jueves, 22 de octubre de 2009

Combatant march of a heroic town

By:Yuldys Márquez Díaz \Televisión Camagüey

The town of Camagüey played a historical march, remembering the trajectory that made the leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro and Camilo Cienfuegos when, October 21, 1959, miscarried the seditious intent of the manzaniller Hubert Matos. In a patriotic act in the today school city Ignacio Agramonte the young people of Camagüey confirmed the continuity of the Cuban Revolution.

The town of Camagüey remembered the trajectory that made the leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro and Camilo Cienfuegos for the streets of Camagüey until the school city Ignacio Agramonte.
For the streets of the city of Camagüey went young, pioneers, combatants, federated and workers.
The today school city Ignacio Agramonte the new generations of people of Camagüey play a patriotic act.

Camagüey combatant goes for the anniversary 50 of the popular victory before the betrayal of Hubert Matos.

"Men will have traitors; but towns not, and less that of Camagüey." Fidel trusted Camilo Cienfuegos the mission of to capture the seditious officials and to stop the maneuver.

The youths confirmed the historical continuity of the Cuban Revolution.

This Revolution, like in the days of the war, has single two roads: To conquer or to Die, expressed the Mr. of the Vanguard one day like today to the people of Camagüey, after being frustrated the intent desestabilizer of Hubert Matos.

Stands out academy of the arts Vicentina de la Torre in the artistic teaching

By: Aymee Amargós\Televisión Camagüey

The academy of the arts of Camagüey honors Vicentina de la Torre. Pedagogist that gave her name and her life to the school. Founder of the center, was consecrated to the work of the academy. Her exemplary work like teacher of several subjects and the acting of multiple functions,have left the memory in all those that had the privilege of being her students.

The center of half level is artists' formator. During years it has nurtured from professionals to important cultural institutions of the county and the country.

The school is characterized by the quality of the cloister. When concluding the studies, a high percent of the students continues in the superior institute of art.

Its current registration almost integrates 200 students in the ballet specialties, plastic arts and dramatic arts.

In having reiterated opportunities the center has obtained medals of gold, silver and brass in the International festivals of academies.

Starting from now, it has a room theater for rehearsals and presentations. New space dedicated to the promotion of the art.

The academy of the arts has contributed valuable figures to the national culture.

The new generations find a place there to get ready in the teaching and in the artistic disciplines stops then to participate in an active way in the cultural processes.

One of the most important taxes in the community is to have brought near the art to the Camagüey of all the ages, fundamentally to the children of the primary schools through exhibitions, competitions, functions and didactic concerts.

The installation of colonial style welcomes in its wide corridors works of noted artists ofCamagüey that are inserted between the arcades and vitrals to adorn the enclosure.
The Academy of the Art takes the legacy ahead of who was the main figure of the artistic teaching in Camagüey - Vicentina de la Torre -

Celebrate festival of folkoric dance Olorum

The fourth edition of the festival of dance folkoric Olorum took place in Camagüey. To the encounter attended as companies ten groupings of different counties of the country.
By: Aymee Amargós \Televisión Camagüey

The festival of folkloric dance Olorum dedicated its fourth edition to the rumba.

Groups of Camagüey attended the parties, next to those of several counties of the country. Among other, participated as companies Free dance, the folkloric of East, Afrocuba, the folkloric of ciego de Ávila and the combined national folkloric.By manolo Micler, its director this festival is a remeeting opportunity and confrontation.

The prize Olorum for the work of the life was given Zenaida Armenteros. Recognition to her professional work in the art musician danzary". I thank to the scenic arts, and to the town of Camagüey for so many homages."

Each grouping combined in the scenary folklorics and popular Cuban rhythms.

Olorum is a term of the language Yoruba that means Sun.

With the energy of the star king the festival Space that has been won a place in the danzary environment .

The director of the folkloric ballet of Camagüey, the teacher Reinaldo Echemendía, organizer of the encounter considers that it has been won in experience. "It is worthwhile to maintain this party of the dance. Only of it type that stimulates the music and the folklorics dance."