lunes, 2 de noviembre de 2009

Friends of Cuba celebrate in Camagüey victory in the UN

The recent victory of Cuba in the General Assembly of United Nations that condemned the yank blockade to the Island for eighteenth serial occasion, was celebrated in the filial of Camagüey of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Towns, ICAP.

Scholarship holders of several nationalities and a delegation of the Association of Friendship Switzerland-Cuba, also dedicated the Night of the Solidarity to the five antiterrorist political prisoners in United States, and to new anniversaries of the independence of Dominique and of Antigua and Bearded.

Federico Rauch, coordinator of the Swiss group “50 years of Revolution”, declared that they don't slack in the zeal of disclosing the truth on the one faked followed legal process against René, Fernando, Ramón, Antonio and Gerardo.

The press means in that European country don't speak of the case, for that reason we organize diverse actions so that common people know the injustice that the North American Government makes with The Five, the activist of solidarity said with Cuba in the region of Ticino.

In territory of Camagüey, the Swiss delegation visited the school for blind and weak visual Antonio Suárez Domínguez, the cooperative Renato Guitart and the University of Medical Sciences Carlos J. Finlay, besides exchanging with social workers and the community of the ICAP. (Bárbara Suárez Ávalos)

Carry out youngs of Camagüey profitable mobilization

Almost 300 youths of the municipality of Camagüey show this Sunday a profitable mobilization directed to agricultural tasks, in plataners areas of Santa Rita's zone, near to the provincial capital.

The mobilization was headed by the main leaders of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and the Communist Union of Youths of Cuba (UJC) in that demarcation ofCamagüey, and had the participation of the Hero of the Republic of Cuba, Colonel Orlando Cardoso Villavicencio.

The task was dedicated to the clean of overgrowths in the platanals, like part of the process of rescue of those plantations that are part of the productive cord integrated to the suburban agriculture.

Concluded the mobilization, in Santa Rita's residence establishment was open new facilities for the services to the population, in which don't exist detached to the work.

The occasion was good to ratify the commitments of the youths of the municipality of Camagüey with a view to the ninth Congress of the UJC, among those that it is as crash task the development of the cultivations in Santa Rita's area.

There also assume that preponderance, the tasks of the reforestation and the improvements in the pedagogic pre of the allotment Julio Antonio Mella.

When commenting on the productive contribution in the Sunday day, Leonardo Soto Romero , first secretary of the PCC in the municipality of Camagüey, manifested his trust and pride in the chore of the youths, dedicated to tasks that imposes the development of the programs of the Revolution. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)

Egyptians request Obama the freedom of the Five Cuban Heroes

Social activists , former diplomats and pacifists called this Monday to the American president, Barack Obama, to revert rasero of their country twice as much in the fight against the terrorism and to free five Cuban prisoners wrongly.

In a letter directed to the leader of United States, the permanent secretariat of the Organization of Solidarity with the African-American-Asian Towns (AAPSO, for its initials in English) said to be "deeply concerned" for the imprisonment of The Five.

Identify this way who fight for their liberation to the Cuban Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, René González, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando González whose captivity the missive defined as "infringing of the North American laws and with high political motivation."

The letter to Obama sustains that after more than 11 years of prison, the Cuban patriots suffer "unjust sentences in North American jails, in fact for their antiterrorist acts, for their commitment with the justice and respect to the human rights."

Equally, remembered that the Group of Work of the UN has more than enough Arbitrary Detentions declared in May of 2005 that the arrest of the Five was "arbitrary and illegal, and the Court of Appeals of Atlanta revoked its sentences that same year."

"Their arrest and imprisonment are a flagrant violation of the article 14 of the International Convention on Civil rights and Political, of which United States is signatary", it stressed the solidary group also integrated here by foreign residents.

The president of the AAPSO, Ahmed Hamrouch, and his general secretary, Nouri Abdel Razzak Hussain, underlined that "the politics of double North American raser in the war against the terrorism was evidenced clearly when the five Cubans were arrested and imprisoned."

They contrasted that judicial action with the fact that "a notorious international terrorist (Luis Posada Carriles) that made explode a Cuban airplane of passengers causing the death of 73 people on board, received total protection in the American territory."

Besides praising the " inamovible determination" of the Five of fighting against the reproof and inhuman situation, the AAPSO demanded Barack Obama to liberate them and expressed trust that the antiterrorists will benefit "of its commitment (of campaign) for the changes".