miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

Raze cattle of Camagüey with prizes of rural organization of Cuba

Again the peasants cattle of Camagüey ran off with with the biggest quantity in prizes that, in that branch, gives the National Association of Small Farmers annually (ANAP), when conquering eight of the 16 established categories.

In the individual order, the people of Camagüey received the prize to the best primer of bulls and that of bovine Livestock, laurel that relapsed in Isidoro Roldán and Héctor Martínez, and as Producing of milk Ricardo Linares was selected , all of the municipality of Camagüey.

Also the recognition to the best equine breeder was for Eulalio Rodríguez, of “Carlos Manuel de Céspedes.”

Among the communities, the Cooperative of Credits and Services “Niceto Pérez”, of Camalote, the best was selected in the production of milk; as long as, as Dairy, was the “Santa Teresa”, of the “Jesus Suárez Gayol”; and in the breeding of buffalos, the “Roberto Rodríguez”, while as municipality, another time ran off with with the national victory, that of Camagüey.

When giving to know the results of Cuba in the emulation of the cattle raising in the rural sector, the ANAP gave special prizes in the branch of smaller livestock that relapsed in Guillermo Vives as better producing of goat milk; and as municipality and county selected Camagüey.

Such results are reaffirmed since, during the dry season, maintained their productive protagonism with the delivery to the industry of more than 60 percent of the milk that is gathered in the county. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

Cuban volunteers donors of blood will be stimulated

Those near 300 thousand volunteers donors of blood in Cuba will be recognized morally in their residence places by their humanitarian contribution volunteer.

Ileana Urrusuno Carvajal, of the National Secretariat of the Committees of Defense of the Revolution, informed that the homage will be carried out like part of the day that every year develops that organization and which will begin next Sunday for the municipality of Boyeros, in the capital.

"Of what is -she said - it is that the cederist that has had that vital expression to save lives, and that in Cuba it is promoted from the year 1962, she sits down the gratefulness of their family and neighbors", refers Rebellious Youth.

The leader announced that seven next will be carried out morning special in the student and labor communities, in the one that the Union of Communist Youths and the Power station of Workers of Cuba the altruism of those men and women will highlight.

The closing of the day will take place in the county of Holguín, territory that registered more than 23 thousand 600 donations between October of the 2009 and last April, with that which overdrying by six percent its plan for that stage.