martes, 13 de julio de 2010

Effective scientific consultantship to farmers of Camagüey

Camagüey. Of very effective evaluates the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP in this county, the combined work of the Agriculture, the Ministry of the Sugar, the University and the scientific centers of Camagüey, in the advice to the peasants, after better productive results.

The possibility to know the characteristics of the floors; to combat plagues and illnesses; to contribute clones and healthy seeds; and to give projects for the breeding and feeds animal on scientific bases, are some of the collaborations that today applies with agrisuccess in properties and cooperative of Camagüey.

Much contributes to the productive development, starting from the advances of the science and the technique of the peasant, the work that the members of the filial of Camgüey of the Associations of Animal Production carry out, and that of Agricultural and Forest Technicians in the direct training to the producer and in the transfer of technologies.

Also starting from the integration of this organizations, the service of Agrarian Extension and of the Veterinary Scientific Council, the farmers of Camagüey has a decisive support for their acting, the one that bears the delivery of resources and improvements in the conditions of life and work. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

Simply, Fidel is much Fidel

By: Noel Manzanares Blanco /Camagüey Television

Is public my devotion for the partner Fidel. Of here that today I hardly reiterate my happiness to know how well is the Commandant in Boss of the Cuban Revolution, the Leader of the International Revolutionary Movement who continues with from his trench of Journalist grows to the imperialism in his fair measure. Now memory that in his titled Reflections “The cynic politics of the imperialism”, written May 25, 2008 and disclosed for I don't know what number of press means in Cuba and other latitudes, expressed that would not be honest on his behalf to keep silent after the speech of Obama the afternoon of the previous one May 23 before the Cuban-American Foundation, created by Ronald Reagan; that he didn't keep bitterness then toward the candidate to main tenant of the White House, because has not been responsible for the crimes made against Cuba and the humanity; and that for he didn't fear to criticize it and to express with frankness his points of view on the words of the current President of the United States.

Nevertheless, with more clarity I conserve the delicate questions that formulated Fidel the those mentioned Reflections without seeking to receive answer the partner, that is:

1º Is correct that the President of the United States orders the murder of any person in the world, be which be the pretext?

2º Is it ethical that the President of the United States orders to torture other human beings?

3º Is the state terrorism an instrument that should use such a powerful country as United States so that the peace exists in the planet?

4º Is good and honorable a Law of Adjustment that is applied like punishment to a single country, Cuba, to destabilize it, although it costs the life to children and innocent mothers? If it is good, why is not the automatic right of residence applied the Haitians, of the Dominican Republic and other countries of the Caribbean, and is the same thing made with the Mexicans, Central American and South American, that die as flies in the wall of the Mexican frontier or in waters of the Atlantic and the Pacific?

5ºCan United States be able to do without of the immigrants that cultivate vegetables, fruits, almonds and other delights for the North Americans? Who would sweep their streets, would lend domestic services and would carry out the worst and less remunerated works?

6º Are fair the hauls of illegal aliens that even affect children born in United States?

7º Is moral and justifiable the robbery of brains and the continuous extraction of the best scientific intelligence and intellectuals of the poor countries?

8º You affirm, like I remembered to the beginning of this reflection that your country noticed a while ago to the European powers that it would not admit interventions in the hemisphere, and at the same time reiterates the demand of that right, claiming at the same time the one of intervening in any part of the world with the support of hundred of military bases, naval force , air and space distributed in the planet. Do I ask him, is that the form in that United States expresses its respect for the freedom, the democracy and the human rights?

9º Is it exactly to attack surprising and preventively sixty or darker corners of the world, as the flame Bush, be which be the pretext?

10º Is it honorable and sensible to invest millions of millions of dollars in the industrial military complex weapons that can liquidate several times the life in the Earth to take place?

I should specify that escaped to the chance that today brought this dozen of queries. I make it because I consider that it constitutes a relating one significant to understand his last Reflections better about the real and very dangerous threat that have on yes Iran, Korea of the North and the humanity everything because of the feeble ambition-aggressiveness of the Eagle Imperial.

I am absolutely convinced that the appearance of the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba yesterday in the radial and television program “Round Table” an insustituible complement of light becomes to know the risks of a tragedy of incalculable dimensions and, for that, a clarinada-call to the combat by all possible means humanly possible that allow the harmony nature-society-person.

There is the reason here I say “Simply, Fidel is much Fidel.”Simply, Fidel is much Fidel