martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

Minas sings to the prodigious decade

Openly, as the one who wants the things, Double impact defends the prodigy of one decade. Born in the year 2002, starting from the dream that for separate members hummed, the musical group of Minas has honored its ownership to the movement of artists fond with a liking shared by many Cubans: the music that in the years ‘60 and ‘70 of last century delighted, fell in love and convinced.

With some instruments of the House of the municipal Culture and other own ones—as old as the golden times of Anduriña—, the five musicians fill in the local panoram a very claimed space by a kind and simple town, given to the direct verse and the pleasant melody.

“We have in the repertoire more than thirty topics of this stage—Albio Yorka Cañizares the baterist, comments—and we generally present ourselves in the rock of the decade, the House of the Culture, the cabaret The Terrace and in other activities in the municipality.”

Every year is seen and listened in the festival of the song and they have also been applauded in the city of Camagüey, the same thing in the event of the UNEAC “Looking for talents” that in activities of the week of the culture and in veiled of hotel facilities.

The bassoonist and singer José Rabel Pardo refers the exchanges of the group with noted professional formations in music's type like Girón, The siblings Of the Tower, The Gemes, Contact and The Kini. These encounters, in public, have left in them interesting experiences and in the visitors have caused the astonishment of seeing how there is still who sing the decade to the old one, “to clean guitar.”

Although the gray-headed and the baldness are taken well with the red globes, they understand the obladí obladá language and they accustom to wander for San Francisco, this group and their music are not patrimonies of the past. Often they make activities for the youths, and the own conformation of Double Impact is very interesting: the prima guitar is 30 years old, the accompanying guitar was rocker, and the tumbator that integrates a grouping folckloric, is also a conguero that felt call, for the roots of our other cultural tree.

Assisted by their instructor Yetsibé Gómez, José, Albio, Roberto, Fernando and José Ramón perhaps one day will feel The Formula V, other Los Brincos, an afternoon they will inspire by The Brave or maybe in The Mustang, one night they will dream to be The Ángel and until The Beatles… with the only pretense of making a little happier to near people. That is sublime, as a pregnant concert of scores of Mozart! (Enrique Milanes León)