miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

Concludes initial phase of reanimation of commercial street

By: Adolfo Silva Silva- Picture: Rosa Blanco Ramos/ Camagüey Television

Camagüey, nov 10- The pedestrian and several traffic of the units of the first block of the most important via commercial of Camagüey, “Maceo”, were reopened according to the program of reanimation of that sector.

Located in the area proclaimed in the Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity 2009 , the artery and its two bordering squares figure in a process investor foreseen up to the 2011 to elevate its visual and functional attributes, in the third town with bigger population in the country.

The concluded work is the initially finished in the place and had its more complex task in the demolition of the street and the sidewalks, substituted by a pavement of a single level, of “granite” (terraze) Mexican ballad, and the one buried of the electric, external phone connections and of audio local.

That characteristic will be extended to the whole road, where the plan also inserts the rebuilding of facades, capital remodelings of properties, reuse of local, and the external placement of gardeners and awnings.

In the one referred block continues, in accordance with a project of progressive conclusion, the qualification of new facilities, like a branch of CADECA and a restaurant.

The task continues, also, in another tract of the artery, and in the two squares, in one of those which, that of the Solidarity, the park bordering will be reinaugurate in December, expressed the AIN the architect Yosmel Díaz, of the Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey (OHCC).

Among the establishments of the area corresponding to the reanimation figure those of industrial products, cultural goods , gastronomic and of lodging, included the Great Hotel, national badge of the chain Islazul, and The Charm, one of the main stores for departments in Cuba.

THE OHCC is the coordinator of the entities in charge of the Investment.( )