jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

Camagüey reminds the Commandant Ernesto “Che” Guevara

By:LuciloTejera Díaz

To 42 years of his fall in an intricate place in Bolivia,thousands of residents of the county of Camagüey , especially children, remembered today the Commandant Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

As it is already tradition in this day, students of first grade of the primary teaching entered to Pioneer José Martí Organization and received in acts in each school the neckerchief of blue color, attribute of the grouping.

Also, in the facilities of the basic superior, secondary education and preuniversitary the revolutionary life of the was remembered “Che” Guevara, internationally well-known as heroic Guerilla fighter.

Morning were carried out in work centers to surrender him homage to the Commandant of the Rebellious Army.

These activities gave beginning to the Day Camilo-“Che” dedicated annually to reinforce the revolutionary tasks and that will last up to October 28.

In the current the coming day will be developed 21 a march combatant from a point in the center of this city until the School City Ignacio Agramonte, old military barracks.

The demonstration will be to remember the 50 years of having defeated by the town of Camagüey, with the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro to the front, of an contrarrevolutionary inter .

In that action carried out a protagonistic list the Rebellious Commandant Camilo Cienfuegos who October 28 ,1959 disappeared when returned in a small airship from this city to Havana.

Group "Theater of the Wind" in International Festival of Havana

By: Aymee Amargós / Televisión Camagüey

The group of Camagüey “Theater of the Wind”, will represent to the county, in the International Festival of Theater of Havana, with the presentation of the work “ Oils more vinegar similar to family”, Reward Villanueva of the Critic.

With text and general direction of Freddys Núñez Estenoz, the setting is a representation of the multiplicity of an actress's appearances and of her family to solve its incompatibilities on the scene.

The public of the capital will also be able to enjoy the piece Magpies. Proposal that investigates in the man's destinations and his permanency in the time, with a sound design that confirms a speech of the Cuban contemporary reality.

Theater of the wind, been founded as project June 2, 1999 is a company that has deserved important laurels like the prize to the most excellent setting, design and feminine performance in the Festivals of Small Format in Santa Clara county and the setting prize in scene, performance, design and text in the theater days Villanueva 009.

Returns from successful tour the vocal grouping Desandan

The vocal grouping Desandan returned of a successful tour for Canada, England and Scotland .

By: Aymee Amargós / Television Camagüey

The talent of the vocal grouping Desandan traveled Canada, England and Scotland. Each voice stimulated the melody and the rhythm.

Integrated by 10 descendants of Haitian, the group knew how to expand its art. This community directed by the teacher Emilia Díaz Chávez the merit has been won of being among the big ones.

Recently the word Cuba was listened many times outside of the Island, the grouping Desandan represented to the country in international festivals of fame and a favorable critic achieved on the part of the public and of the specialized press.

Prestigian its repertoire pieces of Cuban and Haitian authors, in creole, in English and in Spanish, each artist makes vibrate with their vocal bell.

The grouping of Camagüey demonstrated that the music is the universal language that unites to the towns.

Desandan has maintained a space between the public expert and the good music's lovers for 15 Years.

Doctors of Camagüey for the solidarity with the towns

By: Alex López Almaguer

Students of sixth year of the Ability of Medicine of the Superior Institute of Medical Sciences Carlos J Finlay of Camagüey, ratified the permanent commitment with the Revolution, when being constituted a new medical contingent of Cuban collaborators.

The inexperienced physicians inspired by the Doctor Mario Muñoz Monroy`s example, outstanding revolutionary, murdered in the actions of July 26 in Santiago deCuba, gave their disposition to work in rural communities of our country and in other regions of the world.

With that purpose those more than 100 young medicine students, received a special preparation, in the specialties of Neurosurgery, intensive therapy and primary Attention of health.

As part of the ALBA principles, undersigned between Cuba and Venezuela, recently a contingent of doctors of Camagüey was conformed, to lend its services Inside in the mission Neighborhood, to which young students will be added the Latin American School of Medicine.

This brave and solidary step given by the professional youths of the health in Camagüey remember proceeding altruistic of Ernesto Che Guevara who being medicine student still went into in the forests and in the mines of the Peru to cure and to return the dignity to the poorest and needful.

Eighty one yearswould have the young Che

By: Mariela Peña Seguí

Result now to imagine him, although many wonder how the history would have been if the Che still lived.

Today would be surely an old soldier of his ideas, and he would continue planting them, as trees, all over the world.

But costs not to suppose him young and impetuous.

And it is that almost without realizing, have been spent the years, while we immortalize the young Che, and we record his image forever in the memory and in the history.

Perhaps never knew it, or in fact always knew it and, paraphrasing the national poet Nicolás Guillén, didn't say it for modesty, for not speaking of itself, but his works were pure as the water when flows of the earth.

He dreamt of the freedom and with the justice, because he was a dreamer ;he imagined a different world and to that dream he surrendered, without caring the sacrifice.

For that reason hill to believe that he could be different, because with him the time stopped: There won't be another that the one of having looked strong and young heart.

The Che that lives still, the one that have not still been able to kill. The one that accompanies each fight, each revolution…

The Che of Latin America, the youth, the deep one, the immortal.

Session in Camagüey workshop of Film Appreciation

The II National workshop of Film Appreciation of the cinema clubs in Cuba began today in this oriental city, of strong tradition in the movement of fond of the seventh art.

Theoretical events, driven by noted Cuban intellectuals, and the projection of films of different countries will tinge the debates of the event, summoned by the National Federation of Cineclubes of Cuba (FNCC), until the next October 9. Among the topics to discuss stands out The postmodern cinema and the national poet's documentalist Nicolás Guillén (1902-1989), originating of Camagüey and who, besides the poems, it was bound to the journalism and the musical world of the country.

The delegates to the workshop movies like the German will appreciate The life of the other ones, Pull fiction, of United States, and Person, taken place in Sweden.

The present edition is dedicated to the anniversaries 50 of the Cuban Institute of Art and Film Industry (ICAIC) and 20 of the cinema club of Camagüey François Truffautt.

Camagüey, next to the counties of Villa Clara and Matanzas, show the best results in the gender of the appreciation, elementary primary resource for the creation and the film critic, affirmed here today the FNCC.

The organization of cinefils of all the ages carries out, also, the shops of Creation and Animation, as well as the events Yumurí and of Winter, to exchange experiences and to propel interesting projects of these circles.

Cuba is current member of the International Federation of Cineclubs, with that which followers' of the audiovisual art productions in the bigger than the Antilles open up to the world.

Clowns of Camagüey with "Traveling in Guantánamo

By:Adolfo Silva Silva

The love, the solitude and the death figure among the topics of the work "Traveling", with the one which the group of Camagüey of clowns Sirclown carries out its first visit to the city of Guantánamo.

Directed to children, adolescents and adults, the piece will continue daily in scene until Friday in the theater Guaso, expressed the AIN Liván Álvarez, one of the members of the group, been founded in the 2007.

Written by Lisoe Álvarez, also participant in the dramatizations, "Traveling" mentions to some clowns that act in a rail terminal included in the trip in connection with a journey.

The pantomime is the main character of the expressive language of the actors: the representation, which includes to the music, and the frequent exchanges with the auditory to accentuate the public's participation.

Sirclown used for the first time in the current year to Traveling in the capital of Camagüey also presented it in Las Tunas, and in November will make it in Havana.

The cast has its headquarters in the Castle, reminiscent property of a medieval castle located in the Casino Country, bigger urban park of Cuba.