martes, 3 de noviembre de 2009

Reaches favorable results the fishing in Camagüey

Favorable results sample the fishing in Camagüey to the closing of the third trimester of the year, stage in the one that reports near eight thousand tons of shellfish, sea fish and lines of the acuiculture, captured in their units of Nuevitas, Florida, Santa Cruz of the South and in several reservoirs of the county.

In the marine species, stays to the front the community of the Industrial Fishing Company of the south of Camagüey that fullfill their purposes, and it accumulates a high volume of flake varieties, lobster, and shrimp, to what the contribution of the shrimpness is added, still when this modality of artificial breeding is below its objectives.

In the case of the acuiculture, the captures are near to the four thousand tons, what guarantees bigger contributions to the commitment of the year, with a strong impulse in the breeding in cages, and in the alevins production that should come closer to the 40 millions to the closing of the year.

In the intensive cultivation of tilapias in cage, the program of development of the county pursues increments productive and superior quality, because it is sustained in the incorporation of the extrusade food, domain of the technology and incorporation of ponds of the shrimpness for that modality. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

Painters of several generations participate in exhibitionabout PORTRAITS

Painters of Camagüey of several generations participates in the collective exhibition "Portraits of the idea and of the natural ."

By: Aymee Amargós / Televisión Camagüey

The portrait is one of the most conventional and at the same time more demanding goods, for the description of a figure that implies likeness to a person, an object or to an animal.

About that modality, artists of Camagüey of several generations offer their vision. There participate grateful as Joel Jover, Ileana Sánchez, Lorenzo Linares, Gabriel Gutiérrez, Osvaldo Rodríguez Petit, Carlos Goyes and others of the vanguard of the territory next to the youngest.

24 authors integrate the exhibition Portraits of the Idea and of the Natural. A project that includes pieces of the academic naturalism and of experimentation.

In the gallery of the Provincial center of Plastic arts portraits are shown from the diverse technics.

It becomes a luck then of bewitch, in the free reproduction, according to the depicted and the photographer. They are conceptions that recreate the idealization, in the search of the perfect thing.

Mark Rothko speculated on the concept of the gender portrait when he said that: "It is the entirety of the human experience the one that becomes their model and, in such a sense, it can be affirmed that all art is the portrait of the idea." With the concept of portrait of the idea Rothko proposed a balanced symbiosis between the expression of the man's drama and the particular and personalized appreciation of such an expression.

Individuals and objects are identified with a wider concept that is not only their visual image, a person can be identified by an object to which abide extreme bonds, or for a sound or an expression that the peculiarice, for a melody or for the bell of the voice, for his calligraphic features and the way of writing, or for a color, physical defect or facial mark, or for an expression, or for the use of certain words, or for a scent in specific, in short, they become infinite the possibilities of the portrait from the moment in that conceives like portrait of the idea.

In this sense are projected a good part of the works of the exhibition. Projections that operate from the social sense, from the elimination of certain dogmas and from the psychological and existential profile. They are infinite the possibilities of the portrait from the moment in that one conceives like idea.

Organize II International Festival of VideoArt in Camagüey

The encounter will take place from November 27 to December 1st 2009

By:Aymee Amargós / Televisión Camagüey

The contemporary artists use the video as half artistic. The video art incorporates its elements characteristic of expressive communication. On the gender, is organized in Camagüey the second edition of the International Festival Videoart.

Foreseen from November 27 to December 1st, the edition corresponds to an unique forum of its type in the country with permanent headquarters in Camagüey.

The president of the encounter, the artist Jorge Luis Santana, expressed that with the shippings dedicated to the samples outside of competition the works in general will overcome the quantity of 300.

Among the nations of America, Europe, África and Asia of where the works come Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, United States, Spain, France, Germany, Southafric, Israel and Cuba figure.

The projections will be made in areas like the Country Casino--bigger urban park of the country--and in three galleries.

The program also inserts conferences in charge of foreigners and Cuban, and in the exhibitions outside of the contest to realizations coming from appointments taken place in the exterior.

The encounter is favor for the Provincial Delegation of the UNEAC, and has the support of entities like the Organization of the United Nations for the Education, the Science and the Culture.

Reward better audiovisual works of the country in The Warehouse of the Image

The tenth ninth sample "The Warehouse of the Image" concluded with the delivery of prizes to the best audiovisual works in young makers of the country.

By :Aymee Amargós / Televisión Camagüey

The sample The warehouse of the Image is the competition space, critic and exchange on the diverse forms of expression aesthetic and new tendencies of audiovisual realization, made for young.

After several days of competition the central jury granted the prize "Luz of the city" to the work TRACTATUS of the maker holguinero Rafael Ramírez.

There also surrendered recognitions for specialties and in the promocionales goods, experimental, lively, documental video and fiction.

The space "The image of the warehouse", project of new makers,stimulated in their first edition to the directress's avileña work Mercy Maryuli Alfonso.

During the tenth ninth sample competed more than 80 audiovisual contemporary.

In the warehouse of the image, organized by the Association Hermanos Saíz the spectators had the privilege of enjoying makers proposals, from a young look.