jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

Children and young of Camagüey will act in Concert of the Camerata Romeu

Members of the Orchestra Juvenile- Infanto of Camagüey will act invited with the Havanan Camerata Romeu next Friday in the theater of the Academy of Arts Vicentina de la Torre , in Camagüey.

The 25 selected interpreters correspond to violin, viola, violonchelo and contrabass, they are students of the vocational schools and professional of art of the town, and
distributed in two groups will participate had separated in the execution of works of the Italian Arcangelo Corelli.

Been founded in the 2009, the grouping of children and youths cultivates the concert music , and it is directed by the graduated Betzabet Consuegra, enclosed directress of the Symphonic of Camagüey.

Ignacio Esquivel, coordinator of the artistic teaching in the county, expressed that the institution of the capital, headed by Zenaida Castro Romeu, carries out a tour foreseen by 12 counties, and includes a convocation to incorporate students like performers in the functions.

The program contemplates a segment in which the grouping will offer alone, among other pieces, remote Song number three, of the Cuban Leo Brouwer, Melody in the minor, of the Argentinean Ástor Piazzola, and Hopeful, of the North American James Lewis.

I believe in the teatrality of the concert (.), a scenic fact that people will also see, declared in an interview in the 2009 Zenaida Castro when identifying one of the concepts materialized in the Camerata Romeu, created in 1993 and of which is the founder directress-. (Adolfo Silva Silva/AIN)

Inaugurate in Camagüey Psico - educational Orientation Center

A Psico - educational Orientation Center was inaugurated in the capital of Camagüey, during the Day for the Cuban Psychologist's Day.

Attributed to the University of Camagüey, the new dependence has as priority the consultations dedicated to students of the centers of the Superior Education and its relatives, although will extend its work to the community.

In the institution are present specialist of several disciplines related with the Psychology, to guarantee the orientation, helps and support to those who require of those services.

Unic of its type in the county, the Psico - educational Orientation Center of the University of Camagüey resides in the central street Avellaneda, in the capital of Camagüey.

The Cuban Psychologist's Day was instituted six years ago, it is dedicated to Enrique José Varona, considered the first psico-educator of Cuba and one of the founders parents of the Caribbean psychological science. (Bárbara Suárez Ávalos Agramonte)

Camagüey summons to Prize of Historical Investigation

Combatant Jorge Enrique Mendoza Reboredo.

The Office of the Historian of this City, emitted the convocation for the sixth edition of the Prize of Historical Investigation Jorge Enrique Mendoza Reboredo, in which will be able to participate all the specialist residents or not in the county.

As fundamental requirement is found that the contestants works should approach thematic linked with becoming of Camagüey, by means of studies around personalities, facts and processes of the revolutionary movement, the culture and the science, among others.

This contest was carried out for the first time in the year 1999, dedicated to the outstanding teacher`s memory and revolutionary combatant Jorge Enrique Mendoza Reboredo. Made every two years and with national reach, in him have taken leaves authors of several Cuban counties.

The admission term will close the first of near October and the jury will give to know its failure November two in that another anniversary of the birthday will be completed of the one who also outside one of the emblematics voices of Radio Rebelde, in the Sierra Maestra, during the fight against the batistian tyranny.

The Provincial Center of the Book and the Literature-in its Editorial Ácana - will include the shipment rewarded in the plan corresponding to next year. Until the present, the four works winners have come out to the public light in the collection Prize, of the signature villager. (Yolanda Ferrera Sosa)

Preparations for bicentennial of the press of Camagüey

The celebration of the bicentennial of the press of Camagüey will evoke the birth of Curious Weekly publication, hand written organ been founded in June 1810 by the lawyer of the Dominican Republic Antonio Herrera Gordo, reports AIN. The first promoter group of the commemoration of the date was constituted with fourth year-old students in Journalism of the University of Camagüey.

That community opened the preparatory process to organize, in dependences of the UPEC, the celebration of the new anniversary of a half created by one of the magistrates of the Real Audience of Puerto Príncipe, then the main tribunal of the whole America colonized by Spain.

