lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Foment several cultivations in municipality of Sibanicú in Camagüey

The development of new areas of several cultivations, in correspondence with the demand of foods for the population, was execution observed by Julio Cesar García Rodríguez, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in the county of Camagüey, during a journey for the municipality of Sibanicú, to about 50 kilometers to the east of the capital of the territory of Camagüey.

Vast yucca plantations, corn, sweet potato and other products, resurge in the district of Sibanicú, by means of a will that mates agricultural workers and peasants in the conquest of oneself end: to cover the necessities of feeding of the town.

Although traditionally the peasants mark the difference in the production and diversification of the cultivations, the current panorama in Sibanicú doesn't evidence ostensible differences with the entities of the State, what says of the materialization of an objective, priority of the local authorities.

That amplification reality and creative consolidation, are also sustained in an intelligent proceed that allows to have the seed adapted in each property or entity, to maintain the busy areas, by means of a beneficial rotation for the lands and that it doesn't produce potholes in the supplies.

Such a recaptured strategy that assured arrived to stay, it propitiated the positive valuation of the First Secretary of the PCC in Camagüey, that the people of Sibanicú already traffics for the answer roads to current necessities of the feeding of the town, to proceed that should be strengthened. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)

Celebrates its anniversary 90 Band of Concerts in Camagüey

The Band of Concerts of Camagüey takes place again today its birthday ninety. For tradition celebrates September 19 because that day of 1919 appeared the records to surrender with the budget for the acquisition of instrumental.

The City council wanted a band that represented it, like happened in other municipalities. The newspaper The Camagüeyan announced the auction to collect funds and the convocation to integrate it. It was time of economic peak and the rich tradition of bands illuminated the Thursday nights and Sundays for the touches of the band of the Second Military Regiment in the Park Agramonte.

Bankrupt intents only collected the later auctions for the wardrobe. Still without regulation the band debuted November 12 in a march in homage to the biggest General Ignacio Agramonte. The musicians happened practically inadvertent because they dressed the uniform of the police and to make matters worse, they paraded behind these.

For second time May 20 , 1920, left the new anniversary of the Republic at times and played the National Hymn in front of the City council. However, didn't go up to the 29 that the mayor in substitution, Andrés Morán Cisneros, signed the records of his official constitution. The Camagüeyan announced the concert of the day 30, so that were not doubts of the inauguration of the band, composed by 35 professors, still dresses with mixture.

After several years of mutual nostalgies, the Band, now denominated Provincial of Concerts, returned to their natural park, that where to The Mayor`s vera, the people of Camagüey enjoys today their Sunday series. (Mabel Echevarría Morán)

Scenic arts in Camagüey

The county of Camagüey, in the oriental area of the island, welcomes the activities of the thirteenth edition of the Festival of Theater, in support to the scenic arts.

The appointment surrenders homage in this occasion to the missing actor René de la Cruz, with proposals that will be exposed in diverse public places of the territory.

For the occasion 18 settings are included in scene of national production, together to a theoretical event related with the dramatic chore in the island.

Dedicated to the children pieces like Federico will be at night, of the Theater of the Stations; Another time the cockroach, of the group For First floor and Meow meow, of Santiago's Guiñol.

Presentations of books, magazines and projections of audiovisual, documental and teletheaters will be added to the colateral activities of the event.