lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2009

Beyond the time?

By:Ernesto Pantaleón Medina \Televisión Camagüey

Concluded the summit of Coppenhage, without some glory , but yes with many hardships and abundant noise, and not in fact the mediatic racket that accustom to arm the powerful ones to mask their slips (goes, what the Cubans call dirty cloths")

The scandal was real, in the streets, they could not silence neither the big means, and promoted it demonstrators' thousands, worried by the galloping climatic change and the absolute indifference of the rich countries, in fact those that more has, more contaminates and fewer protect.

Some thinkers had already noticed it, among them Fidel. Anything good would be necessary to wait where poor nations and operating nations converge, those that feel above the good and of the wrong.

The maneuver that concluded the meeting came: a group of the elects", supposed leaders, decided to backs of the towns, to adopt agreements without consent, but to the measure of their interests.

And as those rains brought these muds, the provocation, the insult, motivated an alluvium of answers, headed by the ALBA, with Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba like vanguards of the dignity.

They weighed the exposed realities in each speech along the unsuccessful summit, the arguments of Chávez and Evo that exalted to the auditory for the objective ones; fell as a blow the Cuban chancellor's answer before a spurious document to which qualified of " little paper."

But it weighed even more and will weigh during a lot of time in the brain of millions of people, the image of a woman, the representative from Venezuela, with the blazing eyes for the anger before the insult, and the skillful one marked with drops of blood, like a slap in the middle of face of the iniquity, the indolence and the lie.

Are clear the warnings, and don't think the powerful that are beyond the life and of the death, like believe to surpass the limits of the good and the bad.

To them it will also reach them the end of the times, if they don't listen the call of the reason.
Maybe, in a term more or less brief there won't be history that judges them, because there would not be humanity, but today all the indexes point out them accusatory, and in millions of hearts in the five continents, it is very clear who are the culprits, because the present yes condenate them.

Innovation and knowledge in the ALBA

By:Noel Manzanares Blanco

The VIII Summit of the Alliance Bolivarian for the Towns of Our America-treaty of Trade of the Towns (ALBA-TCP) that sesioned in Havana by the middle of this December, afirm that yes are possible the innovation and the knowledge in favor of the majorities.

In fact, the first day of December, in Estoril, Portugal, concluded the Ibero-American XIX Summit on the topic "Innovation and Knowledge".

The document, denominated Declaration of Lisbon, emanated of it, recognized its importance to eradicate the poverty and to improve the health of the towns.

Nevertheless, this Declaration, in its agreement 27, pleads for the substantial increment of capital of the Interamerican Bank of Development (IDB) and of the World Bank (BM), to assure that have enough resources for the financing for the development. There the problem resides.

How to aspire to that the innovation and the knowledge contribute to the human improvement starting from banks that are responsible for the international financial disorder?

Another qualitatively different offer is in the group ALBA-TCP. The agreements of the Final Declaration of its VIII Summit, demonstrate this way.

For example, were approved the Plans of Action of political educational and strategic for the Grannacional Project ALBA-education that contemplate the characteristics, principles, purposes and contents defined in precedent agreements.

Also, to extend in a systematic way the educational services in the countries members until reaching the total covering, in order to guarantee the access to the universal primary education, and to advance in the access to the secondary.

Another purpose is to constitute the Net of Science, Technology and Innovation that facilitates to foment capacities for the generation and transfer of knowledge and technologies in key sectors for the sustainable socioeconomic development.

It has remembered to promote projects directed to achieve that the knowledge becomes new products and services that are used in a combined way, among the countries of the ALBA-TCP.

Also, to strengthen the coordination and agreement of political in the sphere of the technological sovereignty, as well as the concretion of actions that gradually facilitate the access of the populations in the countries members from the Alliance to the services of telecommunications.

Without place to doubts, the emanated actions of the VIII Summit ALBA-TCP announce the employment of the innovation and the knowledge in function of the towns.

Teachers, as the same life

By:Dayana Cardona González

For all us the teachers, are, next to our parents, most important people, especially during the life of students in the one that play a paper of first order with their support and guide so that in the future we are useful people to our society, in any profession that we assume.

I don't know, neither I have heard speak from a teacher that is not willing to teach to any person that needs it, although it stops that they have to leave far from their relatives, without caring them to face difficulties that by the way are many those that happen.

If there is some boy that cannot attend the school for some physical limitation, the teachers go to their house to impart them the classes, because that boy is entitled the same that the other ones, even for those that have other affectations like the deaf ones and the blind ones, specialists of towering level that impart classes in specialized centers exist.

In the hospitals, when the time of the children's stay is lingering, classrooms where the teachers maintain the upgrade of the study programs and in spite of its illness, the children receive, besides the necessary instruction , a lot of love, affection and understanding, and once reestablished, when they return to their schools, there are not differences with their habitual partners.

Thanks to our revolutionary Government all the youths, and those that are not so much that detached of the educational system in the established time for certain reasons, also have the fortune of being able to study, even without paying the Cuban education then it is gratuitous, and unique thing in the world, during the last seven years, to study has been here an employment form, by means of which boys' thousands study preuniversitary level and study university careers, receiving for it a wage.

Then, when we meditate a little on the paper of the teachers in our lives, and the immensity of the educational work erected with their unquestionable list, we feel how from the deepest thing is born a new form of the love, maybe as old as the same life: that one that confirms us in our revolutionary convictions.