miércoles, 22 de septiembre de 2010

In Camagüey, Teatrino Festival

Begins in this city VI edition of the Teatrino National Festival , favored by the infantile Company La Andariega that directs Luis Orlando Antúnez,Bambino.

The program of the theoretical event that accompanies the setting in scene of the works, opens curtains with the premiere of the documental Fortunata, dedicated to the Five Cuban heroes, prisoners in jails of the United States.

The first exchange day, also includes, the projection of the work "The cat and the Gull", of the Group Sagohuset, of Sweden, and the show of Margareta Home, as a result of the collaboration between the Swedish artists and of Camagüey; pieces exhibited in the Festival Bi Bu Set Lund 2010, in the European nation.

The theoretical encounter will propitiate the open dialogue, confirms Luis Orlando Antúnez: "It is a space to converse, to exchange and to meditate around the creative processes in the theater made for children; but also with them as actors.

"Among the proposals stand out the conference on "The musical theater in Cuba", in charge of the Professor Pascual Díaz Fernández; the Shop "The theater of marionettes in today's Cuba", directed by René Fernández, National Prize of Theater 2007; and the colloquy "The theater with children and it stops children, in the Cuban contemporaneity.

"They are invited also, to the debates and the dialogue, playwrights, critical, art instructors and the youths of the Cultural Brigade José Martí for who will be of great profit the confrontation."

The Festival Teatrino Festival, will maintain open curtains until next Sunday with 51 functions in rooms of the city of Camagüey and in the little square Juana del Castillo; and also, they open the winning works of the competition of dramaturgy of previous editions: "The good Pipe", in charge of the group of Camagüey The Age of Gold; "Fall asleep my boy", with the performance of the company The Wanderer, and Adarga Theater, puts in scene "That window."

To the Teatrino groupings of the counties of Pinar del Río, Matanzas, City of Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Camagüey, with a wide representation.(Miozotis Fabelo)

More than 19 thousand students in polytechnic and occupation schools

Camagüey - The Professional Technician Teaching (ETP) in Camagüey has this course a superior registration to the 19 thousand students in half technician's modalities and qualified worker, of them little more than 4 thousand are again entrance coming from the ninth and twelfth grades, of these last ones about 900 that didn't approve the entrance exams to the Superior Education.

Specialties related with the agricultural, constructive, educational activities and of accounting conform the biggest number of squares granted by the Ministry of Education, those that belong together with the necessities of each one of the municipalities of the county.

For the formation of these youths had 40 centers: 16 polytechnicians, 5 schools of occupations and 19 mixed centers, these last ones with the objective of taking advantage of to the maximum the facilities and available material resources in the towns, for what is also counted with more than a hundred of specialists of different sectors and 97 annexed classrooms located in centers where the formative fulfillness of the students is required.

It is important to highlight that this year the ETP assumes 13 schools of the Ministry of the Sugar Industry, with a registration of some 4 thousand students of the denominated Task Álvaro Reynoso, programs dedicated to the superation of workers of this sector. (María Delys Cruz Palenzuela)