miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2009

Camagüey fishes more

By:Ernesto Pantaleón Medina

According to the experts, one in the cheapest ways of obtaining of protein of animal origin is the fishing of fresh water that the Cubans have given in calling Acuiculture, and that contributes thousands of tons annually, so much stops the population's food like to export, since the fish meat has great demand in numerous countries.

In the county of Camagüey, the most productive reservoir in the country, the prey Jimaguayú is located, with more than 200 million cubic meters of capacity, volume that transforms it into one of the biggest acuatories in the island.

The capture program for the year in this fishing unit ascended l 260 tons, calculates that its 94 workers reached last weekend, and that it is equal to almost 30% of the total foreseen for the county in the current one 2009.

Although still distan much of equaling their figure record (4 l98 tons) that dates of1997, it is meritorious the balance of January to the date in Jimaguayú, since the installation suffered severe damages for the hurricanes of September and November of the 2008.

During months, the collective simultaneó the fishing tasks with the constructive ones, Laiglert refers Yordis, the secretary of the Union of Communist Youths in the center, and adds that already recovered the roofs of the housings, the dining room and the main ship of reception of the fish, at the same time that superior conditions were created for the lodging and the attention to the workers.

In fact the improvements in that sense, rebound in a direct way in the productive results, Gustavo Álvarez relates, one of the most experienced fishermen who remembers that some years ago lived in ranches with wooden walls and palm roof, without conditioners of air and the fans with which they count at the present time that allow them to rest after the exhausting days among the water, whipped by the plague of mosquitos.

"It is difficult this work - Aryan Lázaro tells us, one of the most outstanding in the capture of fish-but we know how to overcome to the exhaustion, to the cold and the rain that affect us in many occasions, because the important thing is to produce food, and we are stimulated by a correct salary politics and for the best conditions of life."

In these moments the 4 groups in that the labor force of Jimaguayú is divided, insist in a special commitment of 300 tons extra, what would allow them to grow in some a hundred tons in connection with the real of the precedent year.

The program of the Acuiculture in the county of Camagüey for the current one 2009 are of 4 380 tons, of which have surrendered until today some 4 200.

Accelerate wooden extraction of forest area of Camagüey

Dozens of forest workers of several Cuban counties accelerate the wooden extraction of the solid boscos of the Plateau of San Felipe-the Joberos, to the northwest of this city, scenary of three fires in the year.

The catastrophes happened in March and in April that lasted on the whole 12 days, damaged more than 160 thousand cubic meters of trees of coniferous, eucalyptus and other species.

According to the last edition of the newspaper which circulates in the county of Camagüey, was recovered Ahead, already almost 38 thousand cubic meters.

Besides the local, the forest ones that intervene in the task come from Spíritus Sancti, Villa Clara, Granma, Holguín, The Tunas and Ciego de Ávila, and the wood send it to these territories for the rehabilitation of housings or to economic objectives.

The damage for the catastrophes comes closer to the 39 million pesos, mainly in resources lumbermen, without including the punishment to the floor and the wild fauna, in accordance with the valuation of the Provincial Group for the Evaluations of Environmental Impacts, organized by the Council of Defense in the territory.

At the same time that recovers the wood, one works in the regeneration of the affected areas and in the seed of postures already concluded in 100 hectares, so much of wooden species as of fruit-bearing.

The solid of San Felipe-the Joberos began to be fomented in 1962, and in the years 80 ' of last century ended up being some of the most important reservations of coniferous of Cuba, but the fires, the insufficient seed, cultural attention and maintenance degraded the area considerably.

Nelson Figueroa, boss of the Forest State Service in Camagüey, told the AIN that is necessary a program intense silvícole that requires from national support to the reforestation, with preparation of appropriate earth, it forces of work and technology to achieve forests of productive interest.

The Provincial Group for the Evaluations of Environmental Impacts considered that in that solid one forest there are conditions for the reappearance of fires in the dry station.

Artistic group Mararaguán will be presented in international congress of folkloric festivals in the capital of the country

The Artistic group Maraguán, of the University of Camagüey will be presented in the international congress of folkloric festivals that will take place in the capital of the country. . Emblem of the movement of artists fond of the Federation Student University student the cast was founded in 1981 and has been presented in 14 nations.

By: Aymee Amargós\Televisión Camagüey

Through the music and the dance the group artistic maraguán marks its style in the charts.

The community, belonging to the University of Camagüey, will be presented in the International congress of folkloric Festivals, in the capital of the country, with the show CUBAN SUITE. A summary that picks up folkloric roots with Haitian influences, Jamaicans, peasants and popular.

Before leaving to City of the Havana, the artistic group showed its work to the public of Camagüey in the main Theater.

Recently the community returned of a tour for Europe, where about 130 thousand spectators enjoyed its way of dancing and of enjoying the music.

It acted in a programming of more than 50 days in non competitive events in Spain and Portugal.

The itinerary included the also initial visits of the interpreters geographically to African territory , in the Hispanic possession of the archipelago of Canaries, in the western Atlantic.

The company shared functions with delegations of countries of America, Europe, África and Asia, and was invited to converge in the 2010 to cultural encounters in Chile, Spain and Portugal.

The group has obtained Medals of Silver and of Gold in the Festival of Dijon, in France, one of the most noted of the world as regards recreation of the folklore. Its managing Fernando Medrano became the first originating of America in being sworn of this competition.

The artistic group maraguán is reason of pride for the local culture and of the country it is a community that.It maintains a continuous one and solid work and has known how to diffuse the popular and contemporary traditions in diverse scenarios of the world.