miércoles, 14 de julio de 2010

Simultaneous premiere tomorrow of film Lisanka

Havana.The comedy Lisanka (2009), of Daniel Díaz Torres, will be used for the first time simultaneously this Thursday in film rooms of this capital and of counties.

The premiere will take place in Yara, Payret, Acapulco, Room Two of Multicine Infanta, Lido, Boulevard, Ambassador, Regla and main cinemas of counties, informed the Cuban Institute of the Art and Film Industry.

The history lapses in Cuba, in 1962. During the Crisis of October, Lisanka, a young tractorist, should choose among three men that disputed her love, two Cubans and a Soviet .

The script, of Díaz Torres, Eduardo del Llano and Francisco García is based on the story In the kilometer 32, of the writer Francisco García.

Díaz Torres` filmography includes Love me and you will see (1995), Kleines Tropicana (1997), to Be made Swedish (2000) and in route to the Eden (2007).

Miriel Cejas debuts in the cinema in the protagonistic of Lisanka, paper with which obtained the Prize to the best Feminine Performance in the XX Ibero-American Festival of Ceará, Brazil.

Among other interpreters figure Carlos Enrique Admirante, Rafael Ernesto Hernández, Blanca Rosa Blanco, Enrique Molina, Jorge Alí, Raúl Pomares, Kirill Zolygin, Vladislav Vetrov and Osvaldo Doimeadiós.

Also José Ambrosio Pérez, Paula Alí, Otto Ortiz, Giselle Fundora, Eduardo del Llano, Antulio Marín, Meneses, Jorge Molina and Rogelio Blaín.

Trips for reservation Lemon-Tuabaquey, in Camagüey

Ecological reserves Lemons Tuabaquey
Camagüey, A trip for the Ecological Reservation Lemons - Tuabaquey, of the National System of Protected Areas, comes to be the proposal of Provincial and Fauna Flora Company of Camagüey.

The journeys began this summer and will extend until September for a price of 50 pesos for person, and include lunch, transport and a guide, informed the AIN Lianis Hernández, specialist of the entity.

Lemon-Tuabaquey, located in Sierra de Cubitas to 32 kilometers of the city, it possesses around 600 species of plants, of them 232 of trees maderables and 22 of beautiful wood, besides endemic birds of Cuba like the tocororo and the cartacuba.

The visit to the reservation includes paths like the Step of the Walls, a opens up of the own mountain range of about two kilometers long and with paths high walls, almost so white as the marble that invite to the most daring to the mountaineering.

One can also see from a mirador the Hole of Bonet, with 80 meters deep, full with legends on its formation, ferns that end up surpassing the height of a human and microscopic and varied mushrooms.

Another option in this reservation is the one of going into in the cave María Teresa, with discovered aboriginal pictographies the same as those of other caverns of the place, before the famous paintings of the Spanish Cave of Altamira.

The summer proposal of Provincial Flora and Fauna Company of Camagüey arose three years like an option ago for the lovers of the nature.(Susana Vázquez Vida (student of journalism)

Proud the people of Camagüey to have Fidel Castro´ s guide

Camagüey. Feelings of happiness and gratitude for the good state of health and Fidel Castro´s illustrious analyses, invade to the people of Camagüey who thank the good guide of the maximum leader of the Cuban Revolution.

Pablo Soto, pointed out that “Fidel continues giving everything for the humanity, and added, “with his intervention demonstrated his deep knowledge once again on the Empire and his desire of dominating the world.

“If the big leaders of this planet thought fairly as Fidel, said Soto, we would live calmer.”

The lawyer of Camagüey also expressed, to feel very happy because “Fidel continues in the battle, alerting as always to our town and the world, and saying truths that displease many, but that truths finally, are imposed.

The doctor Ismael Ferrer Herrera, professor of the University of Medical Sciences of Camagüey, also manifested his happiness of seeing again before the cameras to Fidel Castro: “I saw him lively, with that great analysis power that has, putting a day to the national and international public opinion on questions that we worry about them to all, because one is speaking of the imminence of a nuclear war.

And he added: “When seeing him in the Round Table, he gives us the security that we have Fidel for while.” (Aramís González Cruz)