lunes, 13 de septiembre de 2010

Begin and end of a Noble Day

For the Five, young of Camagüey and of other thirteen nations conquered the summit of the Sierra del Chorrillo.

Camagüey, - In the beginning, the arrival. Come from many parts but unites them oneself commitment with the justice, with the dignity that transcends opposite and itates men of any place of the world. There are more than a hundred of students, workers, farmers and professional, committed with an immense cause, when saying of many.

In the Sierra summit from today, five ocujes recognizes the antiterrorist patriots
As not climbing this hill? How not to make the effort that is necessary for them that so much has made for Cuba? '', is the common certainty expressed by Jorge Luis Delgado Vázquez, a simple agricultural worker of the place.

The five are there, nobody doubts it. Giving spirits when the encouragement lacks, crowning next to this small Sierra Teacher summit, formerly mambises refuge and rebellious, very near where the Hymn Invader, today conquered by flags of fourteen nations united in defense of the human dignity was born.

Already little lack... it doesn't only stop to reach the summit. All they know it. For that reason they affirm the step in the scarps, they advance without leaving nobody behind, as same the biggest guerilla fighter taught.

Gaspar Cave of Najasa, in the Sierra del Chorrillo, to the southeast of the county of Camagüey will also be from today the Cave of the Five, the Sierra the Five; not only to have been the scenario from where the youth of these lands claimed the immediate liberation of the heroes.

Cave Gaspar of Najasa, in the Sierra of the Spurt will be from today the Cave of the Five, the Sierra the Five in fact for the effort and the solidarity wasted in this, the most recent battle witnessed by its rocks, lived in its hillsides. The end of the day in her initiate it is still to be written but it can only be one: the freedom. It has been this way always, this time, it will also this way be. (Amaury Valdivia)

Camagüey seed of several cultivations undertakes

Camagüey. The farmers of the county of Camagüey calculate their hopes of increasing the production and viands selection, vegetables, grains and fruit-bearing in the seed campaign that have just begun.

Until ends of February 2011 the peasants hope to plant near 16 thousand 600 hectares, more than thousand above the registration in similar previous stage, informed the AIN the delegation of the Ministry of the Agriculture (MINAG).

An important weight in the program runs in charge of the area of Camalote, in the northeast of the territory, important seat of cooperative of affiliated peasants to the National Association of Small Farmers.
In accordance with the calculations, in that part of Camagüey the crop will be of 46 thousand 725 tons (around a million quintals), taking advantage of the improvements in the irrigation for investments, repair and maintenance of channels.

Other places of relevance are the surroundings of the city of Camagüey, the valley of Cubitas, to the north, and in areas of Santa Cruz of the South.

Darío Batista, subdelegate of the MINAG, said to the AIN that the seed begins under very favorable conditions of humidity in the floors for frequent rains in the last weeks.

Of reaching the predicted results, with that plantation will make sure 70 percent of the foods of the agriculture that the residents of the county should consume next year, that is to say unite 96 thousand tons.

Aida Díaz, of the direction in the territory of the National Association of Small Farmers, expressed the AIN that the peasants use in a high grade the use of oxen in the preparation of the earth.

Mainly in the properties of the suburban agriculture the use of the animal traction is decisive, she manifested.

The sector of the private producers and cooperativized seed of the 60 to 65 percent of the surface in the current campaign.(Lucilo Tejera Díaz )