viernes, 4 de septiembre de 2009

Undeserved punishments persist to the Five Heroes

Richard Klugh, integral of the team of The Five Cuban antiterrorists prisoners lawyers wrongly in United States, denounced the punishment that receive three of them in Miami.

Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando González is in the Center of Federal Detention of Miami, while waiting for the revision of his sentences coming October 13.

They are confined in solitary isolation in the same cell "special" where 17 months passed imprisoned up to the 2001.

In phone declarations to Radio Havana and published in CubaDebate, Kugh revealed: "In these moments, they are separate without communication with the other ones: they don't even have not even communication with the other prisoners.

"They are in isolation cells that are used as housings "special" and it is not still clear if they transfer them of those isolation cells before the revision of their sentences or no.We have the hope that will happen", he explained.

On the audience, the jurist said that is an opportunity to re-examine the previous sentences, and possibly to reduce them. "They are entitled the of appealing the new sentence if the tribunal makes legal errors when it imposes them", he specified.

Ramón, Antonio and Fernando, next to René González and Gerardo Hernández, The Five like are known internationally, they are imprisoned for almost 11 years in penitentiaries separated in United States, confinement that the UN classified of arbitrary and unjust.

The five were arrested in 1998 to alert Cuba has more than enough violent plans organized by terrorist groups in the south of the Florida, and processed in 2001 in a trial in Miami low virulent anticuban atmosphere .

Fidel Castro receives the Chinese leader Wu Bangguo

In a cordial and fraternal atmosphere was made in yesterday morning an encounter among the partner Fidel and Wu Bangguo, member of the Permanent Committee of the Political Desk of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and President of the Permanent Committee of the XI National Popular Assembly of the RPCh who presided over the delegation that traveled to our country in official and friendly visit.

The exchange was good to approach topics of mutual interest like the fraternal relationships between Cuba and China, the international economic and financial crisis, the climatic change, and other aspects of interest for both towns.
The partner Wu Bangguo referred at the good level of the relationships among both nations, and to the efforts of its country to continue the economic development and the amplification of its exchange with the towns of Latin America and África.

In the farewell, the partner Fidel requested him transmitted a hot greeting to the Chinese directing maximum, Hu Jintao, to the other friends of that country brother and his town.

In the encounter were present Li Jianguo, Vice-president and General Secretary of the Permanent Committee of the XI APN; Rolando Alfonso Borges, Boss of the Ideological Department of the Central Committee of the PCC; Zhao Rongxian, ambassador from China in Cuba and Liu Bo, Third Secretary of the General Address of Latin America and the Caribbean of the Ministry of External Relationships and interpreter of the delegation.

Camagüey surpasses the 70 thousand tons of refined sugar

Camagüey. Both refinadors plant of sugar in the county of Camagüey surpass the 70 thousand tons of production in the year, in moment of having sustained increases of the price of this product in the international market.

Located in the central of Camagüey and Ignacio Agramonte, of group are to less than 10 thousand tons of reaching the annual goal, informed the Room of Control and Analysis of the Sugar Managerial Group Camagüey.

The purpose in the 2009 is to complete 80 thousand tons among both, with the possibility of continuing the elaboration once compliment the plan, estimate here.

In 2008 Camagüey manufactured something more than 70 thousand 800 tons, it calculates about to be achieved in the current calendar.

The International Financial Bag of Futures and Options of London, the main world square of commercialization of the sugar refines, quotes in this season historical maxim, according to press reports, and I wither closed to 582.50 dollars the ton for delivery in October.

To manufacture in Cuba a ton of refined has an approximate cost of 200 dollars and in the year were activated in the country eight plants of this product and other two that prepare the call “white direct.”

Luis Manuel Ávila, Cuban minister of the Sugar, said in May passed in Camagüey that this year Cuba would not care this sweet, because the elaboration capacity would cover the domestic demand.

This product is dedicated mostly for the consumption by the population by means of the family basket, the supply to hospital, educational and labor centers, the industry of sweet and drinks, and the tourist sector.

The recovery for the hurricanes stays in Camagüey

It was quick the recovery of intensive cultivations, but in the case of the viands diverse confronted problems caused that Camagüey continues receiving contributions of other counties.

The second semester of the 2008 will be unforgettable for the current generations of residents of Camagüey for the impact of two potent hurricanes and the way decided in that faced the considerable material damages, although without regretting the loss of human lives.

In the night September 8th, little more than one week after the meteor Gustav was enraged with Isla de la Juventud and Pinar del ´Río, the "Ike" entered for the east of the county of Camagüey after hitting later at Holguín and Las Tunas, and seven hours left for the Southwest to the Caribbean Sea.

Lapsed two months, the "Paloma" penetrated violently for the south of the territory, but at once it began to weaken and to leave abundant rain. However, it caused a lot of suggestions in Santa Cruz del Sur and it damaged some 500 housings of fishermen residents in the coast. More than five thousand houses were affected in the whole municipality in that occasion.

In less than three months Cuba had losses valued in more than 10 thousand million dollars, and Camagüey reported a considerable part of them.

After the step of Ike, September 8th, immediately began to arrive resources of the reservation of the State, apart from donations of diverse countries and organizations, action that has stayed.

The main affectation registered the net of electric and phone service and in the residence bottom.

"Ike" harmed more than 100 thousand houses those that added those of "Paloma" and other previous meteorological events, as severe floods in the city of Camagüey, arrived to the figure of 118 thousand 641, from having destroyed until partially affected.

Thre also suffered the damages above the two thousand facilities, mainly educational, of the health and commercial, without including those of the agricultural spheres and sugar bowl.

Of the economic activity the poultry keeping suffered the biggest blow maybe with the loss of 18 percent of the birds by production of eggs, and 15 percent of those of the substitution, besides dozens of destroyed ships or dismantled.

This sector represents, however, the sample of the recovery in the economic sphere, and at this time accumulates more than 65 million eggs, around 60 percent of the annual plan.

The workers of the branch intended to shorten the terms to recover near production levels to the commitments and almost they get it fully.

It was quick the recovery of intensive cultivations in orchards and organoponics, but in the case of the viands (banana, yucca, sweet potato, malanga and other) diverse confronted problems caused that Camagüey continues receiving contributions of other territories of the country in these agricultural items.

With the support of personal of several counties, the electric interruptions and of the communications were solved in some days, the same as the service of supply of drinkable water.

Still without recovering completely, Camagüey advanced from the blow of the "Paloma" and predicts important increments in the productions of milk, pig meat, number of copies of smaller livestock, fishes acuícol and marinates, among other fronts of the economy.

One year after the impact of the "Ike", Camagüey recovered 45 percent of the damaged housings, built many of them totally, and it continues working in the rehabilitation and construction.

The topic of more weight continues being that of the housing, but the works don't stop and every day properties end or the repairs are begun with resources that flow regularly.

When the current school course began, of the 643 schools affected by the hurricanes 131 had not only been still completely repaired, although the educational calendar began in the universe of facilities in the county.