martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

Cederist vitality in donating of Camagüey

Camagüey - In greeting to the fifty anniversary of the biggest organization in masses of the country, the cederists of Camagüey developed a special day of donations of blood in centers of the Public Health in the provincial capital.

Hundred thirty four arms impelled the asset cederist movement . “I came for the exhortation of my CDR and because this blood that I give can save the life to any other Cuban” affirmed Elsa Iris Pelegrín Matos, neighbor of the allotment Garden who carried out the past 16 and to the forty six years her first donation.

The Committee of Defense of the Revolution in Camagüey, for little more than one year, cross for an intense organizational reorder and the education of the cederists to carry out the donations stands out among the carried out tasks. Yunior Ulloa González, donating national vanguard and boss of the posse of donors of blood “Manuel Ascunce Domenech” he explains that the visits foreseen to hemofilic patient and educational chats in the neighborhoods have helped in the incorporation of donors and in the best execution in the deliveries of the vital liquid.

Nevertheless to the efforts difficulties that ballast the efficiency of the municipality head where belong more than forty percent of the cederists of the county exist still. Cecilia Liriam Wambrugt, member of the secretariat of economy and service of the municipal address of the CDR in Camagüey, affirm that the incongruities in the administrations for the transport, technical personnel's of Public Health shortage and, sometimes, the lack of available arms is the checks of Achilles in the execution of the planned donations. Cecilia highlighted that in every remaining day of September different clinics of the family will continue the reception of blood. (Rogelio Serrano Pérez)

Antolín, a Pigeon that always returns

By : Luis Enrique Perdomo Silva / Television Camagüey

Maybe doesn't have Leopoldo Fernández `s talent , Bernabé, Chaflán or Cantinflas, but Ángel García knows, as them, to be won the applause and the public's admiration.

Since Alberto Luberta baptized him, in the portal of Radio Progress, as “Antolín, the Pigeon” this peasant of Manacas has known how to drink of the Cuban sap and he demonstrated in the Square May First, of Vertientes, in Camagüey.

“Greetings to the whole people of Vertientes, four years ago he didn't come here and I bring them a transparent, very Cuban humor”, Antolín said that thanked the comments around his program “I don't want cry”, a television show that was transmitted in the summer and that will be again in the grill of programming of next year.

“It is a program of three hours that we are preparing for the year end, with exit to the air from 12:00 to 3:00 of the dawn. This agreement with National Television also includes ten programs more than I don't want cry for the summer 2011”

Without “aguaje”

Argelio García, Chaflán, was in fact who made an audition to Ángel García in the Santa Clara of final of the years 80. To this and other big of the Cuban scene the peasant of Manacas has them a lot of respect.

In the square of Vertientes he didn't stop to remember that ritual of saying a half lie fifty-fifty with the on hat and a truth without the hat, such and like madeChaflán in his times.

We know that Antolín already has a self-esteem consolidated that is sustained in having worked with big of the Cuban humor. Which is the formula?

“It is necessary to work a lot. It is a resistance career. I already take more than two decades. I am stimulated with this country, people love me and I cannot defraud them. It is necessary to go ahead.

The humorist began his show summoning a group of children, with which he sang his success “With half weight” and in the twilights he used for the first time the guaracha “he Has to have of everything”, of Tony Ávila, topic of a new television proposal.

“He looks like the Square is. Without any type of ´aguaje´ there are orchestras that don't fill spaces like this”, the humorist assured, minutes before moving for the Popular Parties of Sibanicú, and to leave to the people of Vertientes the certainty that Antolín is a Pigeon that always returns.

Better generation conditions in thermoelectric of Camagüey

Camagüey - Better generation conditions exhibit the thermoelectric “October Ten”, in the northern municipality of Nuevitas, after concluding the maintenance recently to the unit number four of that plant, what has allowed to contribute 120 megawatts to the National Electroenergetic System .

This way informed the engineer Néstor Siré Monteagudo, technical director in this entity who added that in these moments are carried out works in the block three, with the objective of incorporating other 60 megawatts.

The directive pointed out, also, in incoming October the renovation works will begin in the unit number five, which will extend until next year.

Even to the modernization of the different areas of the thermoelectric “October Ten”, of Nuevitas, actions are attacked to save fuel and water. (Yamylé Fernández Rodríguez)

Increases in Camagüey permanency of international tourism

The Havana-The county of Camagüey, to 550 kilometers of Havana, was that of bigger growth of the quantity of days of foreign tourists' stay in Cuba during the first semester of 2010.

According to the publication Tourism, indicators for territories, of the National Office of Statistical (ONE), the permanency of the strange vacationers in this territory increased by 22 percent, of January to June of the present year.

In the second and third positions, according to this indicator, the county of Santiago de Cuba and the special municipality of Island of the Youth are located, with 13 six percent of growth, respectively.

The destination of Camagüey offers a tourist product of great singularity, integrated by 25 percent of the beaches of Cuba, included Santa Lucía, with excellent conditions for the diving and the sport fishing.

Equally conjugates its natural kindness with attractive citizen, as the historical center of its provincial capital, with near 500 years of having been founded and declared Patrimony of the Humanity for the Organization of the United Nations for the Education, the Science and the Culture.

Well-known formerly as village of Santa María of the Prince's Port, is famous for its earthenjar and cradle of personalities, as the writer Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda and the biggest General Ignacio Agramonte and Loynaz, eminent person of the independence of Cuba. (Saili Dominguez Cruz / AIN).

Recognize to innovator of Camagüey for his contribution to the national economy

Camagüey- Sep 21. - For his contribution to the national economy, the National Association of Innovators and Racionalizators of Cuba gave to the camagüeyano David Carballea Cabrera, of Camagüey a desert recognition.

Worker of the Company of Aqueducts and Sewer systems in the territory of Camagüey, Carballea Cabrera was selected to receive the Prize to the Innovator of more Social Economic Impact in the country, also for his contribution to the energy saving and contribute in the substitution of imports.

The outstanding anirista (like are denominated the members to this organization) he contributed as effective solution, the axial Bearing of glass for the submergible bomb that is coupled in the motors of the same type, when returning the useful life to those means.

The national recognition is granted every year, during the Innovator's Day, to take place in coming October and this is the second occasion that a man of Camagüey conquers so important laurel. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)