martes, 23 de marzo de 2010

Apply in Camagüey successful surgical proceed to treat the hidrocefaly

This to proceed surgical allows to save resources, time, medications for the postoperative one and to reduce the index of complications.

A positive recovery the five patients register tried by affections of the central nervous system by means of the surgery of minimum access with aid of the video, in the pediatric hospital "Eduardo Agramonte Piña", of this city.

Applied against the hidrocefaly, the interventions correspond to a technology of advanced of neurosurgery, very expensive and characteristic of highly developed countries.

Yaima Torres Sanabria, the most recent of those operated up to 22 of the current month, already received the high of the hospital.

The doctor Isael Olazábal, boss of the surgical community, specified that the procedure has been used in patient with ages from the four months until the 15 years.

Olazábal underlined the case of Elianis Samón, operated to the four months of life.

The hidrocefaly can cause the death and causes, among other anomalies, migraines, vomits, dysfunctions of the conscience, difficulties to eat; and in the childhood, a disproportionate increase of the size of the head.

That illness is potentially an increment serious of the volume of the cefalorraquídeo liquid inside the ventricles of the brain.

The referred operative method substitutes to the conventional one to annul the affection, and it appeals to a device that contains the instrumental of surgery and the video microcamera and a source of light to visualize the images in a monitor.

The reduction of the risks and of the time of convalescence figure among the advantages of the employment of the minimum access with the support of the video, effective in Camagüey in spheres like the neurosurgery, orthopedics, general surgery and gastroenterology. (Adolfo Silva Silva / AIN).

To conclude in Camagüey process of candidates' nomination

The nomination of 60 percent of the current delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of the Popular Power, evidences the trust of the town in the administration of their representatives in each demarcation of this county of Camagüey.

To the closing of the information of this Monday most of the territories of Camagüey concluded in the fundamental thing, only lack to finish the territory of Santa Cruz del Sur that will close the process in the county, when makes tonight its last assembly.

In comparison with the previous process, the postulation of women, young and black it is superior, selection that reflects the merit, the capacity and the virtue of people that are distinguished in the community.

Iris Jiménez Valero vice-president of the Provincial Electoral Commission in Camagüey, said that March 28, the pictures and the biographies will be published of those nominated and the list of voters will be exposed in public places.

It would work added that in the current process, the candidates will exchange in the community, similar process to which is carried out with the delegates to the provincial Assembly and Deputies to the Cuban Parliament. (María Irene Maxan de la Celda)