one of the more important manufacturers items of the region, elaborated in 2009 around three thousand tons of cheese.

That level of production meant saving for the Cuban economy for the concept of avoiding to care the food for the domestic necessities, mainly the supply to the tourism and the gastronomy.

The company Milky Products Camagüey, top in the country in this line, highlights in the obtaining of varieties like Patagrás, Goula, Blanco, hard and semi hard , of grateful preference, achieved mostly in the industries cheesemakers Sibanicú and The Cow.

As informed the entity, in the 2009 were carried out some improvements in the prosecution areas to elevate the quality of the product and its storage.

In the last years Cuba increased sustaintly this item of four thousand 400 tons in 1998 at 15 thousand 700 in 2008, in accordance with data of the National Office of Statistical.

The weight of the industry of the cheese in Camagüey is based on the cow milk, of which the region is the main producer of Cuba, with more than 90 million liters marketed in the 2009 by the dairies with those plants.

Population of Camagüey ages but with quality of life

The county of Camagüey is the sixth more aged territory of Cuba, where the hope of life when being born is near to the 80 years for the women and of 76 for the men.

To tenor with that panorama the Government in the county follows a program dedicated to improvements and creation of facilities for people of the third age closely, many of them activate laborly, and other contributers of ideas and experiences in different professionals disciplines.

The University of the biggest Adult stands out in that zeal, a highly valuable resource in the region of Camagüey, maxime when it is considered that one native of each four will surpass the 60 years in the 2025.

The old men represent more than 16 percent of the population from Camagüey and receive a community surveillance in all their forms, favored with 21 Houses of Grandparents, and 12 homes of old men, with home service by day. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)

Cattle men of Camagüey for superiors deliveries in the 2010

To produce 118 million liters of milk and of them sold to the State about 107, it is purpose of the cowboys of Camagüey in the year that newly begins, what says from the tribute to the programs of the Revolution.

That tribute, responds to the birdcall of the Direction of the country to substitute imports, and allows to maintain programs of delivery of the food, at the same time that guide the people of Camagüey for paths to enlarge the distribution.

Such purposes sustain another time the biggest contribution in the cooperative and rural sector that is added what is extracted of the nascent suburban agriculture, without stopping to keep in mind the growing acting of the state entities.

During last year the cattlemen of Camagüey produced 109 million liters of milk, 94 of them sold to the State that demanded a consequent work in the industry and the transport of the Milky Company. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)

Fidel Castro in Camagüey

By: Noel Manzanares Blanco / Televisión Camagüey

When being turned 51 years of Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz`s first presence in Camagüey once conquered the political power, to big strides will celebrate that lived by this town the momentous January 4, 1959,and even more.

Above all, I think that the masses of Camagüey - settled down in the prestige acquired by the Rebellious Army -glimpsed what approached after the victory of the Revolution, reason for which showed its joy. Particularly, it showed to the fourth day of the victory against the dictatorship pro yank , during the traffic for the county of the Caravan of the Freedom that the national territory traveled.

Remembering the historical event, the partner Fidel expressed:

"[...] there is a question of spontaneous sympathy on the part of the town of Camagüey, because that was demonstrated to our arrival when the victory of the Revolution, was demonstrated inthe act that was given here. Camagüey is not of the counties that have more inhabitants [...], however, the public act that was given in Camagüey was a gigantic act [...] ".

That day, after finishing details with the Provincial Address of the Revolutionary Movement of July 26 about the prevailing situation, the Commandant in Boss went personally and live to women and men of Camagüey , manifesting among other things:

"Seven years of tyranny have taught a lot to our town, seven years of tyranny have become trained mainly that our freedoms are never able to more to lose them again [...]. The freedom is not everything. The freedom is the first part, the freedom to begin to be entitled the to fight [...]

And followed act, specified: "Homeland not only means a place where one can speak and to walk without be killed. Homeland is the place where one can work and to win the sustenance honestly [...]. Homeland is the place where doesn't exploit the citizens, because if exploits the citizen, if are removed what belongs , if are stolen what has, it is not Homeland [...] ".

This way, the maximum leader of the Revolution left inheritors and heirs of Agramonte * the indication of assuming the ulterior changes of the society like the beginning of the coronation of the begun fight October 10,1868, whose evidence had to traffic to transform into synonym the concepts of freedom, of Homeland and of non exploitation.

In correspondence, in a natural way and every bigger time has been our accompaniment to Fidel, from the support to the measures and laws that were implanted starting from 1959 until the learning of its teachings contained in its journalistic offensive. And will be this way always, if day by day we build in Camagüey - and in all Cuba - a better work.

Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz, born in this territory on December 23, 1841, is one of the main figures of the Revolution that begin in 1868 who was immolated in Jimaguayú, Camagüey, May 11, 1873. Its print in people of Camagüey is reflected in the fact of being that is the only inhabitants of Cuba that it is identified with the gentile of a great countryman, to know women and men of Camagüey.