miércoles, 14 de octubre de 2009

The written press of Camagüey in Festival

By:Lucilo Tejera Díaz

The journalists debated yesterday on the current world economic crisis.

The written press of the county of Camagüey began yesterday its eighth festival, with the purpose of to evaluate the work and to carry out consultations with the readers in order to know opinions and the population's interests. In that chore intervene Adelante in the territory the newspaper, with 50 years of circulation, and the journalists redactions of the Agency of National Information (AIN), Latin Press, Granma,Juventud Rebelde and Options, to those that students of Journalism of the University of Camagüey unite.

After the traditional homage to the National Hero José Martí, in a central park with his name and where deposited a floral offering before the Apostle's statue, the professionals of the news debated on the current world economic crisis, its antecedents and universal and national impact.

Members of the branch local National Association of Economists and Accountants exposed the topic and answered questions.

Organized by the Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC) and "Adelante", the festival will extend until the coming day 15 and in its duration encounters will be developed with readers in the schools to Militate Camilo Cienfuegos and of the Party Cándido González and in the Alimentary Company.

A strong plate of the event will be a shop about the derived limits of speeches of the President Cuban General of Army Raúl Castro that at the moment analyzes and the population, and the list of the press discusses in this process of popular consultation.

Also, in the headquarters of "Adelante", located in a central place of this city, the plastic exhibition opened up "City", with nine squares of artists villagers.

Part of the festival is a journalistic competition, to which were presented more than 60 materials of professionals of the Press and some 20 of student of Journalism, as informed Daicar Saladrigas, of the address of "Adelante."

Municipality of Camagüey Vertierntes to the front of the rice production in the country

With hardly five months of having strengthened, the Cooperative of Credits and Services (CCS) Manuel Ascunce Domenech has known how to be inserted in the journalistic belts of the country.

This base organization was the first of Cuba in reaching the figure of 100 thousand quintals of rice, result that locates it to the vanguard in this productive movement, where the CCS is also included Celia Sánchez, Reynaldo de León Llera and Argelico Lara, all with favorable productions in areas of the middle south of Camagüey.

“We have had to draw some difficulties with the diesel, the fertilizers and herbicides, inputs that have arrived late or in an insufficient way, but the effort of our workers has been vital”, assured Miguel García Ruiz, administrator of this organization of the cooperative and rural sector , attributed to the Rice Agroindustrial Complex “Rota Invasora.”

The evolution of this cooperative, refounded in May,2009, owes itself in great measure to the zeal of its more than two hundred members, beneficiaries with the ordinance law 259 that grants lands in usufruct. 90 percent of its nomenclature is benefitted with this productive modality.

The men and women of the Manuel Ascunce, besides being pointers in the crop of the cereal, have surrendered more than 18 thousand liters of milk to the industry and are buried in the development of the several cultivations, at the moment subtract some chivalries to harvest, fundamentally in areas of the Basic Units of Cooperative Production “The Chestnut”, “El Cenizo” and “The Lima.”

“The court stage goes decaying but we are sure of surrendering presently more than two hundred thousand quintals of rice year”,concluded Miguel García Ruiz, administrator of this CCS in the Vertientes of Camagüey, a territory that consolidates, with concrete actions, the territorial supply program of rice , shows of the alimentary sovereignty that impels our country. (Luis Enrique Perdomo Silva).