martes, 1 de junio de 2010

En Camagüey: expo of plastic arts dedicated to the Theater

With an invitation to appreciate the linking of the visual arts and the theater opened its doors the exhibition The 60" in the Provincial Center of Plastic arts, of the city of Camagüey.

Sketches and scale models of sceneries of the years 60, as well as the siblings' marionettes Camejo of that decade conforms the sample that integrates the colateral activities of the XIII National Festival of Theater of Camagüey, said the AIN.

The designer Jesus Ruiz commented that the works constitute a great patrimonial value because they allow to see the print that he left the scenic arts in those years.

"The 60" constitutes an opportunity to go into in painters' pieces as René Portocarrero and Antonia Eiriz, or of architects and designers that give us drawings of big works of the Cuban and universal theater as "María Antonia" and "House of Dolls."

To Eduardo Rosebushes, director of the Provincial Center of Plastic arts, the expositive combined facilitates the appreciation of the bonds among different manifestations of the arts, what constitutes an advance so that the theater sees its space in the visual arts and the visual arts in the theater.

The public will be able to appreciate the pieces until the next June five, day in that will conclude the National Festival of Theater of Camagüey 2010. (Susana Vázquez Vidal)

Distinguish to personalities of the Cuban theater in Camagüey

A recognition day had highlighted in the scenic environment, took place this Monday, in the context of the XIII National Festival of Theater, with headquarters in Camagüey, up to June five.

In solemn ceremony made in the Living room of Protocol of the Square of the Revolution "Ignacio Agramonte", the Distinction was given to "Eloísa Agüero de Osorio" - that confers the Provincial Council of the discipline - to the actress Argentina Herrán, of the villager Guiñol.

That same institution made effective the desert homage to eight personalities with the Badge "La Avellaneda" that received, among others: René of the Cruz (son); Raúl Moreira, Osvaldo Cano, Leonor García, Mario Junquera and Freddys Núñez Estenoz and Armando Suárez del Villar.

Suárez del Villar and Carlos Pérez Peña - both National Prizes of Theater -, also deserved the Distinction "Mirror of Patience", maxim of the Cultural System in the territory of Camagüey.

This Monday the Academy of the Arts "Vicentina of the Tower" was headquarters of an exchange of theoretical court, related with the universe of the charts; and in the night the settings will continue in scene, in different spaces of the town head.(Yolanda Ferrera Sosa)

Camagüey 2010: A city made for the Theater

By: Aymee Amargós / Television Camagüey.
Theater festival Camagüey Foto: Reynaldo Barrera / Television Camagüey

The National Festival of Theater of Camagüey is a point of essential encounter to measure the newest in the Cuban charts. The city is revealed as the best square for the best work. The tenth third edition marks a high in the cuban scenic movement.

This time 18 assemblies of different tendencies compete with a wide thematic fan, chosen by a commission of specialists that the country traveled.

The jury has before yes settings for children like “Federico at night, of the matancero Theater of the stations, “Meow, meow” of the Guiñol of Santiago de Cuba, “A sea for tatillo” of Theater Pálpito, “Rice with corn” in charge of The cuenteros and “Another time the cockroach for the group espirituan Project for first floor.

The street theater is represented by works as the Cuban Onlooker's pamplinera and Medea of Mud, of Theater D Two.

Among the proposals for young public is “Bad crop” of Theater of the Wind and for adults “Eggs” of Mefisto Theater, “Final of Departure” of Argus Theater, “The bitter tears” of Petra Von Kant and “Josefina the traveler” of Theater The public. They unite to these settings “The Cuisse doesn't exist” of Estro Montecallado, “The station” of Your Theater and “Traveling” of Sir Clown.

Outside of the riverbanks of the competition they are The beehive with their exceptional assembly “AND however he/she moves”. I Reward Villanueva of the critic. “What did it pass the singer of ballads?” for small Theater of the Havana and “The Atridas” of Santa Clara's Theatrical Study.

This year besides the traditional spaces, the public will have several squares at your disposal, among them those of the Carmen and Juana of the Castle.

Amen of the central jury are the organized ones for institutions of the county to give recognitions.

They are also carried out presentations of books, delivery of badges and a series of audiovisual that include emissions of the program Open Scene as well as the teletheaters “Oh my love!” and “Scandal in the Trapa” directed by Tomás Piart, next to documentaries carried out by Morante Seasons on outstanding figures of the theatrical culture and the Premier of the documentary with Pancho's protagonism García.

Camagüey not only returns to the competitions of plays but to the communication of the diverse publics and the valuation of the real state of the Cuban scene.

To take advantage of each space will be good to recapture roads.

Each child is a diamond

By: Yeter Palmero / Television Camagüey

"For the children we work, because they are the hope of the world", Martí said in an occasion. They certainly constitute the quarry of which the humanity is nurtured for their future development. ! How high responsibility it is to lavish them an appropriate physical and emotional growth! To run, to jump, to laugh, to learn... it is day-to-dayness for the Cuban children.

Without pressures, without fears, with freedom and clear soul our small ones can be satisfied in a social system that protects them and exists in great measure to guarantee them a fair life.

The infantile circle, the gratuitous education from the primary level to the superior; the different cultural projects that form to the small ones in the art, the sport schools and so many other benefits, make of the Cuban childhood the image of that that today in the orb many small they yearn.

Contrasting with the poverty, the mendicity, the exploitation and the prostitution of which are object thousands of children in the planet; in Cuba, "those that know how to want", as well as Martí called they constitute diamonds...

! Happy Day of the Childhood for all the children of the world! Without caring region or place to be children is a privilege, it is the opportunity to create the future, of doing with the heart, of being frank, of carrying out dreams.