lunes, 12 de julio de 2010

That is my hour for the boss

By: Moraima Borges /Camagüey Television

The boss, Fidel, is always environment to my table, his vitality and force encourage my faith and my fight. It is present same in each conversation that I sustain with my son that is already 16 years old and he doesn't stop to read none of his reflections.

There were never indispensable for me his pictures to know it about foot and of front before the fair causes of the world; but what satisfaction that is today in the Round Table of television, there is its perennial place as its ideas... and will be for wise
show us and profetic.That will be today my hour for the boss.

Biteeeeeeee... roosteeeeer..!

By: Jose Gilberto Valdes/ Camagüey Television

As a caguairan, one of the Sierra Maestra stronger trees. Tall, vigorous, as a fight rooster, with the brilliant feathers that it is health, as an old pilferer of the family said, with long and sharp spurs to face the enemy.

They are the images that crowded together in the mind when I listened for the radio station Radio Clock the news, soon after of six in the morning: Fidel in the Special Round Table, for radio and Cuban television, stops here and for the world.

After the surprise in the habit of being early rising, the morning and the afternoon I passed investigating on the topic. I could find little more than the announcement that would reappear in the small screen to argue, first hand, the dangerous events that take place in the Half East.
However, to this event that will happen in some minutes - I write these lines. at 5 15 p.m local time- have preceded him several “Reflections of the partner Fidel” that have alerted to the world about the career toward a warlike conflict of unforeseeable results.

Also, some days ago, I had the opportunity to read an article of the colleague's Ernesto Pantaleón, titled “The luxury of another war”. Of that journalistic material appropriate, with the appropriate consultation ethics, of some paragraphs to invite them to think about the dangers steps that gives a state applicant to world gendarme.

A radial commentator North American summarized his journalistic work in the following way: “We cannot allow ourselves the luxury of a new war”, and pointed out that instead of financing warlike campaigns funds should be dedicated to “to bolster our streets, our schools, our cities…”
And it is not for less: the governments more guerreristas of the orb, if we count the last yank administrations, have invested and continue investing hundred of thousands of millions of dollars in the conflicts with Iraq and Afghanistan, and now Obama prepares to begin a military escalade in Iran.

While… the Americans suffer cuttings in the budgets of social attendance, the taxes increase, close employment sources and more children get lost, siblings, husbands or parents, died by actions of the resistance in the busy nations.

They extend per years the confrontations and exit is not glimpsed, at least an airy exit for those “the uncle's boys Sam.”

Not this far from the partner's recent reflection Fidel, (Julio 11 of 2010
8 and 14 p.m.)
“Today everything lolls of a delicate thread.

My main purpose went to notice to the international public opinion of what was happening.

I have achieved it partly observing what happened, as political leader that I was during long years facing to the empire,its blockades and its unqualifiable crimes. Plus, I don't make it for vengeance.

I don't hesitate in running the risks of committing my modest moral authority.

I will continue writing Reflections on the topic. There will be several more after this to continue deepening in July and August, unless some incident that puts to work the murderous weapons happens that today some are aimed to other.”

When comes closer the moment of the round table, I remember the exclamation of the old pilferer of the family, with the red face, the swollen veins, and forces in the words:
Biteeeeeeeeee roosteeeeeeeeeeeeeeer.

For you Fidel, today I also recognize them ...

By: Maria del Carmen Fuentes/ Camagüey Television

I don't have left doubts, I learned how to admire and to love Fidel thanks to my father. From very small he made me understand the truth from that man to the one that my mother, also, eulogized for his virile poise and his strong and good look .

For them, humble workers, the Revolution was something more than an event of the history, was the opportunity to feel same and to trace the path of its children. My father, revolutionary of faith and convictions, has Fidel in the peak of the values and although he is a staunch critic of him not well fact and of what steams up the gestated work and conformed under his guide, has suffered in silence the physical absence of the Commandant of the public scenary because dad, as all those that we take to Fidel in the heart trust every day his lucidity and in the opportune orientation for the fair moment, still in spite of his ailments.

In minutes, as me and most of the Cubans and friends - or enemies - of any latitude of the world, my father, accompanied by my mother will listen attentive Fidel's ideas on the situation in the Half East. Perhaps he won't express his feelings and impressions with words until having finished the emission of the Round Table, but in each one of his expressions and gestures I will know how to interpret his empathy, his satisfaction to see him from the screen, to know him like one more in this daily combat to the one that surrendered without limits and wanting that the days had more than 24 hours. Fidel today will be its great happiness. We will enjoy it together.

This afternoon, Special Round Table with Fidel

Special Round table today, at 6:30 o'clock p.m., Cubavisión, International Cubavisión, Radio Rebelde and Radio Havana Cuba will transmit a Special Round Table with the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro Ruz, to value the dangerous events that take place in the Half East. The Educational Channel retransmit this program at the end of their emissions of the day.

Ballet of Camagüey will be presented during the Summer 2010

Works of the international classic repertoire and of their own choreographers will interpret the Ballet of Camagüey, of the 22 at the current July 25, in the Main Theater of the capital of Camagüey.

