martes, 17 de agosto de 2010

Prosecution of milk increases in Camagüey

Camagüey, - Intense days live the workers of the Company of Milky Products of Camagüey , during the present month of August. Near 358 thousand liters of milk surrendered daily to the industry by the cattlemen of this centroriental county constitute reason more than enough to put in tension to all the factories of this, the biggest entity in its type in the country.

So important productive volume, habitual for this time of the year, it is processed in the eight industrial facilities of the company, located in the provincial capital and other five municipalities of the territory. Also, little less than a million liters of milk it is given to every month to the counties of Granma and Holguín, going to the supply of the basic basket and other spheres of the social consumption.

Milky Camagüey almost gathers a third of all the milk that is processed industrially in the country. Among their productions stand out the flowing milk, distributed among children, old men and people with medical prescription; the soya yogurts and milk; the ice creams and cheeses. It leaves of those deliveries are dedicated to the market in foreign currencies and the supply of the tourism. The entity also works to be able to be inserted in the international market, with the objective of generating foreign currencies for the country.

In the current campaign milkmaid the cattle of Camagüey seeks to surrender to the factories more than 95 million liters of milk, in the fundamental thing during the period of rains that extends from May until November.

To face that production Milky Camagüey has developed a wide group of investments, concluded this way recently the capital repair of The Cow, one of their more emblematics and old procesator plant. There improved all the industrial facilities and the standards of sanitary security of their processes rose productive, considered today among the most efficient in the country.(Amaury Valdivia)

Contributes University of Camagüey to the formation of professionals of other countries

Havana- The Center of Study of the Sciences of the Education of the University of Camagüey “Ignacio Agramonte and Loynaz” elevates the Cuban and Latin American professional's quality, starting from the implementation of intensive projects for the formation of doctors and masters.

Countries like Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Republic Of the Dominican Republic and Venezuela have received the educational-pedagogic and scientific impact of the institution, and achieved for their respective universities a better category for the acreditation process.

Alodio Mena Campo, investigating professor of the educational center of Camagüey, considered that with the intensive projects of non alone superation the graduates benefit, but also the cloisters of Cuban, and international professors, those that enrich in the mutual exchange and know other experiences and educational, educational and pedagogic realities.

The expert explained that through the mentioned projects, during the past course were formed 89 masters in the Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla, in Mexico.

Federated of Camagüey beside the furrow

Camagüey- Marta Pérez Bolaños, residing in the municipality of Vertientes - distant to some 26 kilometers of Camagüey - united to the call of to produce more foods and to substitute imports, fundamental pillars for the economic development of Cuba.

“I rise in the morning and I pick up the milk that milk my children and my husband and the transfer until the collection point that is to some six kilometers of the property”, this 40 year-old woman, beneficiary with the Ordinance Law declares 259 that grants lazy lands in gratuitous usufruct.

“When I return I begin to assist the animals, without forgetting the works characteristic of housewife" says the only woman producer of the Cooperative of Credits and Services (CCS) Battles of the Guásimas, organization that received the Flag 50 Anniversary of the Victory of the Revolution for the first time, for the results in the storing of milk.

With the certainty of taking out profit to her property, the rural Marta Pérez Bolaños, prestigiate the efforts of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), organization that August 23 will arrive to its half century of existence.

“To cultivate the earth doesn't kill anybody. The work benefits and more when make next to your family”. (Froilán Fontela Oviedo)

Little by little, but one can

By: Ernesto Pantaleón Medina / Television Camagüey

Yes one can, hoist sights for the General of Army Raúl Castro, president of the Council of State and of Secretaries, rises beyond the simple message and becomes a way of acting for the Cubans; little by little, with difficulties and inadequacies, but advances.

Let us put for case the substitution of imports, titanic zeal if it is analyzed that the country acquired in the Socialist Field 85%. of its purchases in the exterior, and that still today, only in foods, pays every year more than l 500 million dollars.

In Camagüey, to the closing of 2009, l3l products coming from 28 companies was exported, while the chains of stores collected of foreign currencies sold 52% of its lines of national origin.

They don't mean such data that everything goes well, but it is undeniable that begins to be traveled a road, with short but firm steps, have more than enough objective bases.
The county contributes to the national balance of foods 25% of the milk, 27% of the head meat and 60% of the butter, while it is foreseen for the year in course to produce 40 000 tons of rice.

The price of the cereal rises to l 500 dollars the ton, for what a simple arithmetic operation offers a white devises of how much it is saved in foreign currencies, mainly if one keeps in mind that to Cuba he finds difficult commercial operations much more than to any other nation, for the difficulties that the blockade imposes, when having to look for more distant markets, condition unfavourable for the payment and shipment points in remote latitudes, except for governments friends that have demonstrated its support and trust.

It is certain that it is not reached to satisfy all the necessities and although there is a lot for before as regards saving, efficiency and productivity, in creating a more and more clear mentality of exporters and non importers, of producers instead of consumers, we grow in a modest, but sustained way, in spite of limitations, of the marabout that is still necessary to banish forever of the fertile lands, of the hurricanes and the droughts that place in the biggest road challenges.

We think and we act today in a more rational way and with the on view in difficult zeals, but reached; the daily chore demonstrates that little by little, but yes one can.