viernes, 30 de abril de 2010

Dedicated concert to The Five Duet Ad Líbitum, in Camagüey

The duet "Ad Líbitum" this Wednesday was presented in the city of Camagüey, in the continuity of their national tour, dedicated to the five Cuban antiterrorists wrongly imprisoned in United States.

"If I didn't believe in the hope" was the title of the unique concert that lapsed starting from eight thirty of the night, in the theater of the University of Medical Sciences "Carlos Juan Finlay."

The duet "Ad Líbitum" integrated by María de las Nieves Morales, narrator and poet and Leonel Pérez Pérez, narrator, poet, minstrel and composer who began the tour the current April 20, in the Brigade of the Frontier, in Guantánamo.

Before arriving to the capital of Camagüey, were presented in all the oriental counties, and starting from this Thursday will visit the central region of the Island and then the West, to conclude their presentations in Matanzas, the next May eight.

The night of the eve, the people of Camagüey writes a new page of solidarity for The Five, next to the duet "Ad Líbitum", because we will always believe in the hope. (Bárbara Suárez Ávalos)

To second turn 164 districts in Camagüey

The Provincial Electoral Commission of Camagüey informed that 164 districts will have second turn on coming Sunday, since none of the candidates achieved more than half of the valid votes in the vote of April 25.

Iris Jiménez, vice-president of that institution, said to the AIN that for the next May two a superior figure is summoned the 162 thousand voters in the 13 municipalities of the territory.

In that quantity the voters of a demarcation are added in Santa Cruz del Sur that could not carry out the vote in the first turn for the death of one of the two postulates.

As was informed, was already nominated by the neighbors of the place a new candidate.

Camagüey will constitute on Sunday around 500 tables for the elections , most in the municipalities of Camagüey, Nuevitas and Sibanicú.

In the initial turn participated in the election 93,24 percent of people with right to the vote in the county and 843 delegates were already chosen to the municipal assemblies of the Popular Power (Lucilo Tejera Díaz / AIN)

Foreign youths will participate in parade in Camagüey

A block of foreign youths that study studie in universities of Camagüey, will integrate the first groups that will paradeMay First in this city.

Coming from more than 50 countries they will be in the General Mayor Square Ignacio Agramonte, to manifest with their presence the support and solidarity to the Cuban Revolution to which tries to discredit with a ferocious mediatic campaign .

As it is traditional in the 13 municipalities and rural communities of the county, that of more territorial extension in the country, will also have parades and acts.

Oscar Rivero, general secretary of the provincial CTC, said to the press that arrives to the date with good results in the production of sugar, advances sustained in the construction of housings, mainly for damaged, and in the preparation of agricultural crops and storing of milk.

An artistic elegance was devoted, the eve, to the date and several workers will be distinguished and honored.

In labor center - decked out by the parties of the Day of the Workers, - today there were carried out morning to remember the date, instituted by the Second International in 1889, to surrender homage to the tragic events happened in Chicago, United States, to claim the reduction from the labor day to eight hours. (Ileana Borges Díaz / AIN)