The company that Regina María Balaguer directs the Great Pas of the ballet will interpret "Paquita", in version of Elena Vinogradova on the original.

Also, will take to scene "The dancer and the lady", of Osvaldo Beiro, and "Vivaldiana", of José Antonio Chávez who takes place his 40 years of artistic life.

These summer functions of the second community of classic ballet of Cuba will be dedicated to the fifteenth anniversary of the cultural institution Project EJO.

The most recent presentations in the Ballet of Camagüey took place in the county of Granma, where was presented with public's success and of critic in Bayamo and Tree.

At the moment, Regina María Balaguer and the dancer Oscar Valdés represents Cuba in an international competition with headquarters in City of the End, Suoth Afric.( Bárbara Suárez Ávalos. (Radio Cadena Agramonte).

Surrend homage to the Argentinean poet Alfonsina Storni

The literary coffee shared Dreams, of the municipality of Madruga, county of Havana, surrendered homage to Alfonsina Storni who next to Juana of Ibarbourou, Delmira Agustini and Gabriela Mistral is part of the poets of the American continent. In the encounter the theather and writer Enrique Rivero talked about that Argentinean intellectual's life, of its creative and combative force, as long as his poems as You love me white, Saturday, Romance of the vengeance and I am, were remembered by the teacher Ileana Bernal.

“This actress's work, teacher and writer of plays, in its first part, consist of erotic and sensual originality where the feminist poetry prevails, and later acquires an abstract and effective tone”, the poet Diosdado Padilla said Alfonsina has more than enough Storni.

In the occasion the book Steps of salt was presented, of the narrator and local poet Yamirka González Meneses.

“She proposes us eight histories of varied thematic, from the committed with the reality of the contemporary Cuba, until one in which the fantasy shines”, the writer expressed Iván Domínguez Hernández.

“That work keeps autobiographical stories, of the life of very near friends, and problems that are presented to newspaper, and from my point of view would qualify this volume of rebellious and revolutionary”, emphasized on the other hand González Meneses.

This author who has obtained prizes and mentions to municipality level and county in story and tenth, read a fragment of the story “The last cigarette”, which is part of the book.

It also declaimed verses of her summary of sonnets “God willing” that, although are not part of the work, were accepted pleasurably by the assistants. (Yunet López Ricardo, student of Journalism / AIN)

Mariana Grajales: the mother of Cuba

Mariana tossed to the world children loaded with value, and with her, she contaminated to the one that can hesitate in seizing the machete. What greatness that of her forge, of where men like Antonio and José Maceo emerged , patriots, rebellious, brave, educated…!

How much integrity stops after the echoes of the bell of The Demajagua, to share the heroism of the manigua next to the most virile, without thinking then of her 53 years neither in her woman condition!

The National Hero of Cuba, José Martí, when valuing the parents of the Titan of Brass, with its fine and sharp prose wrote: “… of the mother more than of the father, the son comes, and is great misfortune duty the body to slack or null people, to who cannot be due the soul; but Maceo was happy, because lion wine and of lioness.”

That lioness was Mariana; able to engender children and to offer them so that fought for the light of their earth although behaved them to the death.

To 195 years of her birthday, Mariana Grajales, perhaps from the infinite, feels pride for those mothers that repeat her sentence to today's sprouts in her own Island: “… we swear to liberate the Homeland or to die for her". (Leonel del Val)

More than ninety schools of Camagüey will stay open this summer

With diverse recreational proposals will maintain their doors open 93 educational centers of the county of Camagüey, in the current summery season that extends up to August 29.

In coordination with the cultural promoters, art instructors, professors of Physical Education, librarians and teachers, the children and young next to the community, will enjoy artistic activities, sport competitions, visit to historical places, competitions and shops.

Elier Rodríguez, general subdirector of Education in the territory qualified of high-priority the execution of this summer plan, and called to potencite the work in each chosen student center to guarantee a healthy recreation.

Music festivals, dances, theater and plastic arts will be developed in the school facilities of the municipality of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, while in those of Najasa will carry out conversatories with writers of the town, narration shops, and competitions of disguises.

In the northern territory of Mines the projects Art Street , Titiritando, Sings with me and Saturday to dance, besides the practice of table games like domino, chess and parchís.

The schools of Florida propose a fílmic cycle with the work of the Cuban maker Roberto Chile, as well as the presentation and debate of audiovisual materials and summer courses on it films and local history.

Stimulations to hard-working vanguards and pensioners, and to collective and outstanding squares of the sector, will be given in Vertientes-to the center-south of Camagüey -, during July and August, where will also take place a Festival of Wheels of Casino and shops to learn how to play guitar and to manipulate marionettes.

Of equal forms in the schools of the towns of the municipality of Santa Cruz of the South the children and youths will be able to participate in competitions with ornamental plants, fish, favorite mascots, cloth dolls and balls. (Yaniuska Macías Rivero/AIN).