miércoles, 30 de junio de 2010

Cuba invests to take advantage of the straw like fuel

Cuba undertook the use of the straw like fuel for the sugar boilers of power stations, in order to diminish the consumption of fuel oil.

The Ministry of the Sugar cared machines that pick up, heap and pack the residual, in this case of the cane, in the fields after the crop or in the reception centers and benefit of the gramineous , in tests in five counties.

Orlando Gutiérrez, of the area of mechanization of the agroindustrial company Argentina, of the county of Camagüey, said that the exams have given good results in the conformation of pacas of 250 kilograms.

The mechanical Ángel Ramírez who received preparation for the use, arrangement and maintenance of the new apparatuses, informed that with enough available straw the compacted can make a bundle every minute and half.

As complement to this investment settle mills to crush the renewable fuel in the geniuses that benefit of the work of the packers.

Adam Galbán, director from the central Argentina, which produces raw sugar and refine, manifested that in harvest time the straw mixes with the residual trash of the one milled of the cane to supply to the ovens.

Specified that when is only in the one whitened of the candy, the time is shared with the consumption of fuel oil.

In Camagüey the industry Ignacio Agramonte, equally refinator, also mounted a station of trituration of the straw of the cane.

With a humidity of 30 percent, that renewable fuel removes more heat than the trash when leaves the mills, and a material ton of this last one is comparable to the caloric energy toasted by 190 liters of fuel oil. (Lucilo Tejera Díaz)

Generalizes in Camagüey investigations related with the educational process

Those proven results of the county in all the teachings this Tuesday were exposed in the Provincial workshop of Generalization in the educational sector, event that was developed in Computer science's Polytechnician "Maximum Gómez Báez", of the capital of Camagüey.

The contest, preceded by similar events in the municipalities during the months of April and May, valued for specialties 90 investigations related with the learning of the maternal language, the History, and the Exact Sciences.

Studies were also presented on the formation of values, the Environmental Education and the preventive-corrective work.

The realization of the Provincial workshop of Generalization in the educational sector sinks to the actions of preparation of the next course in the county of Camagüey, calendar that constitutes a challenge for teachers and students in the zeal of perfecting the educational educational process. (Aramis González Cruz)

Technician of Camagüey assures effective operation of radiotelevisives transmissions

Camagüey. At about of 20 related investigative works fundamentally with the energy saving and of components, were presented in the XVI Fórum of Science and Technique of the Division Radio Cuba in Camagüey.

Among the presented investigations was outstanding that of the Engineer Yainier Sardiñas Hernández who developed his work related with the assembly of emergent roads for the radio stations that transmit in Modulated Frequency (FM).

Equally was rewarded with the same category, the titled work “Modification in the System of Electric Supply of the Center of Television and FM of Jayamá”, of the authors Amado David and Osmel Ruiz.

Yanelda Ruiz Yero, directress of the filial of Camagüey, evaluated as positive the development of this base event, for the sake of guaranteeing the quality in the radiotelevisives transmissions, and also stood out that the workers of Radio Cuba, in Camagüey, they put their knowledge in favor of the economic development of the bigger of the Antilles. (Mariela Peña Segui)