jueves, 14 de enero de 2010

Fulfill Camagüey reforestation program

By:María Socarrás Hernández

This county planted during last year 5 millions 475, 100 postures of trees, in its majority pine in 4 thousand 022 hectares, according to information of the Forest Service (SF) of this territory.

As in the rest of the country a group of entities and institutions, under the direction of the SF,integrate for municipality the commissions in charge of materializing the programs that in last year in spite of the material limitations and the world crisis were completed.

Although the wood species of the pine occupies the first place,were also included with preference the cedar and the palm, this last abundant in the county, but affected the plantations for the hurricanes of the 2008.

The green strips of protection to the sources of water continued closing the few empty spaces to fill and 21 forest properties were created, so important for the increment, conservation and protection of the flora.

The territory possesses 350 thousand hectares covered with forests, in its majority of natural origin and unite 12 thousand with young plantations for 22.42 percent of boscocity index.

The program of the 2010 for the reforestation conforms to with similar figures to those of last year.

Although the country suffers the consequences of the world economic crisis the zeal is to continue multiplicand the forests, mainly when the climatic change opens up incognito.

“The Cubans don't accept humiliations of anybody”

By:Amaury M. Valdivia Fernández

Terrorist is the epithet again with which the North American Imperialism seeks to defame Cuba, but as always has happened, they won't be able to deceive anybody, neither inside of neither outside of the Island.The workers of the services confirm this way in Camagüey who face every day the aggressions of Washington with its work.

“It is totally false all that outline, and the world knows it”, Yamila García Rodríguez, worker of the cafeteria La Ragazza, located in the middle of center of the provincial capital. “Cuba only takes to all parts the solidarity among the towns, the idea of a future better. Our doctors and teachers, all our collaborators that are in many countries of Latin America, Africa...are the best sample in our internationalism and our humanism.”

With her coincides Mirtha Ramos Moreno, also worker of the converged gastronomic space. “Nobody will be believed this lie and that is in fact what more disturb the Imperialism. For a lot the Cubans have demonstrated them that we want and we can be free, we have stayed faithful to the Revolution, and that despairs them so much that even invent lies so irrational as this that will also be destroyed.”

On the other hand, for Eduardo Cardet Villadóniga, administrator of the bakery Republic, is only a new North American maneuver that won't arrive anywhere. “The Cubans are unable to attack somebody, it is not in our idiosyncrasy; but neither we accept humiliations of anybody. We have made this way always and for that reason try to accuse us.

In Camagüey, the biggest cloth doll of the world

The biggest cloth doll of Cuba and of the World, made by 20 artisans of Camagüey,will be exposed in this city of Camagüey the coming February 3, like part of the programmings of the Week of the Culture of the municipality.

This will extend from the first and up to the seven, dedicated to greet the arrival of the anniversary 496 of the Historical Center of the old village of Camagüey and to the first of its declaration for the UNESCO like Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity.

The doll is fruit of the tesoner making of the activist Carmen Soto González who from her project CARSUEÑOS - belonging to the Provincial Center of Houses of Culture - for several years carries out an arduous community work that includes, fundamentally, the handmade chore.

For its making was indispensable - besides the competition of the artisans - the collaboration of many citizens, by means of recortery donations and other elements, with the objective of facilitating its billing.

Given the extraordinary dimensions of the Cloth Doll of the Project CARSUEÑOS, it will be hoisted with a crane February 3, at five in the afternoon, in the central Square of the Workers. (Yolanda Ferrera Sosa)