Centered in the month of June, the commemorative proposal inserts actions like a scientific event, a homage to died people of Camagüey with remarkable print in the journalism, and cultural activities.

About 20 amanuenses reproduced same quantity of copies of the primary publication, which were rotated in a successive way, after the reading, until arriving to around 200 subscribers, in accordance with Eduardo Labrada's investigation, of the local weekly publication Adelante.

The hand written organ was substituted in 1812 by Mirror, dean of the printed newspapers in the city, and coming from the pioneer printing of the town, where was installed in that year, affirms the mentioned checking.

According to the scan in books and INTERNET, Camagüey became the third city where a newspaper was published in the country, preceded by the Havana and Santiago de Cuba, in 1764 and 1805, respectively.

The press in Camagüey includes to Adelante, a net of radial and television radio stations and corresponsalities of organs resided in the capital.(Taken from Granma)

National festival of Rock from today in Camagüey

To Facilitate the exchange among the cultors of the gender in the Cuban counties, it is the objective that encourages to the filial of Camagüey of the Association "Hermanos Saíz", for the realization of the Seventh National Festival of Rock “Sounds of the City” that will begin this Thursday to extend until Saturday.

Diverse spaces of the capital of Camagüey-fundamentally the Amphitheater of the Complex Cultural Casino and the Creative Youth's House -will welcome the programmings from an appointment to which representations of Cienfuegos , Santiago de Cuba, Villa Clara, City of Havana, Sancti Spíritus and of the region headquarters.

Colaterally, will be carried out actions for the theoretical exchange, as imparticions of conferences around the current situation of the rock inside of and outside of the Island. Magazines and video-clips will also be presented .

For the opening of the event it is planned recitals in charge of the groups War Inside, of the municipality of Vertientes, Uranium Willy and Antagón, of Florida, and Litter, Ciego de Ávila. (Yolanda Ferrera Sosa)

Company Cubacatering among the most outstanding in the transport in Camagüey

The results in the economic administration and the work of its community of workers, endorse to the company Cubacatering, among the most outstanding in the county inside the Union of the Workers of the Transport.

The entity of Camagüey stands out nationally among those of its type, and with that condition greets the May First, showing as essential indicator the overfullfil of its entrance plans.

The contribution of the tip in foreign currency to institutions of health of the territory, fundamentally to the Infantile Maternal Program, is shown equally among the contributions of that community.

Cubacatering counts in Camagüey with around 50 workers that support other works of the economic and social life of the county, such as the antivectorial campaign, the production of foods and the harvest works.

The company of Camagüey was the first of the Institute of Civil Aeronautics of Cuba in applying the Managerial Improvement, in the year 2001, address instrument so that the state companies can, in an orderly way, to carry out the necessary transformations with the objective of achieving the maximum efficiency and effectiveness in its administration.

Cubacatering, is the company that is devoted to the feeding benefit and conditioning to the airships. (Mariela Peña Seguí)

Medical university of Camagüey next to its 30 years

The University of Medical Sciences Carlos Juan Finlay of this city, one of the first three educational institutions of the health created by the Cuban Revolution, will turn 30 years the next June four.

Since its constitution in 1980, more than 13 thousand students matriculated of its classrooms, and of them around a thousand 300 foreigners after getting ready in the specialties of Medicine, Estomatology, Nursery and Technology of the Health, this last one with 23 profiles, reports the digital place Adelante.

More than 12 thousand students conform the current registration of the center of high studies, included more than 700 students of 47 nationalities, coming from the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM).

Through an unique formation method in the world, the students are linked from the first year from their career to the primary medical care, in which the System of Public Health is based on Cuba.

Of the a thousand 200 residents already graduate that are overcome in graduates, masters and courses of graduate degrees there are 165 representatives of other countries.

José Luis Cadenas Freixas, vice-rector of Post-grade of the Medical University in the county of Camagüey, pointed out as an achievement of the institution the obtaining of academic credits starting from the increase of the superation of professionals and technicians of the health.

At the present time add four thousand the students of the educational institution, where a thousand 749 professionals of the sector have graduated with the category of Master and 24 Doctors in Sciences, while 43 are still formed.